Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Oct 9, 2008 thathat
Oh she is such a beauty! I love Saint Bernards! Lots of love and biscuits to Fairey!
Oct 9, 2008 jenzspot
She may be a naughty puppy, but she looks like she is having SO much fun!! Many belly rubs and bisquits to you Fairey. You're going to need all the food you can get...LOL
Oct 9, 2008 gallagheranda
Can I have some more please!! Such a beautiful puppy and a lovely name - ENJOY!!
Oct 9, 2008 lalindamore
Smiling puppy and pink paws... What more could you ask for? She's lovely!!
Oct 9, 2008 Holly and Cam
love this dog so much this is one of my faves
Oct 9, 2008 Francy
B E A U T I F U L !!!
Oct 9, 2008 Lab_mum
Fairey you are such a cutie!!! I used to have a Saint Bernard and she was beautiful and very boisterous but very lovable!!! Wishing you many many happy and healthy years as well as all the hugs, kisses, tummy rubs and doggie bikkies in the world sweety!!! Lotsa love from Ange, Max and Chloe xoxoxo
Oct 9, 2008 Beagle109
Fairey is georgeous! She must really brighten your day. Love and hugs to her.
Oct 9, 2008 fritzy
Fairey - what a cuttie you are!!! I can believe that you get into anything you want!!! What a sweet dog you are!!! :)
Oct 9, 2008 terry c
What a pretty, happy girl she is. Many years of happiness with her!
Oct 9, 2008 Zoie's Daddy
Fairey, you are such a sweet baby
Oct 9, 2008 puppyloveforme
Anything good in there, Fairey? I bet there is! Beautiful puppy, what a great breed too. Enjoy!
Oct 9, 2008 sandrahender
Oh MY oh MY oh MY! What a big beautiful cuddlebug! She reminds me of a big fluffy teddy bear! I would love to bury my face in her fur and just give her tons and tons of SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH ES!
Oct 9, 2008 mary v
"FAIREY" is surely not a tiny little fairy! But she sure is a beautiful Saint Bernard! I would love to cuddle with her!! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom
Oct 9, 2008 rialandon
Such a beautiful cuddlesome pup, absolutely adorable. I'm so jealous xxxx
Oct 9, 2008 longislander
I'm in love! She's got to be one of the most beautiful St. Bernard's I've ever seen. We used to have one many years ago, they're wonderful pets. Many happy years with her. Fairey, what a cute name for such a big girl. Adorable!!
Oct 9, 2008 HillCountryGal
Precious! I see a lot of love and loyalty in those eyes. Hope she has a life full of fun and someone to play with her when she wants.
Oct 9, 2008 karczmj
What a happy puppy! She is beautiful! I wish you all happiness for many years to come.
Oct 9, 2008 dholzworth
Wonderful puppy! I hope you have many happy years together. She looks like She could keep you pretty busy!
Oct 9, 2008 LPlumb1963
OMG!!! She is the cutest Saint Bernard I have ever seen. Good luck with your new baby. LOTS OF HUGS & BELLY RUBS!!!
Oct 9, 2008 AbbysMommy
She's a sweetheart! I can tell she's going to be a wonderful friend! Enjoy and joy to all!!
Oct 9, 2008 RayC
What a lovely happy looking girl and what a great name for such a big girl. Many happy years together to you.
Oct 9, 2008 melodious
What a cutie pie. Lots of hugs, belly rubs and biscuits :)
Oct 9, 2008 ckendall
How can this sweet face be naughty???? What fun you must have with this beautiful girl!! Give her belly a good rub from me!
Oct 9, 2008 GwdGma
She is one very pretty girl!! Many happy years together.....and hugs and kisses from me and Sadie!
Oct 9, 2008 rosy
Sweetie!!! Love this face--billions of hugs and biscuits from my boys and me.
Oct 9, 2008 maddiesmom
all the pictures of fairey (great name) are so cute i had a hard time picking one. she is gorgeous. i am so happy to see a different breed!!! first time i see a st bernard. i love this breed. they are so smart and gentle and loyal. and SOFT!!!
Oct 9, 2008 jake's mom
She is just adorable - I just love large breeds, its like having a walking pillow following you everywhere! Best of luck to you all and a long and happy life together!
Oct 9, 2008 mummm
This is not a naughty pup... nope! This is a wonderfully cute pup! :^)
Oct 9, 2008 ollie's dad
She has soulful eyes.
Oct 9, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Fairey is so beautiful. I can't imagine passing up a chance to hug this fluffy, furry, wonderful beauty. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Oct 9, 2008 HeatherB
Feed me is what she seems to be saying there. What a beautiful girl!
Oct 9, 2008 UrsaDad
What a beauty. Like most big dogs, she also seems like an incredible goof. Combined with her beauty and a face that would melt a heart of steel, she's a real winner. My hands would so be rubbing that adorable tummy if I could!
Oct 9, 2008 barbaranne423
How precious is this pup? What a doll!
Oct 9, 2008 corgigirl37
Pretty soon you will be eating more than what fits in that cup!
Oct 9, 2008 doggymommy
Every picture is so wonderful, it was hard to choose. What a doll, she will be great to snuggle with, like a giant stuffed animal!
Oct 9, 2008 shell242
Yay for the BIG doggys! Fairey is beautiful...I love her furry face!
Oct 9, 2008 MazieTess
OMG what a dollbaby!!! sooooo cute!
Oct 9, 2008 bassetmomma
What a sweet face! Lots of belly rubs!
Oct 9, 2008 shellyrini
what a chunka munka? Really really hard to just pick one photo. She is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to just sit and cuddle with her all day long. SHe seems like a very happy girl, and looks like loads of fun. This picture is priceless. She looks so happy and content. LOVE HER> God Bless her for many years to come.
Oct 9, 2008 Puppy Power
Very Sweet Pup!! Love Her!
Oct 9, 2008 doggies4ever
Me,naughty?? How could I be when I am so adorable! Fairey looks like a BIG bundle of love.
Oct 9, 2008 lovemypom
Fairey you are just beautiful!! You are going to be a big girl though! Much happiness to you.
that dog is the most prettist puppy ive ever seen i wish i had one♥
Oct 9, 2008 amyliz
100% adorable and lovable!:D
Oct 9, 2008 lucymom
Fairey, thank you SO much for my first smile of the day! I just want to hug you and feed you lots of treats!
Oct 9, 2008 Beth1226
Of course Fairey is naughty - who could say no to that adorable face???? She is a beauty!!!
Oct 9, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
"Aw, come on! You knew I was a big eater when you got me! What is this bowl all about? A joke maybe?" Fairey is absolutely beautiful! She reminds me of a big stuffed teddy! Many happy healthy years together with big bear hugs and lots of tummy rubs! How about a billion biscuits to fill up this cutie!
Oct 9, 2008 Poltalloch Fiend
"What happened"...she seems to have been taken by surprise in this photo. I love that you have given Fairey an ironic name, how very clever. She is spectacular girl!
Oct 9, 2008 txfatgirl1967
She is Just Beautiful! OMG!! Look at the size of those paws! Awww! Look at that Face!
Oct 9, 2008 stormsamson
Fairey, you are going to be a big bundle of love and joy for your family! I wish you many years of this precious look that you have on your face, lovins and big bear hugs for you.
Oct 9, 2008 lucybee
So cute.She looks like a baby bear.And pretty soon she's going to seem like a grown bear wandering around your house.Love her name!
Oct 9, 2008 Hermie
Now this is a puppy you can snuggle with!
Oct 9, 2008 Yay4Puppies
What a wonderful big ball of fluff! This photo is too cute. All of them make me want to give him a big hug.
Oct 9, 2008 ButtersMum
What an adorable little snuggle muffin! Very pretty girl - and just love those pink puppy toes! Big cuddles to you Fairey.
Oct 9, 2008 Courage's mommy
cute little smiley!!! love HER lotz!
Oct 9, 2008 usfour
They don't come any cuter than this! Big hugs and neck rubs to this gentle-looking little sweetheart - she looks like pure innocence.
Oct 9, 2008 allmyshelties
Boy, I had a hard time picking a picture of Fairey. She is just beautiful. But I do love those pink puppy toes, so this one got me. She's the happiest puppy I have seen and sure to enjoy life to the fullest. What a treasure you have. The best in life to you, your family and your wonderful girrl!
Oct 9, 2008 sdv in slc
Fairey is awesome! So gorgeous!! And what a great name!
Oct 9, 2008 shannon64
I have 2 litters of Saints right now and 3 adults and she is a real beauty 10 biscuits and if you need another let meknow 316-210-0256
Oct 9, 2008 Marsha
She is beautiful, I hav one that is 9 months now and I see her in all these pictures, just rotten but you love them so much!! They are such a joy to have.
Oct 9, 2008 sputnik
AWWW Fairey! You are so beautiful I can't stand it! St. Bernards are such an awesome breed - have fun big Girl
Oct 9, 2008 sputnik
woops, I mean big Girl!
Oct 9, 2008 mikdebluvpups
She is a real beauty!
Oct 9, 2008 wolfgirl66
Fairley is very sweet, beautiful, lovable, adorable and all things wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 9, 2008 Mrs. Gentry
I love naughty puppies, it just makes them cuter. Fairey is a beautiful girl, who will be huge before too long. Enjoy her, I'm sure she is as sweet as she is pretty. Lots of kisses and belly rubs.
Oct 9, 2008 whippoorwill
Very naughty? I don't believe it. Fairey may be a LITTLE naughty, but you can tell that she enjoys every moment of her naughtiness. She looks like the happiest of pups. May you have many happy years to love each other.
Oct 9, 2008 Bowie's Mom
I just want to sink my fingers into that fuzz and pet her forever!!! She may be naughty-but she looks like she's having a ton of fun doing it!!! Much love for Fairey!!!
Oct 9, 2008 KentuckyJim
Fairey- I like the spelling on this big girl's name, pretty much like the old English spelling. Thinking of a St. Bernard named "Fairey" brings a smile to my face. I can always use a smile. Sounds like this girl like to be naughty and carry on like that but I ask you, who could punish a big puppy like this who has such a wonderful and sweet smile, and she must use them a lot for in most of her pictures she's smiling. She's a really good girl. Fairey, I pray the Lord brings you a truly happy, long and plenty-of-fun life on this earth. You're here to make people happy and you have a good start on it already. May you have big places to run, lots of human and puppy friends to love you, 'cause a puppy your size can hold lotsa-lotsa love, and can give it out, too. May you never feel alone, or unhappy or unwanted but always feel that you are the recipient of the love from those around you, this, my big girl, from your ol' Uncle Jim in Kentucky. Live long and love much, Fairey girl! :o)
Oct 9, 2008 KentuckyJim
Shoot! I forgot to put in my choice of your pictures. Here, you look like you've been scolded and are asking forgiveness. Poor, little bitty puppy... Boy, this is really a sweet girl!
Oct 9, 2008 Rickysmom
Happy, happy baby! She's adorable and I love her name. Puppy kisses and belly rubs to you Fairey.
Oct 9, 2008 vorner
What a face!!! Naughty or not, my heart just melts for this angel! I adore her gorgeous face. Long, happy, healthy life to this fluffball! Much love and fun in the years ahead. A million biscuits and tummy rubs too! XOXOXO
Oct 9, 2008 zoesam
Fairey is an adorable girl! What a fluff ball. Many years of happiness with her!!
Oct 9, 2008 taniamorse85
What beautiful big ball of fluff! I absolutely love Fairey's coloring, too.
Oct 9, 2008 adrianhcole
She's beautiful! How can such an innocent looking girl be so naughty?
Oct 9, 2008 piobaire
OH how can you say she's naughty? L@@K at this face? It's the face of an angel. She has innocence written all over it. I bet she's the best snuggler in the whole world. What a lucky person you are to have such a sweetie pie!
Oct 9, 2008 gotta_love_mutts
"Naughty, Me?? Never!" Fairey is so cute!
Oct 9, 2008 ems
Such a pretty biggie girl! I can see why everyone talks to her, she looks like a good listener! Much love and kisses!
Oct 9, 2008 joloane
OMG!!! St. Bernard's are my favourite! She is a beautiful girl. I have one at home and he's quite naughty too! Give Fairey lots of hugs and kisses and belly rubs and biscuits. I just LOVE her!!!
Oct 9, 2008 lalamcgoo
This must be the face Fairey makes after she is naughty. I didnt do it, not me. I'm so cuuuuuuute!!
Oct 9, 2008 kndkira
omg omg omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! she is just adorable i love saint bernards and i love her she is sooooo darn cute please be my freind and or comment on my dogs lucy and pumpkin im kndkira i love u little cutie puppy
Oct 9, 2008 brownspots
am i or am i not just beautiful and yes you are just gorgeous
Oct 9, 2008 LauraW_KS
She is soooooooooooo cute!!! I just love her face, she looks like she gives good smooches!!! 11 bones!!!
Oct 9, 2008 lh9313
So Cute!
Oct 9, 2008 iluvk9s
Oct 9, 2008 lisalisa
What an angel!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL - absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could hug her - I bet she's great to cuddle with. I wish her the best of health and a happy, happy life (with lots of biscuits!)
Oct 9, 2008 karlathom
What a cutie! Looks like a big teddy bear!
Oct 9, 2008 malawi
With that mug you can see why she might get away with stuff! Fairey is a beautiful girl!
Oct 9, 2008 pattycake10948
This puppy is my favorite! His face is so sweet I just want to hug him and snuggle and care for this angel FOREVER!!
Oct 9, 2008 pattycake10948
...Whoops! I mean "her"!! Either way,...ADORABLE!
Oct 9, 2008 Lucy's Dad
GOT KIBBLE? What a cuddle-some bundle of fluff - Have a great life Fairey and don't be too naughty...
Oct 9, 2008 ecpjll
awwww what an adorable dog! I love saint bernards!
Oct 9, 2008 kyladee
Fairey has to have the cutest, most irresistable face I've yet to see. What a sweet little girl. Id love to talk to her.
Oct 9, 2008 anitac
She is beautiful! Hard to pick just one picture. Long life to her.
Oct 9, 2008 doggielvr
You are So Beautiful! I could give you smootches on your nice big nose all day long!
Oct 9, 2008 Brook
I have to agree...she looks like a big teddy bear or a big stuffed animal I would love to give to one of my boys!!
Oct 9, 2008 wellie'smum
Awww...I could never resist that face! Here...take all the buiscuits!!
Oct 9, 2008 lizanne
Oct 9, 2008 FGKZcgy2
Wow. What a fuzzy little guy. You could almost see a little smile on his chubby lil' face!
Oct 9, 2008 xtoopypoopertonx
Fairey seems to be telling us, "This is my good side!" Too cute for words!
Oct 9, 2008 lrobin3
i would love this Girl :)
Oct 9, 2008 bopeep
Fairey, you have such a happy face. I can certainly see why no one misses a chance to talk to you, and I bet you love every word. Hugs, kisses and a box of big biscuits from Kansas.
Oct 9, 2008 suelill
Awwwwwww Fairey you are one big huggable baby - what a huggle bunny. Lots of biscuits and cuddles sweetheart. Enjoy your life - may it be long and healthy.
Oct 9, 2008 drakes' granny
Fairey is an adorable big girl. Who is you friend there? Play nice, have fun and don't outgrow your house. Be kind and love Fairey forever.
Oct 9, 2008 eb8185
Fairey is so sweet, I had trouble picking a photo!! No wonder she's naughty.. with a face like that, she could get away with anything!! Lots of biscuits and kisses for you!
Oct 9, 2008 puppydo
OMG you big puffy fluffy irish ball of love and cuddlesticks I can tell the way you are holding that cup in your mouth you are saying "give me some more food or I'll jump up and attack you!!!" You are SOOOOO cute and you are going to be a big girl too, a big fat hairy bundle of panting fur you big naughty girl!! I think I'm in love with you and I'll give you all the food you need too, so you don't have to carry that empty cup around anymore. You'll always have food with me my big irish rose. Many hugs and biscuits to you dear.
Oct 9, 2008 mauismom
Maui had a big plastic funnel she liked to play with when she was little! What a beautiful puppy!
Oct 9, 2008 Silv3rT3ar
I want more food! haha :D ; she's so cute
Oct 9, 2008 jack-a-tack
So cute! It looks like you are her lord or something! I just love saint benards they are so cute! My great uncle has one an her name is Audrey, (I was named after her) my name was changed to Audrey after she was my first word! My middle name was changed to my birth first name... Havalah! Have many happy years together and keep on lovin'!
Oct 9, 2008 bichonlover
Awww, Fairey is so cute!!
Oct 9, 2008 maddie the dog
Look at those eyes- many belly rubs
Oct 9, 2008 gizmo's mom
Fairery you are beautiful what a sweet face, be happy with your family
Oct 9, 2008 doggieaunt
Love Fairey . . . love her name, too -- sort of makes me think of the Fairy Queen character in Gilbert & Sullivan's "Iolanthe." (Is Fairey a contralto when she "talks"?) As someone remarked earlier, it's no surprise people like to talk to Fairey; she really does look like a good listener who'd let you just cuddle up and tell her all about your bad day (which she would instantly improve by her mere presence). Many tummy rubs, scritches, and biscuits for the magical Fairey!
Oct 9, 2008 bo c
what a gorgeous little big girl!!!!!! lots of luv
Oct 9, 2008 *my4d0gs@recute*
Holy cow! Would love to kiss this one!! Congrats!
Pleeeeease, mom, I really need a tummy rub! And with Farey's soft, furry body, how could anyone resist. Long, easy life to you, Farey, and lots of puppy cookies.
Oct 9, 2008 oaktown girl
Oh Fairey, I want to hug you forever! (And added so quickly to my list of "favorites" it would make your head spin!)
Oct 9, 2008 puppydog
Fairey is so cute! My mom and I love st. bernards, there so cute and cuddly! there one of the most gentilest dogs ever and there very obedient!
Oct 9, 2008 puppy world
shes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo o cute her chubby ness makes her sooooooo adorable i see she shes got two friends at last shes got somone to play with and always not lonley shes fun attletic shes loves exersizing and masageses loves relaxing sleeping and i love her fur coat its huge make sure to brush your fur seveen bicuits
Oct 9, 2008 kittymom
Fairey, elbenty billlionnnn biscuits for you, precious little girl!!!
Oct 9, 2008 HoundPuppies
always smiling!!
Oct 9, 2008 djmc
What a sweet baby. Many happy years together. Hugs and kisses
Oct 9, 2008 tambore
"wanna chat? You betcha." Fairey, you are so beautiful and I know you'll stay that way forever.
Oct 9, 2008 brooklynpanda
Aww Fairey, you are ADORABLE. Wow. What a gorgeous smile. Best wishes to you and your family. 10 million biscuits and belly rubs!!!
Oct 10, 2008 kerryllr
What a beautiful face! Who could not love this Girl
Oct 10, 2008 daphne's mom
What a darling baby! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love and many bisucits to you Fairey!
Oct 10, 2008 tamwise21
She may be naughty but you love her so much lol ....All puppies are naughty. Mine is 3 now and he still thinks he is a puppy and gets away with a lot. Enjoy
Oct 10, 2008 gary
So cute.
Oct 10, 2008 *********
He/she is like a BIG puff ball. This pup is soo cute.
Oct 11, 2008 lynetz2
"hi - my name is fairey and can you come out and play??"- what a happy, beautiful puppy with so much character showing - naughty or not - you wouldn't want to change her in any way - she is adorable - full of love and happiness to give everyone - have fun with you little sweetheart - she WILL get bigger!! :) a ton of biscuits and belly rubs to you fairy!
Oct 11, 2008 shelties4ever
He is a very pretty dog!
Oct 11, 2008 maggiegitz
How can you possibly not love that face? What a sweet puppy. Enjoy many years together. Oh, and how could anything with a face like that be naughty? Surely you jest! Maggiegitz
Oct 12, 2008 krystan
who wouldn't want to talk to me? Just look at this face, i'm irresistable!!
Oct 12, 2008 2pups1kit
I love Fairey! Soooo cute & fluffy! Reminds me, I showed my pup Ori's photo to someone once, & they thought he was a Saint Bernard pup! HA! Not quite, he is grown up now & 35 lbs! Enjoy your gentle giant for many years in good health.
Oct 13, 2008 macysmama1
What a sweetie! My Newfie would love to play with her!!
Oct 13, 2008 Ryczko87
What a happy looking girl!! You are very adorable Fairey!!
Oct 13, 2008 pattikat
She is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could hug the sweet little girl!
Oct 22, 2008 BriannaN25
so cute :)
Oct 25, 2008 Whimsy
Well, Fairey seems like an ideal name since fairies are known to be mischevious!
Oct 28, 2008 Yeatts
I WANT HER!! She is sooooo cute! I love Saints. Ours is about to turn 11 months and he's already 110 lbs! I can't believe how quickly they grow up! Enjoy this size...they are great dogs!
Oct 29, 2008 mukluk2
a darling little girl!! looks like she is smiling for the camera, belly rubs and biscuits for you darling
Dec 7, 2008 jules7
I wish there were more biscuits to give her! she sure is a cutie pie!!!!
Dec 29, 2008 tobyslattery
I would love to give her eleven google biscuits but I can only give her eleven.
Jan 25, 2009 nickjfan4ever123
aww thats so cute
Oct 1, 2009 Sashas Dad
Great looking pup, enjoy her.
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