Friday, July 25, 2014
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May 3, 2008 lovemyschnoodle
What a sweet little chunk!!!
May 3, 2008 CooperNoelle
Looooooove this shot! She wants him to play!
May 3, 2008 pixiegal262
" tips over when I do that..." LOVE the ear freckles on your squidgy little baby. I just wanna squoosh around that adorable little face :)
May 3, 2008 av617
Is she a Fifi? Either way, the name definately suits her, what a gorgeous girl!
May 3, 2008 Southpaw
This is EXACTLY the expression my nephew (and my sister; his mother) gives when he zones out XD. She's adorable! I wanna snuggle her.
May 3, 2008 joycie237
oh my gosh! she is so cute! i wuv her
May 3, 2008 oaktown girl
All the pictures are ADORABLE!! I think my favorite is the one at the very top (which we can't "choose"). Anyway, I just want to hug her forever and ever and ever! (So give her some hugs from me, please!)
May 3, 2008 arianbrightside
aww. so cute!! love that she's all white.
May 3, 2008 elbee
You wanna play - huh - huh? - you wanna play - come on - pleeeeaseeeeeeeee! What an adorable girl! Dotty ears, huge dark eyes and the most inquistive face. I just love her! 11 Biscuits for sure!
May 3, 2008 Ange2809
Wow she's such a cutie!! Many many hugs, kisses and doggy biscuits for you Fiona! xoxo
May 3, 2008 LPlumb1963
AWWWH!!! She is so cute. Fiona, many happy years ahead of playing and cuddling. LOTS OF HUGS & BELLY RUBS!!!
May 3, 2008 giorgixita
she is beautiful!!!!
May 3, 2008 rondog
Absolutely perfect! Love all of the pictures and the name of course. Tons of biscuits to you little Fiona girl!
May 3, 2008 romans839
I've never wanted to take one of the dogs from this site before. She is too cute! I know you must enjoy her a great deal GOD bless your family.
May 3, 2008 randomearrings
Fiona is an absolute doll! Just beauiful, I love her! Pick her up and give her a huge kiss and cuddle from me! 11++++ biscuits and more! xx
May 3, 2008 Pets-We-Love
A little ball of love!! Gotta rub that belly!
May 3, 2008 maywee
I LOVE HER!!! What a cutie, just want to smoosh her, love that chubby little body! many many years of happiness with each other!
May 3, 2008 JohnnyDeppLuver
Look at that smile wat an adorable little pup 11 biscuts cutie!
May 3, 2008 JohnnyDeppLuver
i couldnt help but comment on this little guy again this pic is 2 cute 2 awww stay cute little guy
May 3, 2008 maplestreetclocks
Well hello Fiona. It's nice to meet you too! What a sweet girl.
May 3, 2008 arnie
fiona you gorgeous OH YES
May 3, 2008 mummm
What a CUTE little girl! I love her spotty ears and smooshy face.
May 3, 2008 mary v
Oh MY God!!! Check her out!! You must be thrilled with her. She will be so "ugly" as she gets bigger! A face to love!! She is one beauty. You are so lucky to have her! -Bucky and Bailey's Mom
May 3, 2008 garcia hates me
"Celtic" isn't a language. Bulldo gs rock though!
May 3, 2008 pug
May 3, 2008 malawi
I just love her! She's wonderful and adorable. A winner in every photo. She has a beautiful and very expressive face.Enjoy her for many years.
May 3, 2008 mymy97
what a cuttie.....
May 3, 2008 pupsiluv
Wow Fiona you are beautiful!! I haven't been here for awhile but when I saw your kissable face, I just had to come back!! New? format and everything? Thanks for making my day you sweet baby!!
May 3, 2008 NOLACJ
BEAUTIFUL!! Our two english bulldog children were the best companions ever. They were very obedient and loved to "dress up". Yes, in case you weren't aware, bulldogs love to wear costumes, hats, sunglasses, etc. Their personalities are superb! Can't say enough wonderful things about the breed. Just keep those ears and face creases clean and a bath once a week...she's good to go. Thanks for sharing your precious baby's pics.
May 3, 2008 whippoorwill
Fiona, Dottie...whatever you may have named her...LOVE is what you have!
May 3, 2008 judithvick
Fiona is a very special sensitive soul. It shows in her photos and that is precious! Give her lots of love and attention and she will return all of it in spades......
May 3, 2008 annieb
May 3, 2008 grtpeke
"Hey Teddy, wake up! Ya wanna go play!? Huh?! C'mon!" What an adorable sweeheart you have there. Bullies have the best "smiles." Eleventy zillion biskits for you!
May 3, 2008 djmc
Don't you just love me , soooooooo sweet enjoy your new baby 11 biscuits
May 3, 2008 doxiedude
Look at that cute paw.Look at thows wrinkles. She is so cute.
May 3, 2008 kenna724
That is a precious picture. It looks like she is inspecting the stuffed animal. 11 doggie biscits for you!!!
May 3, 2008 skeeze_in_belize
I love the polka dots! Just adorable. What a pretty girl :)
May 3, 2008 mcbeth
She is a doll. Our Bully has the spotted ears.
May 3, 2008 bullys2mom
Ooooo, look at the little pudgy tum-tum. I want to snuggle & smooch & hug & take her home with me. I believe Fiona is my very FAVORITE of all on The Daily Puppy.
May 3, 2008 zoerosesmom
May 3, 2008 terry c
One of my favorite breeds. THIS little lady is SO cute, it hurts!
May 3, 2008 ursa'smomma
Between this pic and the album #5, this little gurl has the "But I've always been needing a snack..." look down. She is just cute, cute, cute!
May 3, 2008 Bella & Henry's Mum
She is beautiful! She is so cute, it finally pushed me to register so I could comment! Lots of treats and tummyrubs for you. I have 2 pugs now and am getting a bulldog at the end of the year! Fiona makes me wish it was sooner. PS FYI, yes Celtic is a language, an ancient one at that, but it is one.
May 3, 2008 fritzy
Well Miss are very cute!!! I want to give you hugs right now!!! :)
May 3, 2008 lucielu
May 3, 2008 bucklesnbows
What a girl! She wants to play! Never seen one marked as lovely as her and love those ears. Lots of biscuits and belly rubs to that round tummy!
May 3, 2008 DaisyandMe
What an adorable puppy! I added the Daily Puppy to my blog and Fiona was featured today! She looks like she is just waiting for a friend to play with!
May 3, 2008 caraschotch
Oh! I just want to eat her up with a spoon! Is she deaf? So many white dogs are... Hope you have many wonderful years with your darling Fiona.
May 3, 2008 pamfontainepeters
What an adorable little girl! She's just wonderful. Biscuits and bunches of bulldog bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
May 3, 2008 usfour
Fiona, you are a pudgy litle ball o'love - just as cute as the teddy bear you are pawing. Puppy hugs and ear scratches to you! :
May 3, 2008 kat96
she is gorgeous!! i have always loved bulldogs! cuddles+biscuits+kisses=love for you !! XXX
May 3, 2008 lynna
Fiona is absoloutly gorgeous. In this picture, she looks like she is pondering the meaning of life. Love her!
May 3, 2008 redjasmin147
She is absolutely gorgeous, I just love her - and those fantastic ears. xxx
May 3, 2008 ladydi48
Ah come on, lets play!!! What an adorable little girl, enjoy and love her for many years to come. A million cookies to you Fiona
May 3, 2008 bopeep
It just doesn't get any cuter than this. Fiona is a beautiful girl with personality plus coming out of that face. Bulldogs have the sweetest personalities. Hugs, kisses and a box of biscuits from Kansas.
May 3, 2008 moscar
She is so adorable. I cant wait till we get ours. But it will be worth the wait to find the right one for us. But she is just so sweet. Enjoy every moment with her.
May 3, 2008 Kristen47
what a face! so cute :)
May 3, 2008 julia walton
Love those dotty ears and that beautiful expression - big kisses to Fiona :x
May 3, 2008 summerday
she is so cute. and her ears are adorable.100000 doggie cookies
May 3, 2008 flashsma
Fiona is just cute as a bug! Thanks for sharing her with us!
May 3, 2008 pooh91158
All these pix are precious!!! It was a major "awwww" moment, though, when I got to this last one!
May 3, 2008 maddiesmom
i have the same toy!!! fiona is such a great name for a fabulous girl
May 3, 2008 tsc123uk
How cute is she!!!! I want she (please)
May 3, 2008 vestal
she is so adorable!
May 3, 2008 doglover39
awww, this is the cutest pic ever! lovely dog. :)
May 3, 2008 guido's mama
Fiona is a little treasure pup pup. Enjoy life!
May 3, 2008 wellie'smum
So much personality in that sweet face!!
May 3, 2008 doodlesmom
Such a little punkin! What a cutie.. Zillions of biskits and tummy rubs for this sweet baby.
May 3, 2008 XiaoWen
Hi Fiona, I want to play with you, too!! :D
May 3, 2008 amyliz
Oh Fiona, your pictures make me smile!You are very cute and you sound like a real character!
May 3, 2008 cutiepie108
OMG!! that must be the CUTEST bully i've EVER seen!! omg soo cute!! love the polka-dots!!!!
May 3, 2008 Casey's mom
A face you just gotta love!! Wonderful pup, with what sounds like a great disposition. Many happy times with her!
May 3, 2008 lrulan
What a sweet, little bully-girl. Many happy years to both of you.
May 3, 2008 drakes' granny
Polka-dots on the belly too. But I think your name, Fiona, is much prettier and more fitting. So Fiona, don't let that stuffed animal get away! Many biscuits for a sweet little girl.
May 3, 2008 lucybee
What a pretty girl she is! I love this picture.And I love her name.BTW there most certainly is a Celtic language. Give her a hug and kiss from Georgia USA.
May 3, 2008 jlenski
Bulldogs are my absolute favorite and Fiona is a perfect example of why! Love the polka-dots and love your sweet wrinklely girl! Best wishes for a great life together!
May 3, 2008 countryflicka13
Oh my gosh, my jaw dropped when I saw her... what a cutie!!! I absolutely love all the bulldog breeds and the puppies especially. Good luck with Fiona!
May 3, 2008 andinutza
This baby girl is so adorable...I can't belive how sweet she can be!!! In this picture she looks like she's trying to talk to you!! She is the cutest baby dog I've ever seen!!!
May 3, 2008 caraschotch
Yes, there is a Celtic language--- it's Gaelic. Celts are the people, and Celtic describes things or attributes of the people, and the "Celtic language" is called Gaelic. Scots Gaelic, Irish Gaelic etc. HTH
May 3, 2008 melinda cox
what a sweetheart. that face makes my heart melt.
May 3, 2008 chaos_my_beloved
She is just gorgeous! What a cute little chunky-monkey!
May 3, 2008 deedee23
I just love her! She looks like an adorable toy too.
May 3, 2008 gracie and her mom
your Fiona is just beautiful. thought she might be named after Shrek's Fiona. Either way, she is just a cute little chunk of puppy. A gazillion biscuits for Fiona.
May 3, 2008 bonbon1122
Fiona loves her
May 3, 2008 puppyluv6969
oh sure, these are cute and all but there is a certain lack of belly pix, and lets be frank here, that's what we're all here to see. : )
May 3, 2008 puppyluv6969
more belly plz
May 3, 2008 gizmo's mom
She is just too precious
May 3, 2008 muttlover
I love the ears! So pretty and unique. She is adorable. Many hugs for Fiona. 11 biscuits of course.
May 3, 2008 jen110103
Such a beautiful little girl!! LOVE the polka dots!! The picture of her here with the toy is soo adorable! Enjoy her!! :D
May 3, 2008 puppy world
she is soo cute 3 bisiuts his eyes r adorable and hes very curios about the toy
May 3, 2008 lotsapets
Fiona is an adorable little dog......she reminds me of a "Chunky" candy bar, as is just as sweet !!!
May 3, 2008 lotsapets
Oops !! "and is just as sweet !!" is what I meant to say.............!!
May 3, 2008 Ilovewalter
She is the cutest thing ever playing with her stuffy toys!
May 3, 2008 mh
That tummy and her polka dots are just too cute. Have fun with her. She will provide you with a lot of laughs and they do make lots of funny noises at both ends. Too cute.
May 3, 2008 laughatlantis
The essence of adorable!!
May 3, 2008 ollie's dad
Good luck with your bulldog. Make sure you use sunscreen on her when whe is outdoors. She sure is sweet.
May 3, 2008 chammi
What an adorable little girl. Love this picture. Many happy years with Fiona.
May 3, 2008 allimarie
Her ears are killing me softly with their song!
May 3, 2008 furball
So VERY CUTE!!!!! I hope the rabbit played with her. Cheers
May 3, 2008 K-dog
adorable your so lucky to have a precious like that!!!!!
May 3, 2008 puplvr01
awww Fiona is sooo friend has a english bulldog n shes fiesty..
May 3, 2008 honeypie
Fiona is gorgeous!!!! Millions of biscuits for her!
May 3, 2008 dede
Awwwww! Fiona is absolutely adorable! Love the unique ears!
May 3, 2008 doggymommy
Fiona is too cute. She loves her stuffy!!!
May 3, 2008 animalqn
Mushy is just the perfect word to describe this delicious bit of puppy love!!
May 3, 2008 NewPup
Aww... My sweet Holly had a squishy stuffed pup just like Fiona's here! I love how you picked Fiona's name, VERY good choice! Many's a doggy named Dottie, but "Fiona" is a rare and wonderful pick, indeed, just like FiONA herSELF iS! lol She's aDORable! ENJOY!
May 4, 2008 boobeth420
what a bully puppy!!! you're so lucky!!!
May 4, 2008 Tara_Lee
I dont really like bull puppies! But yours is adorable! so cute!
May 4, 2008 corriedaboxers
What a cute Bull puppy. many happy years together, 11 bisuits.
May 4, 2008 sadie1
Hes so cute!I wish he was my teddy bear!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxox
What a cutie! I love the next to last picture. You can just tell that she's saying "Can we stop taking pictures and play, please?!" You have a beautiful little girl.
May 5, 2008 k9ncats
What a love bug! I hope you have many many years together.
May 5, 2008 Lil'Bean
Aw, I love Bulldogs - and she is no exception! Major cutie!
May 5, 2008 tsuki's mom
I love her. She's the cutest!
May 5, 2008 tamwise21
What a cute puppy. I just want to go to bed and snuggle with her. Have a great and happy life Fiona.
May 5, 2008 Lilli2
Oh good heavens! She is so adorable!
May 5, 2008 Chandlersmom
Love it! She's a real sweetie!
May 5, 2008 Zelda
Fiona, I love your polka dotted ears!
May 5, 2008 4pointersmom
Oh Fiona I love you. My dream has always been to have a bulldog to love. You have my heart sweetie!!! Gracies mom
May 5, 2008 sjh
What a pretty little girl. This picture just caught my eye as the favorite. i think it is the look on her face.
May 5, 2008 Rickysmom
What a precious puppy! You just gotta love that face.
May 5, 2008 zootiesmom
She's an absolute love. Our boston terrier is snorty and mushy too and we just love it!
May 5, 2008 bri
She is the cutest thing ever! I just wanna kiss her face off!
May 5, 2008 honeypup
"You think I tore up the sofa?????" such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl!!!
May 5, 2008 clemency
So cute! I love how you can see her little teeth in this picture.
May 5, 2008 piobaire
OMIGOD....Fiona is the definition of cute! Those spotty ears and and that sweet little face! What a doll!
May 5, 2008 lisalisa
How gentle Fiona is. What an angel.
May 5, 2008 molly273
AAAAaaw...cutie pie!
May 6, 2008 howiesmom
What a sweetie! Lucky You!!
May 6, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
not only is she adorable, so is her name!!!
May 6, 2008 mgsande7
I love her! She can't take a bad picture!
May 6, 2008 denawolves
Princess Fiona! and where,pray tell, is your hubby Shrek- out killing dragons, perchance?!
May 6, 2008 LoveMyPittBeagle
She's beautiful! I love bull dogs ;)
May 7, 2008 mhazan
Fiona is such a sweet Bullie!!!! I love her almost as much as my Bullie!!!
May 13, 2008 XxNatsyxX
Awwww she is so sweet!
May 13, 2008 jkyungsonya
Fiona, you have such a sad face, and it makes you look adorable! I love your puppy-dog eyes, I bet they work magic on your owners!
May 15, 2008 puppydog
AWW wat a cutie, she loves stuft animals just like me and my dog! How adorable.
May 17, 2008 soumayasmommi
I promised my hubby he could get a white bulldog when he comes home from Iraq - he LOVES bully's. Fiona reminded me why I agreed. What a cutie pie!
May 18, 2008 rozee9893
What a cutie! :)
May 18, 2008 soccerchick08
She is sooo cute! I have an all brown with a little white and these guys have the best personality. I absolutly love her freckles on her ears! Sooo adorable!
May 21, 2008 warrior princess
Aw c'Mon Bunny let's play catch!!!She is soooooooooooo super Sweet! Fiona many hugs and kisses from me and my "Yorkie Brigade"
May 31, 2008 cutie08
Jun 7, 2008 mydexy
She is such a sweetie!!! I hope you live a long and happy life with her.
Jul 29, 2008 Doglover14
fiona is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 8, 2009 lilywily88
lil puppy play cute
May 20, 2009 ilovelagottos
hopefully she stays so white and cute!! i love the ears!! she looks very energetic! good luck! :D
Jan 11, 2012 JanW
"Come on, friend...wake up! It's PLAY TIME!" Fiona is too cute and looks just as sweet! Love and tummy rubs to you, little girl....
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