Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Jan 13, 2008 nicefrenchgurl
First :) Good morning everyone
She is sooooo cute, she reminds me of a Pomerian my mom rescued several years ago
Jan 13, 2008 GoldenLove12
Talk about a crick in the neck! How cute though!
She looks like a lil fox curled up against the other dog. Absolutely adorable!!

I don't comment very often, but I couldn't resist with this one! Many many many happy years with her!
Jan 13, 2008 LucyB
I couldn't resist this photo of her with the big dog.Too cute!! She should come to love that snow.She's such a precious little ball of fluff. I predict she's going to bring you a lifetime of love and joy.
Jan 13, 2008 ee1izzie
This very funny picture of a very cute puppy looks like she didn't quite stop in time after one of her big tuff dog-grrl forays. WHOOPS! Slammin into dat wall... oh well, nap time. zzzzzz.
Jan 13, 2008 zxc
this picture is SO cute!! it reminds me of my little pomeranian, cuddling up with my other big 80lb aussie/eskimo mix.
Jan 13, 2008 zxc
^ 80, rather...
Jan 13, 2008 zxc
oh that's strange, zeros look like o's. ok shutting up now.
Jan 13, 2008 Xabismom65
Big ball of fluff alert! I love her little puppy belly. She is lovely and I am glad she has a nice cold climate to enjoy all that fur she is blessed with. Given her breeding I am sure she too will soon been one of the 'bigger dogs' she seems to enjoy so much Congratulations
Jan 13, 2008 suelill
Denali you're a real little cutie and what unusual colouring. Hugs and kisses.
Jan 13, 2008 howiesmom
Boy, this one was hard to find a favorite!! They are ALL so darn adorable!! What a beautiful dog!! Lucky You!!!
Jan 13, 2008 goldenlover
" It's not so cold right here!"
Jan 13, 2008 whoopiwho
She is an adorable little beauty!! Hard to pick a favorite picture, she is so cute in all of them, especially snuggling up with her sibling in the snow.
Jan 13, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
Wow! what do you say about a little fur ball that's so adorable. It's had to pick a favorite pic.
Jan 13, 2008 Marsie13
this is the most adorable pup ive ever seen!!! luv ya Denali
Jan 13, 2008 Marsie13
by the way these two pics are even more cutter!!!! what a good mix!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 13, 2008 Marsie13
by the way these two pics are even more cutter!!!! what a good mix!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 13, 2008 pomtzu
She's so cute - and she does have somewhat of a Pom look about her - especially those ears. Be sure to send pics to the Grown Up Puppy so we can see her when she's a big girl!
Have fun with this little beauty - she's a keeper.
Is her doggy friend also part of the family? They look quite content together,
Jan 13, 2008 tazziesmom
I haven't seen a puppy this cute for a while now. what a cute baby!
Jan 13, 2008 possma
Denali is gorgeous! I'd love to see her when she's all grown up!

Lots of walkies! Have fun.
Jan 13, 2008 yujismom
puppy paws puppy paws puppy paws!!!
Jan 13, 2008 feltlabbit

SHE'S MY BEAR BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rexandbaby
Play time is over! What a cute baby! You will have to put her in the grown up section later!
Jan 13, 2008 jaccikay
Adorable, cute, and I love them both. Lucky, lucky you to have all of this love! God Bless you all....
Jan 13, 2008 doriesmom
Denali is so very precious!!!! Best of luck with her. What a big fluff ball, just want to cuddle, cuddle, cuddle!! Lots of belly rubs and playing fetch. Many happy years to all of you. Please post a picture of her when she is a grown up gal. Thanks.
Jan 13, 2008 Proud Mommy of 3
[b][u][color=pink] can you resist her beauty?!?![/b][/u][/color]

[b]Denali looks like a baby bear, just like my boy did! What a cool mix...[u]I'D LOVE TO SEE PICS AS SHE GROWS!!!!![/u] If you have the time and wanna show off*wink* your precious girl you can give me a shout from here and I'll send ya my email addy!

She is such an irrestible fluff ball and those soft little black pads on her feet!!! Just makes ya wanna [u]SNUGGLEEEEEE[/u] with her!!!! I hope she's a boy wasn't*pouts*. But he was just like Denali and prefered playing with the bigger dogs. He's now a 60pound overweight GermanShepherd/Collie mix that [u]believes[/u] he is a big bad! (not to get off the subject...[color=red]*clears throat*, excuse me be soooo nice if we could post pic's of our babies with our profile and if the owner's "page ID" was listed! Then we could check back on our fav's and see how they have grown!!!TY!)[/color]

Denali is SUCH a lovely name! She DEFINITELY deserves it!!!!
Is her snuggle buddy a Malamute or a Siberian Husky? Looks a lot like the malamute I had as a child!

[i][color=blue]I wish you abundant years of joy with Denali and many healthy years for Denali.[/i][/color][/b]
Jan 13, 2008 Proud Mommy of 3
[b][color=red]UH...DUHHH... I MEANT OWNER'S [u]"NAME" ID![/u][/color]

OK...I'll shut up![/b]
Jan 13, 2008 bullys2mom
How adorable can a puppy get?? What a sweet little ball of fur.
Jan 13, 2008 mqm501
Wow! What a lovely photo of 2 gorgeous creatures. Lucky you!
Jan 13, 2008 bopeep
Love all the pictures of Denali. She is a true beauty and a sweetheart. She is the perfect little cuddlebug. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Jan 13, 2008 mcopp
What a beautiful little baby. I would love to see her as an adult. I bet she is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy your baby.
Jan 13, 2008 Maywee
Absolutely the cutest puppy so far this year and there have been very cute puppies!!! I am picking a picture but I love them all!! Many Many years of love and puppy kisses!!!
Jan 13, 2008 lilyj
My head just exploded from the cute. The ears! The teenie, nibblable ears.
Jan 13, 2008 tazjt
She's adorable! Many belly rubs and kisses!
Jan 13, 2008 carriedayton
she is sooooooooooooooooo adoable and tiny and cute and CAN I HAVE HER!!!!!!!!??????? j/k sorta she is just so cute i wanna take her home!!!!!!!!
Jan 13, 2008 Mary V
Best of luck!!!
-Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Jan 13, 2008 Giada777
What a wonderful little bundle of CUTE! Denali is a doll.
Jan 13, 2008 sue
shes gorgeous
Jan 13, 2008 tamijohansen
What a doll!!! :)
Jan 13, 2008 yoliesf

Jan 13, 2008 zoerosesmom
CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
She is SO incredibly adorable - you must be over the moon over her!
If she were mine, I would never get ANYTHING around the house done, I would want to snuggle her NONSTOP!
Here's wishing you many happy years!
Jan 13, 2008 Littlemissfit13
Wow! She is a special beautiful little girl. Love all the pics. Kisses and belly rubs to Denali and her magnificent friend. There seems to be a loving relationship between them. How adorable! XOXOXO
Jan 13, 2008 joan1022
She is "A"dorable !!! I would love to know where you got her. Does someone breed them or what? So precious
Jan 13, 2008 luvdogs100
How do they sleep like that?!? This is the cutest picture!
Jan 13, 2008 PuppyCentral
Aww! She is soooooo adorable!
Jan 13, 2008 Frasier'smom
Denali is just about the sweetest little "puff" I've ever seen!! Unusual "combo" of breed,....would love to see pictures of her as she grows up!!! It was tough to choose between the picture of her sleeping with her neck "UP" in the doorframe, or the one with her curled up in the fluffly tail sleeping with her grown up friend!! As you can see, the comfort and warmth of a friend won out!!! Is this a family member, or a family friend? Denali is a little doll,...lots of kisses and little bear hugs, and many years of happiness with this fluffly bundle!
Jan 13, 2008 jc_gypsy
Denali is too adorable, congrats! The pics are fabulous, hard deciding on a favorite, but this one is great- 'Whew, I ripped and tugged and squeaked this toy to death- time for a nappy!' Hehe, tons of hugs and scritches for this little doll and her brother/sister too!
Jan 13, 2008 Posh Tater
HOW do you get anything done in a day? I would just be sitting there going "Awwww" for eight hours at a stretch! She really is so cute. It's hard to choose a picture but this one just about won out - it was this or the puppy-and-other-dog combo. I can see I'm going to spend a week coming back to this one over and over again! Enjoy!

Posh Tater and Parsnip xx
Jan 13, 2008 mkesj
Very cute mixed breed. Wait until she starts wagging her tail during dreams. That's always hilarious. What a beautiful coat. Finally some good quality photos and variety. More pictures needed!
Jan 13, 2008 Mummm
What a beautiful, beautiful face and what an adorable pup! You are lucky owners and she is a lucky pup! I hard time deciding what picture to choose because they are all GREAT.
Jan 13, 2008 iamme
Aww...I can't decide which picture!! I just love 2,3 and 4. Ugh...hate these decisions. :) She is cute though!!! Wish I could sleep like that...gather all the sun in! :) I'm curious to see what she looks like when she's older. Interesting combo. :) Best of life to ya!! :)
Jan 13, 2008 Sandra
Couldn't pick a picture, they are ALL so cute. I'll puppy sit for you.
Jan 13, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
That is definately one of the cutest dogs that I have EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!
The pic. with her and the husky is SOOO CUTE!!!
The owners of Denali are SOO lucky!
Jan 13, 2008 butterflygirl
This is such a cute dog i want this dog lol He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to get a dog. This one is so cute and small and furry!!!!
Jan 13, 2008 Terry C
I SO wanna pick this little darling up, put her on my nap and rub her belly.
Jan 13, 2008 mollysmommy
What a little teddy bear. She's so cute. I love her facial expression. I can tell she is a big girl at heart in a little body. Wishing you lots of belly rubs, cuddles, and kisses. :)
Jan 13, 2008 simrat101
she looks like a cute teddy bear
Jan 13, 2008 sylvanbliss
Sweet dreams, little Denali! You exceed all cuteness expectations!
Jan 13, 2008 MomandTwoGirlsLovePups
She's so cuuuuuuuuuuuute! I wish I could sleep in any position. Our dog runs, yips, and snores in his sleep. I want to give Denali a tummy wuffle! She doesn't look much like a mountain; maybe some day. Nice name anyway. We love her.
Jan 13, 2008 murphmuffin
She is too cute. She's like a little bear. You ave very blessed that she is in your life. And that picture with the larger dog is so sweet. I like ALL the pictures. I couldn't pick just one. Lots of kisses!
Jan 13, 2008 rozee9893
aw! what a truly amazing dog! that's such a cute puppy! if you ever, anyone, find a dog THAT CUTE then TELL ME!!! I need another dog, so that would be amazing!! [color=red] she is so cute i wish i could hug her! cutest dog i've EVER seen! [/color]

10000000000000000000000 biscuits!
Jan 13, 2008 louparris
Denali looks very Shiba. I have a good friend who has several Shibas (two are champions) and has bred Shibas for many years.
Denali better make good friends with that Siberian. My friend also rescues Siberians and has about 30. The Sibes are not out when the Shibas go out. The Shibas are very "bristley" and are always trying to pick fights with the huskies. The huskies, being much bigger and stronger, just go "Huh?"

I hope Denali is keeps on being adorable.
Jan 13, 2008 fluffypup
I'm in love with this pup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :)
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 akitamom
My late Akita Camembert used to sleep just like this -- happy memories to me. Happy Life to you and Denali!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 rosy
Pretty fluffy girl--love all the pics-billions of biscuits and hugs!!!
Jan 13, 2008 KimnJaeger
With every comment I leave, I am sure there won't be a cuter puppy ever, but this time I am positive, Denali is far and away the winner of the cutest puppy in the UNIVERSE!!! Please show us more pictures of her as she grows up!
Jan 13, 2008 k_cyn
[color=red]Oh Denali you are sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!! and I love how you sleep!!! :) You are just ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Happy New Year and best wishes always![/color]
Jan 13, 2008 Tuskist
such a cute puppy....
Jan 13, 2008 buttonsmom
Although the Daily Puppy has been part of my morning routine for a while, Denali (and the fact she's a fellow North Dakotan) made me register. What a fuzzy sweetheart! Our dogs always found the sunniest spot in which to snooze. May she give you warm fuzzies for many winters.
Jan 13, 2008 dogsrule
This is pup heaven and Denali is a reigning Angel of Cuteness.

I love Shiba Inus and all arctic dogs, so she is right in there with my dream dogs. What a great combination of breeds. She looks like a wild wolf cub in the top pic.

This puppy made my day. I bet the owners are beside themselves with love over this little baby furball. :)
Jan 13, 2008 Blurgle
Just tell everyone she's part Siamese. :)
Jan 13, 2008 djmc
I love this picture , they both are adorable , love the husky also . ENJOY ENJOY your new baby . Lots of biscuits
Jan 13, 2008 lilheyer
For every one who is wondering the other dog pictured is an Alaskan Malamute. He is part of our family, but of no realtion to Denali. He loves to play with her and their favorite new game is keep away from eachother!!
Jan 13, 2008 jrterriermom
What an adorable fluff ball!!! :)
Jan 13, 2008 Tracy Kemmer
Except for her color she reminds me of the Norweigen Elkhounds I had. They were so cute like that. Balls of fluff at first then lots of pretty hair. Have lots of Winter fun with her. She is so cute, I can't wait to see her (if you post her as a grown up) when she has matured.
Jan 13, 2008 klweiss
OMG what an adorable pup! I LOVE Shiba Inus, but this little one actually made me gasp with cuteness! Does she shed? Wow, what a beautiful dog! Enjoy every minute!

Kerri :)
Jan 13, 2008 esgould99
Wow! I have never seen so many comments for one fluff ball puppy!!! Denali is adorable and love the larger Husky also...Both gorgeous creatures!!!
Jan 13, 2008 MyRustyDog
What a beautiful dog! I can't wait to see what she looks like as an adult!
Jan 13, 2008 quaryn
Awww... what a cute little fluffball...
Jan 13, 2008 FRITZY
uhhhhh......beyond cute! Just precious!!!
Jan 13, 2008 FRITZY
uhhhhh......beyond cute! Just precious!!!
Jan 13, 2008 MusherMaggie
What an adorable teddy bear of a puppy! I love northern breeds. having rescued A Seppala Siberian Sled dog off the street over a year ago. Just wish I had room for more. Kisses, hugs, snuggles and 11 zillion biscuits for Denali!
Jan 13, 2008 Fran
Denali is just the sweetest!!! Best of luck with your puppy. Wishing you many happy years together!
Jan 13, 2008 German Shaepherd Lovr
They r so cute! I lv Shibas!And these r super cute!
P.S. I know my user name is misspelled...German Shepherd Lovr is wat i meant :(
Jan 13, 2008 doggieaunt
I love her name and her coloring!!! Denali is just too cute for words; like many others, it took awhile to choose a favorite photo. (Our beagle used to "talk" in her sleep, too, so the sleepy puppy shot was also very tempting.)

Many scritches, tummy rubs, and biscuits to little Denali (and her big friend)!
Jan 13, 2008 dudeerdude
you are so cute you have a butaful body
Jan 13, 2008 abelover
Denali is adorable and what awesome pictures i had a tough time deciding on my favorite!!! Enjoy your life together...and stay warm!
Jan 13, 2008 KuvaszKountry
What a she a she a bear she a's hard to tell...but she's definitely adorable!! I've never heard of a Mini-American Eskimo....what an interesting mix of breeds.
Jan 13, 2008 jlandin86
What a cutie!!!! She's so sweet looking :D
Jan 13, 2008 mosbarger
Oh my gosh, Denali is an angel!!!! She's soooo precious!!!!!
Jan 13, 2008 chicolasa
This is one very seriously CUTE! puppy girl. Looking at her pix makes me just want more . . . gimme more! of darling Denali.
And info about her name, too . . .
At least let us revisit her when she a grown-up puppy.
All the luck in the world.
No favorite pic cuz one is cuter than the next.
Jan 13, 2008 tracey
OMG! She is beautiful! I am very curious to know how big she will get to be.
Hugs and kisses to Denali!!
11 biscuits too!!
Jan 13, 2008 JBanana
o my! cutest puppy ever!! how sweet! i want one:D!
Jan 13, 2008 miley1006
Oh! Look at the cuute stumpy legs! Look at her adorable fluffy fur! This is what I call perfect.
Jan 13, 2008 hansepants
OH There is a God and her name is Denali! Cutest. Puppy. Ever. I need one. Stat.
Jan 14, 2008 casey's mom
A picture to keep forever! Total sweetness! Many happy years with your little fluff ball!
Jan 14, 2008 Nicola
I have never seen a puppy like her. She is sooooo cute though!!!!!
Jan 14, 2008 Mikkimrado
Oh my god!!! She's the best - amazing photos - really difficult to pick a favorite - but look at this sleeping pose - this is so NEW!!! Her big furry friend is a knockout too - what's his/her name?

Happy 2008!
Jan 14, 2008 Mikkimrado
OK - I'm back! She's just too cute!!! Siiiigh!!
Jan 14, 2008 coyne12
Best wishes!! Hard to choose a fav. pic. Many happy times to you & your precious doggies.
Jan 14, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
OH MY GOD!!!!!! what a beautiful baby!!!!!
Jan 14, 2008 pupsrule
OMG- this is the most beautiful photo. The elegant and beautiful Malamute and the teeny tiny adorable baby curled up beside him. Seriously amazing photo. Have fun with your gorgeous dogs.
Jan 14, 2008 pupsrule
I'm being greedy and picking one more photo. How cute is this little baby!!!
Jan 14, 2008 pupsrule
it won't let me change fave pics. I love them all anyway. Long life, lots of snow and happiness to both amazing dogs
Jan 14, 2008 babydollp80
Ok I see cute pictures before but this takes the cake. What a sweetie pie.
Jan 14, 2008 piobaire
CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! Stop can't post pictures like these any more! No fair, me wants to snuggle it up and squish it up next to me and do all kinds of nuzzling and kissing and all that silly stuff girls do! Criminy. If Denali isn't about as cute a puppy as was ever born, well then, I just don't know what is. Oh how LUCKY are you to have her and she you. A zillion biscuits for you and I'm stuck here wishing I could hold her and smell her puppy breath!! ENVY!!
Jan 14, 2008 LisaLisa
Wow - it was VERY hard to pick a favorite photo with them all being so unbelievably precious! I love the mixture of her breeds - how beautiful!
Jan 14, 2008 moonmetro
i want one!!
Jan 14, 2008 ahn
this puppy is so cute it gives me brain failure. there are not a lot of things i wouldn't do to have this type of puppeh in my house! :)
Jan 15, 2008 susannajon
What a pretty girl! You can see she is loved by everyone in the household.
Jan 15, 2008 Sasafras56
Beautiful baby girl!! I just love fat puppy bellies and looking so sweet. I have never heard of miniature American Eskimo.
Would love to see her grown up. I am curious to see how big she gets and all the colors coming out.
In one of the forums a family did just that. Put pictures up and told story of life with her 4 legged friends. It was touching.
Jan 16, 2008 BTLabs
What a cute little fuzzie-wuzzie!
Jan 16, 2008 dog whisperer
Jan 16, 2008 kirtly74
AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! SO CUTE! You can barely see her in this pic! WOW! Lovely dog!
Jan 17, 2008 Yuna Braska
Jan 17, 2008 Yuna Braska
she is soooo beautiful!!!!
Jan 17, 2008 Yuna Braska
she is soooo beautiful!!!!
Jan 18, 2008 BelgianPup
Eeek! So cute I just had to make this my first comment :) She is adorable - like a plushy teddie bear. Her encounters with snow are delightful. I hope she continues to fill your life with joy!
Jan 18, 2008 abbeysmommy
She's a cutie!!!
Jan 19, 2008 Kaseycousin101
[color=blue green] She looks like a sweetheart! I have no dogs of my own, but often visit my cousin's Jack Russell, KASEY!!! You look like a real fuzzyball you snuggley-wuggley Denali!! [/color]
Jan 23, 2008 sweet.puppy.rose
You're puppy is so CUTE!!!!!!!!She looks just like mine...
Jan 23, 2008 curlietail
[color=purple] OMG shes like a big fluffy toy dog sooo adorible

this picture is soo nice :)
Jan 24, 2008 crystal zaldivar
shes so so so so darn cute she has the cutest little puppy eyes ive ever seen i bet shes one happy puppy.
Jan 28, 2008 DINI-DINI
She is soooooooo cute I can?t even choose a favorite picture!!!!! She looks like she?s a sweetheart. So lovely... God bless her. She is incredibly beautiful.
Jan 31, 2008 cassalass
Feb 22, 2008 Dylan.Loves.Puppies
Feb 23, 2008 confused13
May 18, 2008 fuckyou
fuckin awesome dog
May 21, 2008 MayaBC
It is so amazing to see other Shiba Inu cross American Eskimos! She is sooo adorable and I love her white socks. My puppy is 14 weeks old and is the exact same mix! She is black and has the white paws as well... thanks for the pictures. 11 bones from me
Aug 25, 2008 jpowers
This pic should be on lots of cards!!!
Nov 3, 2008 JDpuplove
How can I find one like her? Who is her breeder? She is seriously the most adorable little creature on earth! Is she full grown?
Dec 28, 2008 biff
The essence of warm fuzzy puppiness. A lifetime of biscuits, happy adventures, belly rubs, and cozy naps in a warm dry place.
Apr 30, 2009 ilovelagottos
That is cute and sweet! They look like they are good friends! she is so small compared to your husky! she is definitely a cutie!
Jul 25, 2010 bonnie65
I am also from ND. Would love one of those beautiful puppies. Please email me
Sep 18, 2010 semhanks
like everyone else I would love to have one of these puppies are there any available. please email me
Nov 27, 2010 ayache09
He is so tiny you cant even see him!
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