Haley the Newfoundland

Puppy Breed: Newfoundland

Haley's dad says: We bought Haley from a nice family that has four grown-up Newfoundlands. We were allowed to come every Sunday and play with the puppies. It's a great experience having 14 Newfies running around you. They are so lovable and sweet, even when they are so big. We brought Haley home at eight weeks. It was just like having a new baby in the house. We bought a fence to put around the terrasse so she could come out and have some time in the coolness of the evening without running away. She is now almost 11 weeks old and weighs about 12.7 kg. She is a happy girl with lots of energy. She loves to bite everything she sees, even the hair on my legs :-), fingers, plants, etc. She loves running around in our garden and under all the bushes. Whenever it rains she gets very wet and dirty, but she doesn't mind. We have a cat named Gizmo and the first few days Haley was a little afraid. Now they are doing fine. Gizmo approaches Haley, but when Haley gets too wild, Gizmo runs away. I think in a few weeks they will be great friends! Haley loves to put her feet in the water when she drinks. After that she puts the water bowl upside down and we have water all over the floor. If people want to buy a Newfoundland, they will get a great and caring friend. Newfies love kids and can be very gentle with small kids. It's a great deal of work having a puppy like Haley, but we think she is great and love her a lot. It's fun looking at her sometimes-clumsy behaviour. It's just fun having a dog like Haley.