Flok the English Cocker Spaniel

Puppy Breed: English Cocker Spaniel

Flok's mom says: Flok was born on the 5th of September. He has six brothers and sisters, and he's been living with us for two weeks. We went to choose our puppy when he was barely three weeks old. He was so tiny and was laying in Dries's palm. I (Annelies) was holding a black one in my hands. He was the only brown one and he was looking so lovely towards us... and it seemed like he was ours already. We were in love immediately! So sorry for the black one because he looked very sweet too, but it was love on first sight! :o) We like our puppy so much because he looks very cute and he's so sweet. He's pigheaded but at the same time so funny! He loves to eat the newspaper he should pee on. Biting things is one of his favourite hobbies at this time, so once he tried the electrical cord, and because now he knows that he's not allowed, he even loves it more! (We urgently have to find something to put it all away!) When he's doing "forbidden" things, he's looking secretly in our direction to see how we will react and then he tries it carefully again. So funny sometimes, but we have to keep a straight face! After his last vaccination, he will go to school to make him a nice and compliant dog!! So now he still has some time left to be a airy-fairy pup! Greetings from Dries and Annelies and a paw from Flok! To see more of the adorable Flok, check out his Web page.