Denali the half Shiba Inu/ half Mini American-Eskimo

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Denali's mom says: Our new puppy, Denali, is a 10-week-old half Shiba Inu, half Mini-American-Eskimo. It's a tongue twister when you have to explain that to all the people that stop us and ask what kind of unusual, yet adorable breed she is! She has all sorts of colors to her. Her paws, chest, and tip of her tail are white, her ears are black, and the rest of her is a darker brown! Denali loves to play with any toy that she can get her little jaws on. At first, she was a little skeptical about the snow up here in North Dakota, but once she got used to it she can't get enough of it! After along day of play, she loves to get her naps in. The cute thing about these naps, is that she dreams in them! She sometimes does a muffled "yelp" and even moves her paws as if she's running! She is perfecting "sit", "down",and "comes" when she wants to, but is getting a lot better! She prefers playing with the bigger dogs. We think she is a big tuff girl, trapped in a little pup's body! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy than Denali!