Gus the Havanese

Puppy Breed: Havanese

Gus's dad says: Gus has been a joy since we got him. We have two full grown Bernese Mountain dogs that Gus is constantly jumping up and nipping at. He's keeping them young and they are becoming close buddies. From early in the morning until bedtime, he constantly wants to play, chasing any toy, playing tug-a-rope, and just running around the house. Living in the high desert, we have a lot of bunnies that come into our yard. The minute I open the door in the morning to go out, Gus is being the big man chasing them out of his yard. He is very smart and has been a fast learner. In a very short time he has become a loved member of our family. -------- Daily Puppy Announcement Hello to all puppy lovers out there, We want to thank you all so much for checking out our "puppy paper" and coming back for more and more delicious puppies all the time. The team here at Daily Puppy would like to let all our readers know that we have a special holiday surprise coming your way. Daily Puppy is getting a makeover! That's right, towards the end of December we are going to be doing a full re-design of our site. But don't worry because this will not change how we do things around here. You will still get your Daily Puppy feature, the cute little Potluck Puppies and, of course, the Grown-up Puppies too. The new layout and features are only here to make it easier for you to get all your Daily Puppy information. Please feel free to give us your feedback, because our goal is to make our site the top destination for all of your puppy needs. Best, The Daily Puppy Team