Faith the Goldendoodle

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Faith is the newest member of our family. We have all loved watching her grow each day and seeing her new habits. She loves to take walks and as she greets the neighbors with her sweet face, they respond with smiles and gifts of yummy treats. After sleeping soundly in her comfy bed or under one of our beds, she greets us with her sweet, playful eyes and a good morning bark. She loves to play in the yard, finding sticks or watching birds or a playing a game of Frisbee. Then she loves to jump in her little pool and splash around. Whenever we go for a ride in the car, she loves to look at all that is going on and she even has her own bag of treats in the car. Faith loves to be around her family and watches for us to return when we go out or even if we just leave the room. She always greets us with excitement and a request for a belly rub! At night, she loves to jump around in the grass and chase lightning bugs.

Comments (33)
DaveTheDog Jul 6, 2014
Webster's definition of "Faith" is as follows: Complete...

scratch Jul 6, 2014
She is precious. Such a lovely fur baby. Looks so comfy in that car...

ECHOBLIZZ Jul 6, 2014
Cuteness personified! Sweeeeet! Smooches galore PLEEZE!

goldenlover Jul 6, 2014
Fabulous story of a beautiful puppy. Neat pics too.

Kittymd Jul 6, 2014
Good grief. Just tooooo cute.

Newfies Jul 6, 2014
What a sweet baby you are Faith. Such soulful eyes. You are such a...

Abiglen Jul 6, 2014
Faith is a beautiful name for this sweet baby girl:o) oxoxox

spunky Jul 6, 2014
"Don't wake me up unless you have my treats close by"!...

pelligrino Jul 6, 2014
Faith is adorable and a perfect example of why goldendoodles has...

julie55 Jul 6, 2014
What a sweetie pie! Much love is wished for you Faith! XOXOXO

KATZ613 Jul 6, 2014
OMG too precious...many happy tail waggin' years with your family...

Kddid429 Jul 6, 2014
STOP that tickles!!!

mummm Jul 6, 2014
How sweet! Faith is adorable.

daphne's mom Jul 6, 2014
How precious! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

schotime Jul 6, 2014
Faith is the name, precious is her game...

gryt Jul 6, 2014

lucybee Jul 6, 2014
It's obvious there is no such thing as a bad picture of...

pammieann Jul 6, 2014
Be still my heart! Just love everything about this beautiful...

mollyG Jul 6, 2014
That face!!!!! Faith restored by your sweet sweet puppy face! Xoxoxo

Auntie Ace Jul 6, 2014
Faith, Your bio is beautiful. It's obvious that your humans...

Economist Jul 6, 2014
Pretty Baby! You are beautiful Faith and look lovely in your pearl...

The Raven Jul 6, 2014
This is a portrait of The Perfect Puppy!!!! Faith

maltipinfan Jul 6, 2014
What a beauty!

amyliz Jul 6, 2014
Faith, this is one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen on dp. You...

Snowdoggies Jul 6, 2014
Sooooo pretty! What a beautiful little girl!

Snowdoggies Jul 6, 2014
Awnnnn you seem as cuddly as your plush bunny Same color,...

mkesj Jul 7, 2014
Cute pictures. Sounds like Faith has it made with her family. We...

bluegigi Jul 7, 2014
Exhausted from being so cute, but still, rub my belly, please and...

Cindylu001 Jul 7, 2014
Faith, what a charming girl you are, makes me want to cuddle you and...

Adele1 Jul 7, 2014
She is just precious! She reminds me of our little Labradoodle, 15...

nancybatt1 Jul 7, 2014
Faith you are a beauty. I love your sweet face. Your family is so...

lutch Jul 8, 2014
Oh My Goodness--she is a beauty. If you ever want to give her away I...

Glassgirl Jul 10, 2014
Such a sweet face! I just want to hug you and kiss you! Lots of...