Finnigan the Newfoundland Mix

Puppy Breed: Great Pyrenees / Newfoundland

Finn has a sweet temperament. He gets along with his two brothers, Chubs and Boots (2 orange tabbies), and gently plays with them. This little furball of love is so smart! At 9 weeks old, he has the potty thing down and sits on command waiting patiently for a treat. He loves dish towels! He'll pull them off the fridge handle and run off with them. He loves going for walks around the block, and playing in his little pool. Since he is quite fluffy due to the thick coat, he loves laying in the bathroom where the cold tiles keep him cool while napping. Finn also loves being held, and while I'm driving he has to place his fluffy head on my arm. We are so in love with Finnigan! He is everything we've wanted in a dog! A gentle giant with soulful eyes.