Douglas the French Bulldog

Puppy Breed: French Bulldog

Hi, I'm Doug. I'm actually a French-Canadian bulldog since I was born in Montreal. My favorite thing to do is eat but I also like to snort, bark at snow, eat leaves, get my teeth brushed, play with ice cubes and snore as loudly as possible. And also, I love to sit. Especially with both my back legs off to the side. I guess I'm a pretty funny cat. Well, figuratively speaking. Oh, I almost forgot! I promised my best friend Kanga I'd give her a shout-out. She's a tall, slim and elegant Ibizan Hound... pretty much the opposite of me. And she has the most delicious ears to chew on, they should market those things! Anyway, I'm off now to try to conquer the art of going downstairs. With my giant head, it's quite the challenge but I think some treats should do the trick.