Eloise the Irish Terrier

Puppy Breed: Irish Terrier

Eloise's mom says: We got Eloise when she was eight weeks old. She came from Vermont where she lived with our best friends and her mother and sisters. She loves to play, and she holds her own with bigger and rougher puppies, especially Sonnie, the pit bull and Zhitan, the Doberman. They roll and bite and run. But when playing is over, Eloise settles down and cuddles on our laps. She is very smart, of course, and picks up on new skills quickly. Our older dog is not well socialized, but she is teaching him---she holds a toy in her mouth in front of him, shakes it a bit, and waits for him to grab on. She could easily run away with it when she wins the tug-of-war, but she patiently holds it in front of him again. Her favorite game is to plunk both of her feet in her water bowl and splash the water out and play in it. When she drinks, she puts her whole face under water and gulps away. Although she has only ventured into water up to her elbows so far, I expect that she will someday get all the way in. All in all, Eloise is an adorable puppy.