Dolly the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

I love to travel, play in my water dish, and pick on my Uncle Buster. My favorite toy in the world is my GiGi, a pink giraffe I cuddle with. I love every person I meet, even though at first I'm not sure, and they love me back! I'm still afraid of some doggies but puppy class is fun and I'm getting the hang of it! I like to sleep a lot, and wake my mumma up at 5:30 every morning. She says she knew I was meant to be hers the day I was born, and she couldn't be happier. My nicknames are Stitch, Bunny, and Little Bear for obvious reasons. I'm so smart, my mommy is running out of things to teach me! The cutest thing so far is when she waves at me I wave hello back! She is going to start teaching me sign language soon. I love to learn and love to run around in the garden and try to eat the trees, but I'm scared of squirrels and big loud objects. My mommy isn't used to how small I am; she only has had rottweilers for pets until me. I have lots of hiding spots, like the ottoman and under her bed. Car rides are fun too!