Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Feb 25, 2007 Krysia
Haha! He looks like a little mouse, especially curled up. ;)
Feb 25, 2007 cloudwoven
Oh, my gosh... How funny is he?? Love the yawning. Adorable :)
Feb 25, 2007 fluffypup
OMG he can hear for miles with those ears.
Edwin you are a cutie for sure :)
Feb 25, 2007 snuggles19973
Awwww the poor little guy looks as though he can't stay awake. I love the sweat shirt he has on. Your a cutie Edwin. Huggs and Kisses for that little nose of yours.
Feb 25, 2007 iluvmydog
His awesome collar reminds me of the movie "How to loose a guy in 10 days". I like his sweat suit too. What a cutie
Feb 25, 2007 Ragnheidur
Awww, these ears are just awesome!
What a cutie :D
Feb 25, 2007 msmorbid921
That's the cutest Chinese Crested I've ever seen!
Feb 25, 2007 daddy's girl
not one of favourite breeds i have to say !!! but edwin could win anybody's heart! as for the photos somone has either a good camera or is a hot shot with it to get such fantastic pictures! all in all i would love to cuddle this little chap just to keep him warm!
Feb 25, 2007 melwri0881
i have always loved the chinese crested although i have never owned one.
Edwin is a beautiful dog.
Feb 25, 2007 Jackie
He sure is cute...Is he from the Disney Studios? He looks like he could be a Disney character...Very cute little dog....
Feb 25, 2007 doggielover92
My little baby!
Feb 25, 2007 dugoon's mom
He is a very strange looking dog, but what he lacks in beauty he makes up for with that cute little face.
Feb 25, 2007 kippysmama
Although i usually don't like the chinese crested breed Edwin is simply PRECIOUS!!!! he has more hair than normal for that breed right?
Feb 25, 2007 adie
Sweet mullet.

11 bonez.
Feb 25, 2007 sheron
Edwin your the BOMB you are sooooo cute and I LOVE Crested's and Puffs. They have an incredible personality too! Midnitewhite
Feb 25, 2007 roxy101
Love the paws!!!!!!
Feb 25, 2007 straysavior
Cute is not exactly the word that comes to mind, but he's a dear baby all the same. Love one, love all!! We can't all be beautiful.
Feb 25, 2007 Julia
Oh, Edwin, you are naked! Don't be bashful, though. It's okay. It's a good look for you; you are svelte and trim. I am a bit jealous of your petite frame, I must say.

I am also jealous of the natural lift and body you can achieve in your hair without lots of costly hair products. You are truly an au naturel looker. I also like your taste in workout clothing. In conclusion, you rule.
Feb 25, 2007 Waiskai'sMommy
What a doll baby! I just want to scoop him up and give him a kiss! He is adorable!!! Love'em love'em love'em! The yawning photo is too much! I have a Bichon that yawns that big, and he "squeaks" everytime he yawns. I'm sure Edwin will give you many years of love and laughter.
Feb 25, 2007 Joyce Roberts
FUNNY FUFFY FLUFFY FLOPPY FEETIES. EDWIN you are adorable. I would like to kiss your little feets and pat my nose with them.
Feb 25, 2007 lhasa-apso
What cute pictures really great and funny thanks for sharing
Feb 25, 2007 FireHorse
Love those big ears and tufty eyebrows - totally gorgeous!
Feb 25, 2007 cat gal
aww normaly i dont say this about chinese crested
Feb 25, 2007 jazgirl
Edwin... you rock baby! I love the hair so fluffy. Your paws are so big and fluffy too and that sweat suit looks good on you. Your human owner must luv you very much because you look happy with your roomie and your toys. Who luvs you baby! Me
Feb 25, 2007 taniamorse85
I never thought a Chinese Crested could be so cute and fluffy!
Feb 25, 2007 BrightRedScream
These guys are so unique looking they're cute :) I love them!
Feb 25, 2007 Michael
There are a couple adorable baby pictures of Edwin on a [color=pink]pink[/color] rug on Flickr. Check them out [url=" m/photo..."]here.[/url]
Feb 25, 2007 jack_russell_lover
ummmmm.............. what to say? edwin looks like someone was trying to give him boots and a fluffy tail with the weirdest hairdo ive ever seen.
Feb 25, 2007 ScottJon
Edwin is adorable!! we have two Chinese Cresteds (sisters) that just turned 1 on December 30th.

they are the greatest and cutest dogs we have ever owned. good luck with Edwin!
Feb 25, 2007 puppyuka
What kind of animal is this?
Do you call this cute?
Feb 25, 2007 Loizhanne
this is a chinese crested dog, and yes, i call this cute. actually, with that yawn and those feet, i think he is very cute. to each their own.
Feb 25, 2007 gomichild
Edwin you little star!

Looking forward to many more yawning pics (^_^)
Feb 25, 2007 Dimora
In the 3rd pic he looks like an 80's rocker!!! 11 biscuits! So cute!
Feb 26, 2007 Bucky
How adorable!!! I lurrrrrve CC's and Edwin is such a cute name.
Feb 26, 2007 snuggles19973
Ohhhh Edwin I just saw your pictures on Flickr you are adorable. I loved them all especially the bath ones. 11 bonz for you.
Feb 26, 2007 bulldogmom
Edwin, I think you are as cute as pie. thanks for sharing your pics
Feb 26, 2007 duvall2
bulldogmom: the only one offended by these comments is the owner, not edwin. if people are afraid of negative remarks, then perhaps they shouldn't post their dog's pics in the first place. people take this stuff waaay too seriously.
Feb 26, 2007 Lex&SpikeysMom
Edwin is such a cutie!!! In my family we have 5 Chinese Crested's, but Powderpuffs, they are just so loving....I LOVE EM!!!!!!!!!
Feb 26, 2007 dkritter
Personally, I have never liked the looks of those dogs, but goodness! This one is a cutie!!!
Feb 27, 2007 bulldogmom
duvall2: People post their dogs pictures here so they can be viewed by all dog lovers. If in fact you are a dog lover, and i suspect you are because you are visiting this site, then you would know that the negative comments should not be taken lightly as they are offensive to the human parents.
Let's suppose this site was called, would it be okay to say negative things about a human? Would you take that more seriously?
Feb 27, 2007 tazziesmom
These dogs always make me giggle. So cute!
Feb 27, 2007 brnwdrng
Interesting haircut - makes Edwin look like a cross between a bat and a hyena.
Feb 27, 2007 ROSIE1960
What a baby doll!
Feb 27, 2007 puppylover123456789
awww how cute!!!
Feb 28, 2007 ItalianGreyhoundMommy
I have two Italian Greyhounds that have plenty of similarities to the Chinese Crested. Love this breed and what an amazingly cute example! Wonderful. Thank you! I registered on this site just for this little guy!
Mar 1, 2007 eleanordomini
i just love how cute edwin is. i want a chinese crested puppy sooooooo bad that i'll punch my boss for one (j.k.) really, i wish i could afford one. and yes, the hair..... reminds me of when i was 18 and my head was shorn in random places. edwin, you are the shiznit!
Mar 1, 2007 Daph
AWWW let them say what they want, I think god's hairstylist does a great punk style doo.
Mar 28, 2007 DawgsROCKmySocks
omg edwin is sssooo cute...i want a chinese crested puppy sssooo bad!!!!

Apr 11, 2007 naomimoore
I love his ears, his paws and his [i]yawn[/i]!
May 8, 2007 Alnedra
May 14, 2007 sandi
I love those ears! The 'hair do' is just darling! Such a cutie pie. His yawn is almost bigger than he is! I like his big friend too, nice sleeping buddies. I lke the last pic-- that face is just adorable!
May 20, 2007 thompsdb
Chinese cresteds are a unique breed - I would love to have one! Fluffy little faces are cute, but they're a dime a dozen. =) These little Dr. Seuss characters have such great personalities and they look like My Little Ponies. Edwin is adorable!
May 22, 2007 sylvanbliss
thompsdb....I've always thought CCs looked like My Little Ponies too! (but cuter)

These are great photos but did you have to wake him up? Pillow head! Really, I love the pink paw pads pic! I'd love to know how this little guy got such a serious name as Edwin?
Jun 4, 2007 essie2121
I wish my Annie wasn't spayed. She and Edwin would have the cutest puppies (she looks exactly like him)
Jun 4, 2007 essie2121
I wish my Annie wasn't spayed. She and Edwin would have the cutest puppies (she looks exactly like him)
Jul 26, 2007 dogluvr234
[color=red] this dog reminds me of cruella devils pooch! wow. [/color]
Aug 7, 2007 Mummm
Edwin is such a cute guy! I love his unusual looks and your creative photos.
Sep 22, 2007 inmemoryofshelby
What a beautiful baby!

My husband loves chinese cresteds.

Hugs and kisses from mine to yours.
Jan 17, 2008 Ixxi
i wish i had a chinese crested hairless! and i really like the paws-pic!! ^^
Jul 15, 2008 ADTirana
the cutest pup EVER.I have a Chinese Crested
Jul 15, 2008 ADTirana
the cutest pup EVER.I have a Chinese Crested
Oct 9, 2008 Mia'sMommy
he looks like a ROCK STAR!! lol he's a cutie pie!!
Dec 5, 2008 georgia04
Edwin has the sweetest little face, and those ears are too much. He's darling. 11 biscuits from me!
Feb 7, 2009 tobyslattery
chinese crested are THE COOLEST dogs in the world! but edwin is definitely the cutest! :)
Sep 7, 2010 tink'smom
I can see that appreciation for diversity of looks amongst dogs isn't big with this gang. Well, Edwin, I appreciate your stellar, unique beauty. You are a handsome, spunky little fellow. I think you're amazing. XXXX
Jan 3, 2011 pelligrino
It looks like someone woke up little Edwin for this photo! Edwin is a great name for this little guy. He is sweet and cute. Have a long, wonderful and healthy life sweetheart!
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