Gertrude the St. Bernard

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Gertrude says: "Hello to all of you nice people who like to look at pictures of puppies! My name is Gertrude but my mommy likes to call me Gertie. All of my brothers and sisters call me Gertie too. When my mommy first brought me home I only had two doggies to play with -- a basset hound and a big bloodhound. At first I thought that they smelled kinda funny, but my mommy told me that hounds smell that way. Sometimes she has to run out of the room because of that funny hound smell. Ha ha!! Anyway, before I learned how to bark real well, my mommy brought home lots of puppies for me to play with! Now I have five brothers and sisters. It is great because I can get them to play with me whenever I want. This is so much fun! I get to play with a little tiny beagle named Wilbur. I have to be careful though, because he has something called hyperactive disorder or something. I get real tired trying to keep up with him, so I yell at him the most. My other siblings are Tatanka and Lowell, two Saints like me, and another puppy who is a mix. I hope you like looking at my pictures, and I hope even more that you have a happy new year." Gertie Lovin' Her Uncle