Puppy Breed: Unknown

Dance's mom says: Dance is my very long awaited Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever puppy. I've loved the breed for years, since I was about ten. Some said I was obsessed. I did nothing but read about them, look at pictures of them, etc. I even bought my future toller its first collar about four years ago, just waiting until the day I could have a toller of my own. There is truly no possible way to describe just how much I love the breed. Finally this June I was able to bring Dance into my life. She's almost 14 weeks old now. She is everything Ive ever dreamed of and more in every aspect. Her temperament is perfect, her personality is wonderful, and her appearance/markings are even what I always dreamed my toller would look like. She's been such an easy puppy to live with so far -- so confident, so outgoing, and so relaxed about everything that comes her way, so easy to train, and so eager to do what is asked of her. Everyone who meets her can't help but love her. There is never a dull moment with Dance around! She's full of antics and is very entertaining but never in a way that would get her in any sort of trouble. She tries very hard to please. She and Tango (the first dog of my own, a toller mix) get along extremely well. Tango's never, ever taken to another dog like she has with Dance, so I'm very happy about that. Hopefully their relationship will last even when Dance grows up. I really couldn't hope for a better puppy.