Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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May 31, 2007 untbunny
What a beautiful baby! I could just eat you up with a spoon. Massive hugs, kisses, and buddha belly pats.
May 31, 2007 teilashook
i have a chihuahua/rat terrier puppy and she looks a lot like your princess fiona! soooo cute! ~teila
May 31, 2007 trendypuppy
I love the one with the stuffed animals and her all lined up! And I love when dogs fall asleep on their backs, my cairns do that frequently! Muah Fifi!
May 31, 2007 saz2121
A perfect little pup - Princess Fiona, very apt! Take good care of that sweet little life!
May 31, 2007 RomanAgent
Those picks were are a true delight.. just the cutest things I've ever seen (o.k., maybe I say that every time I visit this website.. but this time I really mean it.. Honestly! I really do! LOL!)... I bet she gets even cuter with each passing day.. Congratulations on your new addition.. Good luck and God bless from our family to yours...
May 31, 2007 jlh
Thank you for sharing Fifi with us. I nearly cried when I saw her, I have a shih tzu, Max, who is close to the end of his life. I adopted Max from a shelter 8 years ago and never got to see his new baby puppy stage. Fifi looks so much like I imagine my Max must have looked at that age. Again, thank you.
May 31, 2007 puppyluvr
OH MY WHAT A CUTIE!!! She just makes you want to scoop her up and cuddle her!!! Congratulations on your new baby!!
May 31, 2007 Elithil
So adorable, little, pink tongue :D.
May 31, 2007 Elithil
So adobable, little, pink tongue :D.
May 31, 2007 dorie
My Lady a Jack Russel was an only Pup(Mom was 15) She was hand raised and is a mush because of it. she's 7 now and my baby!
Best of luck with this beautiful baby!
May 31, 2007 Terry C
Love the pic of her with the stuffed tigers!
May 31, 2007 Elliegrl
Your puppy is just adorable. I have a ShihTzu that is 3 years old and he is just as much a puppy as the day we got him. You will love having a "Tzu" in your life. They are just precious and become more adorable as time goes on because of their personality. Your Tzu is beautiful, the coloring is so pretty. Enjoy her. Ellie
May 31, 2007 llt214
What a little cutie! I love the picture of her and the stuffed animals...looks like it should be a greeting card! Take good care of your sweet little girl.
May 31, 2007 Tenerife
Ohhhhhhhh!!!! She is so adorable!!!! I love her, is really cute!! You´re lucky. I wish you long time together.
A lot of Kisses from Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain)
May 31, 2007 FRITZY
So precious!!!!!!!
May 31, 2007 daysie
OH MY GOODNESS! What a great thing to see when I came into work this morning. SO CUTE AND OMG PRECIOUS!! :)
May 31, 2007 sue
shes so cute
May 31, 2007 monkey4134
OHH! Our neighbors introduced us to Shih Tzu Cody up close and personal! Then they got Tuff, a miniature Tsu! He is so loving and forgiving! We will have momentos of Tuff from his 2 week stay with us when he was teething! Now they both come to our fence for pats thru the slats! And Fiona was born on my birthday! She is still young in the photos so I will watch for Grown-up Fiona!
May 31, 2007 magnoliasouth
What a sweet baby. You've taken some amazing photos of little Fiona. She won't look like this for long! :)
May 31, 2007 pinky45882
SOoooooooooo cute,,,,love the one with the stuffed animals, talk about a little sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 31, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
I have a shitzhu who turned 6 last sunday,i rescued her from an abusive family when she was 3 so i never got to see her as a puppy, but i'm sure she looked like this beautiful angel fifi they are the same color. god bless this little baby, and thank-you for giving me a chance to see what my little pepper may have looked like!!!!
May 31, 2007 sheron
She's such a CUTIE..... What a lil sweet face......
May 31, 2007 jimandtrishp
I always open the Daily Puppy as soon as I get to work and the puppies make me want to go right back home and play with my "gangsters" as I call my three doggies. Your baby is really adorable and I wish you lots of luck and love with her.
May 31, 2007 Dark Wolf101
this puppy doesnt look older than 2/3 weeks old its eyes isnt even open fully yet! why are you handling it around at this early stage?? yes it is cute but come on how would you like it if you were that old and you were being pushed around and you couldnt even see??
May 31, 2007 TUdawgluvr
It's kind of cute, but it sort of reminds me of a rat baby. I would have just gotten another stuffed tiger.
May 31, 2007 banana
fifi is so cutie..... the most beuatiful puppy in the whole wide puppy world
May 31, 2007 bulldogmom
Oh, wittle pink puppy paws! FiFi is pupperific
May 31, 2007 Waiskai'sMommy
Absolutely tooooooo cute for words!
May 31, 2007 CandaceGatch
I too am a Shih Tzu lover. I currently have two and just recently lost my first one after 12 years of devoted love. They are truely a delight. Fifi is adorable and I know she will be well taken care of. I always say there is nothing like Shih Tzu love!
May 31, 2007 slsipe
She looks like a little peanut! I too have a dog who walks backwards when we pass her treats, just in case we want to stop and give her one!
May 31, 2007 kate4dogs
What a sweet baby!!! How could you keep from cuddling her constantly? Squeeze her for me!!
May 31, 2007 zoozieQ
what an adorable puppy! your little Fifi has beautiful coloring as well!
May 31, 2007 Taiyin
What a muffin. She reminds me of my black-and-white shih tzu when she was a puppy. (People always mistook her for a hamster from a distance because she was so tiny.) Enjoy her!
May 31, 2007 yoliesf
I love the name. She is sooooooo little. How old is she?

I had a puppy that walked backwards. It is soooo silly!!!.

Enjoy that precious dolly!
May 31, 2007 Vaccine_doggie


GREAT PICS THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!11
May 31, 2007 daschundlover135
OMG How can u not totally lover her!!! She is so little!! SHE IS 2 DIE 4!!!!!! :):)
May 31, 2007 Amairka
OH MY GOD ... I can't take it. SOOOOO adorable!!!!!!
May 31, 2007 devgurl00
i have 2 shih tzus myself and just love them to pieces. fifi is just perfect.
May 31, 2007 dogluvagurl
So CUTE! Princess Fiona is a precious little darling! :)
May 31, 2007 mountainfamily
How sweet! She seems to like to spend time on her back! She must be newborn... she's really tiny. My dog is about three years old and STILL backs away from her food like Fiona - only in doing so she drops kibble ALL OVER THE FLOOR!
Enjoy little Fiona -
PS. Don't listen to anyone who says she looks like a rat - the poor dear, she's absolutely adorable!
May 31, 2007 mountainfamily
CUTE! :)
May 31, 2007 sams*mom
Aww, little woogums, she finally opened her eyes! What a cutie, especially with the two stuffed toys.
May 31, 2007 sandrahender
Oh my dear God! How I love this baby! I have a Shihtzu....her name is Foofee and she is 13~! I just spent the last 10 weeks in total fear over her.
It was time for Foofee's annual exam. When the vet did the bloodwork, he called me that night at home and told me that her calcium was up...not super high, but high enough to be very concerned. He told me that when a dog has a high calcium reading, it means that there is a cancer...either a Lymphoma, or an Anal Gland tumor. I was just crushed and shocked because Foofee hasn't been sick at all...she runs and plays like she is still a puppy. He checked it every two weeks for 10 weeks, and it went up, then finally started to come down, and she still had no symtoms of cancer. So this last time, the vet performed an additional test. He checked her parathyroid hormones. If she had cancer, a "parathyroid LIKE hormone" would show up. It didn't show up! Foofee's Parathyroid hormone test was NEGATIVE. It was perfectly NORMAL. I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my back. All I had been doing for 10 weeks was praying and bawling at the thought of losing my precious Foofee. She is only 13 and that is not old for her breed. I was so happy to hear this; and he told me he still wanted her to come back in two weeks just for another calcium level, to see if it was still dropping. He said it should be dropping because now he felt sure that the elevated readings were due to the fish oil. The only thing about vitamin D is, that it gets deposited in the FAT and can take a very long time to leave the body, and that is why she was still getting high readings. Well, that level was done last night. I was too keyed up to drive home and wait for his call, and the test takes about 15 minutes to run. It was already 6pm and that is the time they close, but he told me I could stay and wait while they ran the test. He came out all smiles 15 minutes later. Foofee's calcium level is now at 12.2 !!! So, her elevation of calcium was due to the fish oil and NOT cancer!!! I feel as though I've hit the lottery. I know they don't live forever, but I just felt that God wasn't ready for Foofee just yet, and that this elevation just HAD to be due to something other than cancer. I was so relieved, all I could do was hold her and cry.
You will LOVE having a "Tzu" in your life. Foofee is the first and only one I have but I will always have a Tzu. Foofee acts like she's a puppy...still runs and plays and bites her Brittany brother on the butt, and you would never know her age by looking at her. That is why I knew in my heart she couldn't have cancer. My vet said he "has been proven wrong in the past", but that calcium elevations almost always mean cancer. When he got the final resutls, he came out, knelt down to Foofee on the floor, picked up her paw, and shook it saying "Congratulations old lady! It looks as though you're going to be with us for awhile yet!"
May 31, 2007 sandrahender
I just noticed in my comment, I had not explained about the fish oil, lol. Before Foofee's exam, about a month before, I had been giving her fish oil to help her dry skin on her coat at the vets recommendation. So when he told me he felt she had a cancer due to the calcium level being so high, I remembered about the fishoil as that was something new I had been doing. My vet said it was possible that the fishoil was causing the elevation...because fishoil contains a lot of VITAMIN D....and Vitamin D in a dog will make the calcium levels RISE. So I just felt it had to be due to that and not cancer. Plus, every two weeks, he felt her very carefully and could not feel any enlargement of the lymph nodes nor could he find anything in the anal area. He told me it could be dieatary reasons for the rise in the calcium but that the more likely cause was cancer. That was why he performed the additional hormone rule out once and for all the possibility of cancer. He hadn't done that in the beginning because it is a very expensive blood test and he wanted to wait and just see what the calcium tests would show every two weeks first. I have been so relieved and happy at the final outcome over this, that all I can do is hold her and hug and kiss her every day. She is my heart. You will love your little Tzu to know end. Enjoy that sweet baby and give her tons of kisses and hugs for me!
May 31, 2007 BTLabs
Adorable! In the first few pictures she looks just like a Boston Terrier puppy.
May 31, 2007 vaishakbelle
simply incredible
May 31, 2007 anniebabes52
What a cutie! she makes you want to give her hugs and kisses!
May 31, 2007 GOLDENPUP
May 31, 2007 Judi
How incredibly sweet. I would love to hold her & play with her. The pictures are so great & warmed my day. Take special care of your beautiful baby!
May 31, 2007 Chiefsfan
This adorable 'princess' is going to be an amazing 'Queen' someday!!! Lots of puppy kisses to her!
May 31, 2007 Sandra
What a darling and she has napping down to a science. I bet she likes to snuggle too.
May 31, 2007 Bobbie
Wow, and that says it all! I want to just hold her and snuggle her and kiss her. She reminds me of my one little terrior mix when she was a baby. She was/is black and white! was reading the comment by the lady who thought her pup (13 years young) had cancer. God bless you for all the worry you went thru and thank Him that everything came back negative! I have lost 5 dogs to one form of cancer or another, four of them greyhounds. So believe me, I know what you went thru and so glad that your outcome was much more pleasant than mine. All I can say, is love your little furbabies with all your heart, they are such a precious gift from God.
May 31, 2007 bopeep
I love the later pics. She looked too young and did not seem to be too aware or alert, just sleeping. Hugs and kisses to you FiFi.
May 31, 2007 lovanamals
fifi, your sooooo cute! i love you! lov the teddy bear pics!
May 31, 2007 sewgranny54
Shame on the person for saying Princess Fiona looks like a rat. What a horrible thing to say. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. This little furbaby is just adorable. I love the picture with the stuffed animals. I had a black and white Shih Tzu named Studley. He was rescued by some vet techs from an abusive home and I ended up with him when he was about 3 years old. I became Studley's "Grandma". I had previously lost my Brittany, Shannon, to cancer and was so heartbroken. I couldn't imagine myself with another dog until Studley came into my life. I fell in love with my little "Grandson". He passed away over a year ago at age 10 and I want another Shih Tzu SO BAD. At the present, I live with a relative and she won't allow me to have another pet. When I get my own apartment or home, you better believe, I will have another Shih Tzu. They are the most wonderful breed of dog. Make sure to give your sweet Princess Fiona, love and kisses everyday. Make the most of each day you have with her. Please keep us updated as she grows older. I WISH SHE WERE MINE. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.
May 31, 2007 lovanamals
soooooooooooooooooooooooo cut love her give her a kiss for me!!!!
May 31, 2007 lovanamals
May 31, 2007 susannajon
I had the cutest little Shih Tzu when I was a little girl. His name was Wiglaf and he was my heart. The sweetest gentlest dog with such a sense of humor. I got him when he was just 6 weeks old for Chistmas when I was 7, and he was my constant companion and friend for 15 years. Your Fifi so much reminds me of Wiggy. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your sweet baby.
May 31, 2007 lotsapets
What a sleepy, dear little girl !!
It would be nice to see photos of her when she is grown up, too.
May 31, 2007 dottiejean28
My Dottie Jean looked exactly like fiona at that age...I've had Dottie Jean for a year this coming Sunday...she is a 14 month old white and black circus clown! Tzu's are just sooo loyal...My favorite is of your fiona with the stuffed animals...and it is FINE to hold a pup at the 3 week stage...they will get used to people better....they never out grow the lying on the back getting choked up...i remember holding Dottie the whole 6 hour trip back to NJ from Pennsylvania where her breeder was...she was looking just like fiona on her back...she slept on her back the entire time...when she was trying to sniff me
May 31, 2007 Puppies_R_Me
OMG! 2 cute!!!!!!!!!! loved it!!!!!!!!1
May 31, 2007 fifi
my names fifi
its kinda weird thers a dog called fifi
when i was obviously born first tut tut lol
May 31, 2007 Lydia
She's so cute and small! Does she ever NOT sleep? Awww....
May 31, 2007 wyldegirl
What a doll!!! She sure is a sleepy little gal isn't she? I love the one with the stuffed animals with her...she looks just like one of them. Oh and the one where it looks like she is actually smelling the flower!! Too Cute! :)
May 31, 2007 llisa66
What a doll !!! I love the Shih Tzu !!! Keep us posted.
May 31, 2007 rdimonte
What a gorgeous little puppy Fifi is. Those sleeping pictures of her are to die for. The one with the stuffed animals is just too precious for words, & I love the one with the blanket over her head. Does she do anything except sleep???? She looks so peaceful & content. I hope Fifi lives a very long time, & I hope you give her all the attention that is due her.
May 31, 2007 Annie03
A very precious living doll. How grand tho art. Take good care.
Enjoy always.
May 31, 2007 pauleenm
what a cutie~! She's so tiny.
May 31, 2007 kmg314
"this puppy doesnt look older than 2/3 weeks old its eyes isnt even open fully yet! why are you handling it around at this early stage?? yes it is cute but come on how would you like it if you were that old and you were being pushed around and you couldnt even see??"

Notice how no one replied to this comment. Give it up. Obviously this person is the owner of the parents and the puppy as well. It's not as if the breeders gave this pup up at 2 weeks. I see no problem with handling the puppy. Human babies can't see well at birth and they are 'pushed around' all the time. Lighten up. The puppy is gorgeous, and I don't even care for Shih-Tzus much, but Fiona is a doll! Something about the fact that she is the only pup of these parents tugs at my heartstrings. Good luck!
Jun 1, 2007 shortysmom
I love the picture with a proud parent in the background. A nice family portrait.
Jun 1, 2007 horseybabe89
She is the cutest thing i have ever seen. you couldnt tell she is a puppy.
Jun 1, 2007 hartmom
Adorable! I love Shih Tzu's. Just got my 3rd one. They are so sweet. Take care of that precious little one.
Jun 1, 2007 puppy*power
She is so cute.
Jun 2, 2007 goldenlove87
oh my God, what a BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! she is so adorable!!!!!
Jun 2, 2007 roxy101
I just want give you a big hug!!!!! you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... adorable!
Jun 2, 2007 riley5747
she is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!! she looks like a toy puppy
Jun 2, 2007 vllybllstar
how can a puppy b that small and cute! i <3 it that her eyes r closed then slowly open in the later pictures. omg omg omg!!! :D
you have a special prize...treasure her!
Jun 3, 2007 rkincaide
She is so little and cute you can't help but love her.
Jun 3, 2007 ssj03
mm..she's okay. i give her 5 biscuits.
Jun 4, 2007 Apple
You are sooooo little and cuuuuuute puppy!!!Be happy with your family!!!:-):-)
Jun 4, 2007 Apple
You are sooooo little and cuuuuuute puppy!!!Be happy with your family!!!:-):-)
Jun 4, 2007 Fox
Awww, sooo cute!! Reminds me of mine when he was still a baby. So Sweet!!!
Jun 4, 2007 tambore
Fiona, the best is yet to be and you are it!

Tell Mom to send some photos when you are really into puppyhood.

A hundred biscuits for you.
Jun 5, 2007 jenjones2121
Aww what a little sweetie! She looks like a mini panda bear! So sweet and innocent! Gotta love the puppies!
Jun 5, 2007 peewee
I honestly think that she is one of the cutest dogs ever
Jun 5, 2007 peewee
I honestly think that she is one of the cutest dogs ever
Aug 21, 2007 savon19
I'm sure you must be a nice person - but did you HAVE TO kill us with Cuteness???

I'm gasping for breath over here.
Nov 1, 2007 Cavyclan
AAwwwww! Snoopy!!! what a little cutie doll XXXXX a thousand lil nose kisses XXX
Apr 5, 2008 Maceysmom
OH MY, this little angel looks just like my little baby Macey did at that age. A ton of kisses for your baby. May you have many precious years with your little girl!!!
Apr 6, 2008 Drakes' Granny
They just don't get any better that this. SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
Glad she still has her Mom & Dad and you to love her...
Many biscuits for you to share with Mom & Dad. They are very proud of you, I'm sure.
Aug 6, 2008 SexiLexi
he is cute i just want to bring him home with me
Aug 8, 2008 rtharve
He is so furry and adorable! so cute!!!
Aug 24, 2009 *kcdoglover*
This pictrure is so funny!I LOVEit!And Fifi is just so so cute!:)
Oct 17, 2009 iluvmypuppy101
haha so cute!!!!
Dec 28, 2009 oopsidaisy absolutely adorable!
Jan 16, 2010 solemn vows
I lost Mapple this morning at 500am January 17,2010.....sad=(
Jan 16, 2010 solemn vows
hi there little one=)
Jan 16, 2010 solemn vows
hi there little one=)
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