Faith the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Faith is the newest member of our family. We have all loved watching her grow each day and seeing her new habits. She loves to take walks and as she greets the neighbors with her sweet face, they respond with smiles and gifts of yummy treats. After sleeping soundly in her comfy bed or under one of our beds, she greets us with her sweet, playful eyes and a good morning bark. She loves to play in the yard, finding sticks or watching birds or a playing a game of Frisbee. Then she loves to jump in her little pool and splash around. Whenever we go for a ride in the car, she loves to look at all that is going on and she even has her own bag of treats in the car. Faith loves to be around her family and watches for us to return when we go out or even if we just leave the room. She always greets us with excitement and a request for a belly rub! At night, she loves to jump around in the grass and chase lightning bugs.