Favio the Bichon Bolognese

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Favio's sister says: Favio was three months old on August 7. My sister and I picked him up in Bakersfield, California, five weeks ago and we promptly fell in love on the ride home. He was an amazing puppy on the three-hour ride home, spending most of his time cuddled up with me or my sister, without so much as a yelp the entire time. Since we brought him to his new home, he has fallen in love with his new mom and dad as much as they have fallen in love with him. He's not just a pretty face either; he is an incredibly smart dog. It only took a week's time for him to be housebroken, and he's even figured out his doggy door. When he's not cuddling with his mom or dad, he enjoys runs in the backyard, chasing leaves, playing hide-and-seek, and chewing on his bone. This Italian stallion is an amazing addition to our family!