Goldie the Adoptable Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Goldie is an adorable four-month-old miniature pinscher mixed with something slightly larger. Our best guess is that Goldie will be approximately 35-40 pounds once she is fully grown. Goldie is your lovable "lap-dog cuddle bug" who loves being up with you on the couch. She's so irresistibly cute that keeping her off the couch just can't be helped. Goldie is great with small dogs and large dogs once she has a proper introduction. She enjoys her sense of security and loves being properly introduced to new things, including dogs and people. Once the "honeymoon" period is over, Goldie will be wagging her tail, hopping in your lap, ready to lavish you with her love. She is looking for an active home that will provide her with plenty of exercise and will socialize her properly with dogs and people alike. Goldie's foster family has her on a strict schedule so she is house trained in the home, but she is still a puppy so she may occasionally have an accident until she becomes a pro at her new home. Goldie is crate trained and loves going in her crate when she needs a break or is ready to call it a night. She is a happy, peppy girl with a lot of life and spunk. She will definitely benefit from a basic obedience course and will surely pick up on commands quickly since she's such a smart little girl. If you are interested in making this love bug a part of your family, please visit and fill out an application today! (Southern California residents only, please.)