Gibson the German Shepherd Mix

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog / Mixed

Gibson was surrendered along with his brothers and sisters at 4 weeks of age to DAWG (Detroit Animal Welfare Group) from a home in Detroit who could not afford to care for them properly. Their mother is a purebred German shepherd dog and her family unfortunately refused to have her spayed even when offered free of charge. So the search began for homes for the 6 pups. We found him online along with his siblings and fell in love. He and one of his sisters were brought for the home check and once it was approved Gibson was the one who won our hearts. He was sweet and mild tempered, smart and alert. Once he decided to nap in our kitchen we knew he was the one! We are certain the rest of his family will find good homes and we are so happy to have little Gibson. We have only had him for 3 weeks and he is already grained 3 pounds and has learned his name and basic commands.