Ellie Bean the Greyhound

Puppy Breed: Greyhound

Ellie Bean's mom says: Ellie Bean came to our family two weeks before Christmas. Her mom became aggressive to the litter and was hurting the puppies. Ellie Bean joined her brothers Peanut and Elton, who have been featured on the Daily Puppy too. Shortly after she arrived, Peanut lost his "mommy bear," so he adopted Ellie. He loves her, protects her, and makes sure she doesn't get into too much trouble. Elton also likes to play with her but he gets a little rough because he is an oaf. Ellie Bean is quite independent. She loves to explore outside and collect leaves and bark. She enjoys her stuffed animals and blankets, which she believes are solely hers. When I came home from traveling she took my suitcase as her personal sleeping quarters and then got upset when I had to leave again, taking "her" suitcase. Ellie Bean sometimes has a little bit of a temper and has thrown some major temper tantrums. She doesn't like to miss out on the action so she gets upset when she can't jump up on the bed. She also doesn't like eating the puppy food and tries to eat the "big dog food" but she can hardly reach the bowls. She is an amazing little puppy and we are so blessed that we could take her into our home.