Foxie the Pomeranian

Puppy Breed: Pomeranian

Foxie's mom says: Foxie is a very energetic puppy and loves to run around in big circles in the backyard. She has a big sister, Shelby, our 110-pound Chow / Shepherd mix and a big brother, Jack, our spaniel mix. She is very mischievous. She likes to wait until the two dogs are lying down resting then she pounces on them and barks at them to get them to play with her. She loves to find paper and rip it to shreds. She has found her place on my pillow at night, lying right above my head, and when she decides it's time to wake up, she bites on my fingers or toes. Everywhere we go, she becomes the center of attention, and she loves every second of it. We love her so much; she has brought so much fun into our house.