Monday, July 28, 2014
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Jan 18, 2007 mschauser
Guiness you are a very handsome boy! You family is very lucky to have found you!
Jan 18, 2007 EdeN
Look at his face... LOVELY!!!!!!!
Jan 18, 2007 DogLuvver
He's a black and tan...not JUST a Guiness!! He is very good looking! Love him!!!
Jan 18, 2007 kria1983
Guinness you are just adorable!! XXXXXXXXXX-theres a bunch of hugs for you!!!you are gonna grow to be a very handsome dog..congrats on finding a wonderful home
Jan 18, 2007 DogMom
Beautiful Boy! I love rotties -- they are sooo sweet. Enjoy your cutie pie.
Jan 18, 2007 Susan
Just look at those beautiful, expressive eyes. They are going to get him everything he ever wants, I'm sure! Enjoy this little fellow...He's gorgious!
Jan 18, 2007 anon
he's too adorable! and what a great name :)
Jan 18, 2007 rotties8
he is just beautiful!!!what a face and his markings are beautiful...he has nice big paws so he will be a nice big dog! rotties pull alittle harder at my heartstrings.....i have had 2 so far and plan to have more...i love all dogs........................
Jan 18, 2007 bunnied816
What a beautiful boy you have!! That next-to-last picture...oh, my...yes, yes Guinness! You may have whatever your little heart desires! I would never be able to resist his slightest whim. Lucky you!!

And btw, very nice photos - the ones in the white chair look quite professional! Well done! (of course, you had the perfect model...)
Jan 18, 2007 Yourmomsage
awwwww! what a cutie pie! I love his big plump paws, and of course I am a huge sucker for EYEBROW DOTS!!!! I'm sure you will love him forever!!!!
Jan 18, 2007 Kiragirl
He's a doll! Now we know who owns the chair, couch, and the bed!
Jan 18, 2007 snuggles19973
What a beautiful little guy you are and very photogenic. You is going to be a nice big boy when you grow up. I love the next to last photo. Huggs and Kisses to you.
Jan 18, 2007 DieselOscarMom
Guinness is SO CUTE and GREAT name! His coloring is just perfect.
Jan 18, 2007 carollevy
Little Guinness is a strappin' young lad with eyes that will have the lassies sighin'. He's already figured out how to use that soulful look to be permitted on couches and beds! What a little rascal! Let's drink a pint to long life and happiness for Guinness and his family!
Jan 18, 2007 doggielover92
I bet with those adorable eyes your family wouldn't be able to deny you anything! WE LOVE GUINNESS!!!
Jan 18, 2007 Renae
Oh my gosh! I love the second to last picture. He's all "what? I'm 'posed to be on the bed, it's comfy up here."
Jan 18, 2007 BeachLover
Guinness, you're a HANDSOME BOY! I can see that you're very smart and well-behaved too.
Jan 18, 2007 chultzee
Growing up, my neighbor had this enormous, loveable and gentle rottweiler who I always played with, and I've wanted one ever since. Your Guinness has the sweetest face! I don't need to tell you how amazing these dogs are, you're very lucky! Enjoy:)
Jan 18, 2007 lindalou
Oh my God! How sweet! This baby is an absolute LOVE!!
Jan 18, 2007 othostice
What a perfect name for this sweet little guy. His jet-black coat and tan facial markings make him look like a frothy pint!
Jan 18, 2007 UncleSweetie
This little BEAST is so cute and surely must be friendly. A clever name! I wonder if Grandfather Charles has been able to master the computer such that he can view the little Darlin'???
Jan 18, 2007 Loizhanne
what a glorious pup! the first rottie i ever met was a gentle giant with markings like this. he roamed the neighborhood and visited everyone. he would come into our house and play with our chows and cats, and everyone just loved him. he also liked to nap on the roof of my dodge omni, where he barely fit. when i would get in the car, he would jump in, too. i'll never forget him, as he was the rottie that introduced me personally to his breed. and just like this puppy, the world was his playpen. enjoy that baby!
Jan 18, 2007 bjhansen212
I love the new pictures of my grand-dog Guinness. I haven't seen him in almost a month, and it is sooo great to see he has made the big time in the Daily Puppy. His 3 little pug cousins Lillie, Maxine, and Henry are so proud of him. They can't wait to see him again and play tug-of-war.
My love to you, Your Grandma
Jan 18, 2007 Geenie
He is really cute. I love the second pic because his eyes are soo big!
Jan 18, 2007 soshyviolet
what a good lookin dog!
Jan 18, 2007 xxSARAxx94
OMFOGMLKFMGDFILmgdaf;lgkm heck yes this puppy willl soooo rule the world mk?
i think i will marry him. woot woot sexy daddy
Jan 18, 2007 caspersmom
Guinness, you have a very expressive cute face with very soul full eyes.
Jan 18, 2007 jenbeagle
What a sweet face! You can tell he is going to be a loving pup from is wonderful face!
Jan 19, 2007 renee
Who? What me? Yes you are a coy one aren't you? You have the I am so innocent look. Yes you could get away with murder at my house. Very very adorable. I loved all the photos. I just think your puppy eyes are too cute.
Jan 19, 2007 Aunt Pitty
He is just too, too cute for words. May have to replace all your pictures with his!! Just love that sweet face and expressive eyes. Can't wait to visit him again. Love from your greataunt.
Jan 21, 2007 sophiagrace
he is so lush i want one but my mum wont let me i love his face he is soooooooooo cute
Jan 22, 2007 scobig
My third favorite breed! I LLOOOVVEE ROTTIES! And Guniness beer, so I guess little Guniness is alluring to me on all accounts! :D
Jan 23, 2007 garfield
Guinness You are a very handsome boy I know someone who'll scoop you up in a minute (I would too ) enjoy being spoiled
Jan 23, 2007 blues_puppies
My 12 year old Rottie mix just transitioned back to Spirit on New Year's Day...what a wonderful teacher of unconditional love Lazarus Blues was...I'm looking for a Rottie mix (big mix, not pit bull not poodle) puppy and would appreciate any help...I'm south of Atlanta, Georgia. This is a beautiful puppy and I'm glad he found a good home.

Blessings & Belly laughs,

Feb 23, 2007 bulldogmom
Guiness you are bea-u-tiful! I have a special place in my heart for Rotties. I bought my parents one for Christmas after they lost the love of their life last May. She has brought them hapiness and filled a void I didn't think was possible. Cheers to Rotties all over the world, it doesn't get any better than them!
Apr 5, 2007 BellaBruna
I have a baby Rottie who looks just like Guiness! His name is Antonio, we call him Tony. I have a question for you, does your little guy try to block you when you walk? Tony wraps his whole body around our legs and I was wondering if that is a Rott thing?
Apr 19, 2007 ccreech
How cute! I grew up with a Roti and it was the best family dog. I ove this breed!
May 17, 2007 sandi
what a darling puppy-- just absolutely adorable!
Jul 11, 2007 pooh91158
I've had three rotties and they are the best!!!
Jul 15, 2007 superbunny
i had a rottweiler and i loved it and this looks like my rottweiler as a puppy
Jul 28, 2007 ilovebeagles
not cute

tocute to b cute !!!!
Nov 3, 2007 dogsrule
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Great dog. He'll save you a thousand times and more. :)
Aug 12, 2008 wolfgirl66
Sweet, cute, pretty, adorable and all things wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 15, 2008 msh85
Dec 5, 2008 charlieboy123
awww he has just the cutest face in the world i have a mix of rotty and german shepherd
Jan 17, 2009 georgia04
Guinness is quite a handsome little guy! Those eyebrows just put him over the top of the cuteness meter. He's beautiful. Give him hugs and kisses for me.
Aug 20, 2009 Rottweilers r Awesome
i using the puppy eyes on you i wanna biscuit please
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