Echo the German Shepherd

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Echo's mom says: Echo loves to play with his two sisters: Duchess, another German shepherd that is seven years old and Cinder, a hound mix that is 11 months old. He is very attached to his teddy bear---it is the only toy he hasn't tried to chew up. He sleeps with it in his bed every night. He actually lays his head on it and puts his paws around it. He loves to play in his water bowl and is always turning it over, even when it's full. He loves doggie cookies and is already sitting for them. He is very adventurous and prances around the backyard like he owns the place. He is very vocal. He lets me know when he is hungry, tired, or wants attention. He barks at his sisters if they aren't giving him enough attention. He wants to play with the big dogs and gets frustrated when they run too fast for him. He enjoys a good stick to chew on. He makes his daddy and me very happy.