Finley the Rottweiler Mix

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Finley's mom says: Finley is a rescue dog who we adopted through a local rescue group. At five weeks, his original name was Fisher due to the state in which he was rescued. He had a bass lure caught in his mouth and a trebble hook in one of his feet. The shelter guys tried cutting the barbs off to get the one out of his mouth out, but the lure was too big so he had to be taken to the vet and sedated to remove the hooks. Since adopting him we have renamed him in honor of the stadium where our favorite college football team plays. He brings so much love into our little home and we can't imagine a day without him. We love his hiccups and his little burps. He has learned to fetch and sit very well, and potty training is coming along. He is gaining more and more weight and although he is obviously a rottie we can't decide what he is mixed with. (Shepherd? Lab?) Finley loves playing in the dewy grass in the morning to the point where he flops down and likes to be pulled across the grass so his belly gets wet. Our little man also loves the beach and playing in the sand but is equally happy napping all day in the air conditioning.