Elton and Peanut the Greyhounds

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Elton and Peanut's mom says: We adopted Peanut (black) and Elton (white) after a breeder called us and said he had two greyhound puppies that were dying. He asked us if we wanted them and of course we said yes even through we did not know if they would live. Peanut was only two pounds and Elton, his brother, was four pounds. They came to the family and instantly bonded with their older brother and sisters (all three are ex-racing greyhounds). They would follow them around the house and snuggle with them at nap time. They did survive with little complications and are in reasonably great health now. Peanut is a little bossy man who often hogs all the pillows on the bed. He loves his plastic squeaky turkey leg, peanut butter sandwiches, and watching movies during the day. Elton is the happiest puppy I have ever seen. From the moment he came to the house he was roaching (laying on his back with his legs in the air) and getting his belly rubbed. He loves shoes, reading the newspaper, and running around with a frisbee on his head. They both are spoiled rotten by the family, going on adventures every day to big open fields or to play in the creek. They love living in the country and chasing the geese when they are floating on the river. Our family has never once regretted getting Peanut and Elton, and our vet calls them our "little experiments from heaven."