Ella May the Brittany

Puppy Breed: Brittany

My name is Ella May, a nice little girl name, sounds so dainty and cute. And while I'm cute, I'm not dainty. My favorite thing to do is dig a hole in the backyard and cover myself in mud. Then I might run at you full force to give you a big muddy hug. When I'm all tuckered out from digging and chasing my older brother Brady around, I'll snuggle up on your lap and insist you put your hand on me. You see, I may be a tough little cookie in the yard, but I'm a softy when it comes to snuggles. I'm definitely a daddy's girl; he's the best dad because he gives me ice cubes, my favorite treat. Mom is always washing my paws off and rolling her eyes at my leaps and bounds around the living room but I know she loves me too. I've got a pretty good thing going here!