Dexter the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever / Poodle

Dexter left the sunny beaches of Montauk, New York to live with his parents in an apartment in New York City. He is a chew-stick addict who spices up his gnawing regimen with healthy doses of plastic water bottles, plush toys and bright bouncy balls. Dex can often be found bouncing around outdoors, sniffing rocks, doing donuts on the grass, and chasing his tail. Like most cuddly puppies, Dex loves to snooze and he is one vivid dreamer who is often spotted (and heard) chasing bunnies, barking and wagging his tail in his sleep. Dexter is a snuggly, loving pup who has done nothing but make his owners' lives fuller, richer and happier because of his fluffy presence!