Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Dec 15, 2008 pkjeld
Duke, you make wrinkles look good!!
Dec 15, 2008 Tuskist
hahahaha amazing breed
Dec 15, 2008 renaudj
Duke you are adorable! Love those wrinkles!
He looks like his name should be Duke. I love all dogs, but this is the only breed that I feel looks truly over the top, just outstanding, with wrinkles! And the exotic eyes are amazing! Duke, may you have many happy dreams in your mom's bed.
Dec 15, 2008 Anetra
Cute little wrinkles
Dec 15, 2008 caraschotch
DUKIE!! You have more wrinkles than I do!! You're a beautiful baby! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
Dec 15, 2008 missysmason
Wow! This is a very beautiful puppy. He looks quite expensive! What a pedigree! I love him. I bet he smells good, with puppy breath! I love the way puppy breath smells. It is so good.
Dec 15, 2008 missysmason
This is a very beautiful and Gorgous puppy. I cant get over how beautiful he is. I never seen a dog like this one. What country do you live in. Where did you find such a puppy? Absolutly amazing breed!
Dec 15, 2008 360
orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr adorable
Dec 15, 2008 howiesmom
Soooooo adorable!! What a wrinkly bundle of joy!! Lucky you!!!!
Dec 15, 2008 mummm
Duke DOES make wrinkles look great. What a cutie!
Dec 15, 2008 puppyloveforme
Dukie! You're a great looking fella! What character he has. Love him.
Dec 15, 2008 doggieaunt
I should look that good when I'm wrinkly! Scritches on the sandpaper-y fur for lil' (temporarily!) Duke!!!
Dec 15, 2008 HoundPuppies
Just makes you smile :)
Dec 15, 2008 terry c
Love those wrinkles.
Dec 15, 2008 sumitjuneja
he is so cute....
his skin is killing me!!!Hes such a sweetie!!!!
Dec 15, 2008 barbaranne423
What a darling boy and what awesome photography. I knew wrinkles could be adorable.
Dec 15, 2008 Dog Girl
Awwwww... I love Duke! I usualy don't like Shar-Peis but Duke just grabed my heart.
Dec 15, 2008 HillCountryGal
What a sweetie! I should look so good in wrinkles! Ha!! Sending lots of love, hugs, belly rubs and doggie treats to you Duke.
Dec 15, 2008 ckendall
What a cutie!!! Wish my wrinkles were as cute!
Dec 15, 2008 MazieTess
OMG he is SO CUTE!! love those big puppy feet and those wrinkles, too cute!!
Dec 15, 2008 misheway
the sweetest doggy ever!!!i love it!!!
Dec 15, 2008 peakachu
Duke you are too cute for words! You wear your wrinkles well!
Dec 15, 2008 philip
No Botox here!! Wrinkles are beautiful!
Dec 15, 2008 lh9313
sooo cute!
Dec 15, 2008 Mimififi
What a beautiful puppy!! May you enjoy many years of wrinkled happiness with Duke! Hopefully, he won't lose too many of his wrinkles when he gets older!!
Dec 15, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Omigosh.. what a cutie. That face! Just wonderful. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Dec 15, 2008 djmc
Duke you are a sweetheart,love you , many happy years with loads of hugs and kisses
Dec 15, 2008 grandma helen of ct
Duke your adorable. Manny kisses XXX and Hugs OOO
Dec 15, 2008 lovelola247
so cute i love the color
Dec 15, 2008 sharpeiang
From a fellow shar-pei owner, he is adorable. Enjoy all the fun! Love the wrinkles:)
Dec 15, 2008 LSM
WOW, look at all those wrinkles!! They look good on you Duke. Belly rubs & biscuits coming your way.
Dec 15, 2008 fritzy
Duke, in the real world no one likes wrinkles. IN YOUR CASE - THEY ARE IN, ADORABLE, TOO CUTE, PRECIOUS!!! Wow, you are sooooooooooo handsome. :)
Dec 15, 2008 2Sweet2Be4Gotten
He is SO Cute!!!!
Dec 15, 2008 cutiepie108
when i'm all old and wrinkly i want to look like you!!!! one of the cutest dogs i've ever seen!!!! :D 11 trillion, badillion, catrillion biscuits!!
Dec 15, 2008 ursa'smomma
What else is there to say about a boy as cute as Duke? Adorable, Huggable, Wrinkly Pooch...
Dec 15, 2008 Rider4ever
He so adorable that there isn't a word to describe it!!! May you have a wonderful life of winkles and love!!
Dec 15, 2008 wheatie mom
Wrinkle all the way, cute little Duke!
Dec 15, 2008 tink'smom
Oh Duke, you are royalty for sure. You are just fabulous, adorable, regal and wonderful all rolled into a delightful puppy! You are going to be popular your whole life. Love and hugs to you.
Dec 15, 2008 longislander
What an adorable puppy. He looks like he's wearing hand-me-downs and he hasn't quite grown into his suit yet. Have lots of fun with him. Send lots of biscuits Duke's way.
Dec 15, 2008 lucybee
Duke-such a serious expression on such a sweet baby.I hope your life is long ans worry free!
Dec 15, 2008 tverakul
What a sweet boy! Many happy years to you and your owner.
Dec 15, 2008 msh85
He is one of the cutest puppy I have ever seen!!
Dec 15, 2008 Pairakeets
They are soooo cute with all their wrinkles!!
Dec 15, 2008 jbroy
Wrinkle dogs are so cute!
Dec 15, 2008 mikdebluvpups
This little guy is sooooo adorable!
Dec 15, 2008 biff
"This isn't fat, this is just stored energy" says Duke of his wrinkled body. Cute pup. Lots of belly rubs and treats and nap times with your biped mother, Duke.
Dec 15, 2008 pitbullfan
I love Char peis. They are adorable and rincleeeeeeeee
Dec 15, 2008 amyliz
Cute Duke, whatever you do, don't get any Botox! You wear wrinkles beautifully!
Dec 15, 2008 sputnik
Wow!!! Duke, you are a beauty!!!!! You look so regal in that first picture... all pictures are spectacular.
Dec 15, 2008 gary
What a lovely dog.
Dec 15, 2008 lovemypom
Duke wrinkles sure do look good on you!! How handsome you are!
Dec 15, 2008 lizanne
Duke, You are a very beautiful dog and do look like Royalty. I wish you and your Mom a great life together with lots of fun and walks in the forest. Hugs from Elizabeth and Dane Miss Katie =O)
Dec 15, 2008 lizanne
Hi Duke, You are beautiful and I love this study against the gray rocks. I can see all the velvety texture and beauty of each lovely fold. You are Royalty. Gentle hugs from Dane Miss Katie =O) and Elizabeth in NY~
Dec 15, 2008 Sonja08
He is so cute and adorable! My cousin had a shar-pei, he called her wrinkles.
Dec 15, 2008 DailyPuppy Admin
I just love your cute puppy face Duke! Many belly rubs for you.
Dec 15, 2008 NellyWelly
What a handsome boy!! LURVE those wrinkles!!
Dec 15, 2008 LauraW_KS
Oh he's sooooooooo cute!!! I just wanna smooch'em!!!! 11 bones!!!
Dec 15, 2008 anitac
He's great:)
Dec 15, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
What a cute little wrinkly guy! Lots of kisses and belly rubs from Jack & Sammy's mom.
Dec 15, 2008 Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2
If God didn't intend us to have wrinkles, He would have made us permanent press! I have never seen a Shar-pei I didn't love, and why not? All those adorable wrinkles, that velvet soft coat, and squooshy (is that better than bashed in?) nose - no wonder Chinese emperors made you the Royal dog, and common peons like me were never allowed to have one! Heaps of puppy cookies and tummy rubs from Cheyenne and me, and many happy trails ahead with your lucky furever friend.
Dec 15, 2008 piobaire
How does this wrinkly little baby not have 11 biscuits? What a darling. Makes you just want to scoop him up and cuddle him!
Dec 15, 2008 cyntinabf
Cute as a button... I love these pups and all those wrinkles.
Dec 15, 2008 snoopygirl
THE WRINKLES! :D I love these dogs they are so striking. One lives over the road from me at my dad's house called Mambo. Duke looks so cute!
Dec 15, 2008 Pixi's mom
He is adorable! What a sweet puppy! Lots of Hugs and Biscuits for Duke.
Dec 15, 2008 lisalisa
What a cutie pie! Duke is precious - I'd love to hug him! Lots of biscuits to this adorable baby. :-)
Dec 15, 2008 Lefty
Every morning at 5:30 I put my coffee on and check the daily puppy while it's brewing. Duke made my day!! I though about this cutie all day at work. Hang in there big'll grow into those wrinkles fast!!! A zillion bones for Duke. Thanks for sharing.
Dec 15, 2008 taniamorse85
Duke is such a cutie! He looks like he could get lost in all his wrinkles! I am sure he is great to cuddle up with at night.
Dec 15, 2008 huskyluvr
Duke, you're wrinkles are the best thing about you! Soo cute! Makes me want to kiss that wrinkly little nose!
Dec 15, 2008 zorzigirl
Wow, Duke is fabulous! Thank you for sharing your photos.
Dec 15, 2008 gizmo's mom
Duke you are soooo cute, I could lose myself in all of your wrinkles, what a sweet pup.
Dec 15, 2008 ellie's_mom
What a darling! Thanks for sharing! God bless...
Dec 15, 2008 iluvk9s
Awww what an adorable sweet puppy!! What a little cuddle bug to sleep with! Give Duke tons of hugs and kisses from Rusty and Duckie in Madison, Alabama.
Dec 15, 2008 Ace's mom
I bet Duke would make a great snuggle partner!! And if you got cold all those wrinkles would make a nice blanket!!
Dec 15, 2008 jolieavon
PLEEEZE tell me you rent him out!! I Need to sleep with this cuddly creature.
Dec 15, 2008 phaedrapetnanny
OMG! If that's not the CUTEST pup I've ever seen, I don't know what is! I just want to SQUEEZE him! Lucky you to have him in your life! Hugs, belly rubs and scratches, phaedra & pack
Dec 15, 2008 sharpeipat
What a cute baby. I have owned 4 shar-pei's (currently have 2) and they are great companions and bed buddies!!! Hugs & belly rubs
Dec 15, 2008 linx
Shar-pei's are so adorable. He will soon grow into his wrinkles. He's a puppy in a size large coat. Be careful of his skin as I had one with problems.
Dec 15, 2008 chico&parker
if puppy-napping wasn't super mean and very illegal, i would totally steal away your gorgeous, adorable little boy. he is awesome!
Dec 15, 2008 malawi
What an absolute adorable fellow Duke is. I've seen a few Shar-peis around, and I must say that your Duke is probably the nicest looking one I have ever seen. Very handsome boy~
Dec 15, 2008 honeypie
Awwww, what a handsome boy!! 11+++
Dec 15, 2008 Superskittles
Ooooooh , your so cute Duke ! Biscuits and belly rubs from Kate!
Dec 15, 2008 Oliver's Mummy
Duke's name suits him. What an adorable little man. He looks so cuddly and I'm sure children just love him. Hugs from London, Ontario
Dec 15, 2008 Rickysmom
Duke, you are one incredibly cute puppy. I just love all those adorable wrinkles.
Dec 15, 2008 allmyshelties
Wrinkles, worried expression, tubby little toes...this puppy has it all!! Too cute for words. Enjoy your wonderful boy and thanks for sharing him with us.
Dec 15, 2008 teddiepants
It must be an enormous responsibility to be this adorable, no wonder he looks so pensive. How can a puppy this cute have so few biscuits? C'mon people!
Dec 15, 2008 mycavyoliver
Duke, You are just too cute!! I'll bet that you are awesome to cuddle with! Julie and Oliver
Dec 15, 2008 Tyman95
His wrinkles make him look so cute and funny!!!
Dec 15, 2008 masayo
Dec 15, 2008 vorner
What a beautiful little velvety boy you are, Duke! Very regal looking indeed! A long, happy, healthy life filled with love and fun. Bless you and your mom with lots of nights cuddling in the years ahead. You are precious!! XOXOXO
Dec 15, 2008 beeeegleluvr
Most people are afraid of getting wrinkles, but not old Duke! He is a wrinkly little Shar-pei and it's soooo cute. so funny yet so cute :)
Dec 15, 2008 dyanswan
Duke, you are a noble looking boy. 1000+ biscuits for you.
Dec 15, 2008 labrilicious labradog
What a sweet, innocent boy! But shame on human beings for breeding a dog such as this with sooo many physical ailments, purely for the "aahh" factor. Where/ when will it end??
Dec 15, 2008 wolfgirl66
BeAuTiFuL DoG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 15, 2008 drakes' granny
How very adorable you are Duke. Your family will enjoy your puppy wrinkles but when you get older you will grow right into them. Would be fun to watch...
Dec 15, 2008 radioriot
Lily, you melted my heart! Your fur looks as soft and cuddly as my Allegro's puppy coat. Enjoy your buddy and stay inquisitive!
Dec 15, 2008 Sammyluvspups
OMG that pup is sooooooooooooooo cute!
Dec 15, 2008 ruthie
Duke, you are a very cute little guy. Many happy years are ahead....
Dec 15, 2008 Mrvisions
Wow what a pose, what stature, boy the sphinx has nothing on you baby. you are an icon, but you already knew that right. :-)
Dec 15, 2008 popo
He got the majestic look even when he is a puppy. The name match the cool look perfectly. Q: does shai pei shed hair?
Dec 15, 2008 Lab_mum
Duke you are adorable!!! Wishing you many many happy and healthy years with your family and friends, as well as a kazillion hug, kisses, tummy rubs and doggie bikkies sweety pie!!! Lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe. xoxoxo
Dec 15, 2008 debdestiny
We have a full grown one of these that lives on the hill behind our beach. He creeps down sometimes when Destiny and I are walking, you turn around and you're faced by the Horror from the Hill - his eyes look like they are bleeding. Poor little Destiny sees him and just freezes and looks up at me as if to say "Quick Mum, pick me up!"
Dec 15, 2008 ryliegirl444
I love the wrinkles on this little guy! I ALWAYS fall for Shar-Peis. Who wouldn't though?! I just want to go put this guy in water,and make him even more wrinkly! So you take those 11 biscuits I gave you,and eat them wisely! Have yourself a long,happy life filled with hugs,kisses,naps,love,wrinkles,bell y rubs,ear scratches,and,of course,biscuits! Lots o' Love,Kelsea,Slurpy,Gizmo,and Rylie
Dec 16, 2008 weedoggiesinc
I heard that these breeds actualy lose some of their wrinkles as they grow older? I use to own one named Mack. He was the same color as yours, but he was not a puppy when we got him. He had wrinkles, but not as many as the puppies do.
Dec 16, 2008 Bowie's Mom
Duke is too cute!! My doggie's forehead looks like his-but that's about it! Take care of this wrinklie bundle!! :)
Dec 16, 2008 susanah
Ditto on what pkjeld said, "Duke, you make wrinkles look good!!"
Dec 16, 2008 Reggie
Duke, Your adorable.......xoxo
Dec 16, 2008 Sophies Earrings
What a cutie pie. I'd like to rub my hands all over those wrinkles!
Dec 16, 2008 trinilab
I just love shar peis
Dec 16, 2008 tambore
Just when I can't take another beautiful puppy.... along comes Duke. You're even cuter than the original one! Can imagine snuggling up to you... joy, joy! Happy Life, Big Guy.
Dec 16, 2008 puppy world
Dec 16, 2008 puppydog
This is the cutest little guy i've ever seen!!! he's just so wrinkley which makes him extra cute!
Dec 17, 2008 lynetz2
i can never get used to all of the wrinkles on this awesome breed of dog - this puppy is handsome with all of his wrinkles - many hours of love and fun with this little guy - a ton of puppy biscuits and belly rubs for all of his bellies!!! a winner!
Dec 17, 2008 b4by_m
Very very very very huggable. Cuddles and strokes for you Duke. xx
Dec 17, 2008 cutiepants26
Duke, sorry I couldn't pick a picture because they are all my favorite! One day in a pet shop my mum was holding one of these types of dogs, it was a puppy, she really wanted to get it. Cause she said it reminded her of a chubby human baby. But it cost alot, so we couldn't get it. but my mum said on day, when we are ready every week we are going to drive to the RSPCA and find the right dog for us,and if it's not there, we come back the next week. Shar-pei are wonderful dogs, and look so cuddly! Duke is LOVELY!
Dec 17, 2008 RHINOKAT
What a cute puppy! My mother in law has a sharpei and she is a bundle of energy. I hope your puppy gives you as much happiness as hers.
Dec 17, 2008 bullysrock21
omg** that is the cutest sharpei ever i have one too
Dec 18, 2008 lilwatagurl
Awww what a sweet little guy! He is so adorable, I love his wrinkles!
Dec 18, 2008 lilwatagurl
This is the cutest puppy EVER! So cute and lovable!
Dec 18, 2008 puppylove4u
I love his smushy face!!
Dec 19, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
You just gotta love a pup who looks like he isn't big enough for his skin! Hahaha!! Give him big bear hugs from me and I will send a truckload of virtual biscuits!
Dec 19, 2008 denawolves
I love sharpei's soooo much!! They're very smart, and of course complete show-stealers.
Dec 19, 2008 Hooligan
Too Adorable.
Dec 19, 2008 Sukita
Duke you are so adorable. Do you snore too like me?
Dec 20, 2008 lacey8902
hes sooooo adorable i luv all his rolls
Dec 20, 2008 hannah33
hey get up. dont be mad that you have so many wrinkles they make you look cute! lol ur adorable
Dec 20, 2008 dogpuddle14
hes so cute and so wrinkley
Dec 21, 2008 winie oscar
so cute nice wrinkles!
Dec 21, 2008 DoggyDiva
And who said wrinkles were unattractive! He could bring wrinkles back en vogue! He's so cute, I just want to give him a big bear hug! Merry Christmas Duke, you handsome devil!
Dec 21, 2008 flat-coated retriever
awwwww, duke you are soo silly looking and cute!
Dec 22, 2008 Sassy666
Hello Duke my name is Taz, you have some of the most Beatiful wrinkles I have every seen!
Dec 22, 2008 I_luv_puppys
aww, makes me just want to pick him up and cuddle him! CUTE!
Dec 28, 2008 shugsmom
Duke is the cutest baby boy ever, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE all those wrinkles!!!!!!! I just wanna cuddle with him, so sweet!!!
Dec 30, 2008 jasmine
Those lower leg ripples!
Jan 4, 2009 ninacuddles
who says wrinkles are not beautiful!!!
Jan 12, 2009 kristanhoffman
"Help, I'm wrinkly and I can't get up!"
Jan 15, 2009 georgia04
Baby Duke is a handsome little love muffin! I could cuddle him for hours! Lots of belly rubs and love for this sweet boy.
Mar 6, 2009 chipmunk95
He is beautiful. He reminds me of my Cody beau. I have two at home. They are great dogs to have.
May 25, 2009 littlebigboris
Can't help but smile, funny pooch and an awesome character to boot, I think
Sep 13, 2009 iluvmypuppy101
I love shar-peis i luv the wrinkles! It must be difficult to brush them though!
Jan 17, 2010 BoboD
I love Duke his wrinkles are sooo cute i just want to give hima big belly rub!! lots of dog biscuits sent your way!! love lauren
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