Thursday, July 10, 2014
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May 23, 2007 crazyCAdoglady
What a darling ball of fluffy love! Wishing you all many beautiful years together!
May 23, 2007 ezrinjaz
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! You are so precious!!! I'm totally in love.
May 23, 2007 untbunny
She is absolutely beautiful! How wonderful it must be to cuddle with such a lovable fur ball. I could just eat you with a spoon. Massive amount of nose kisses and belly rubs sweet girl.
May 23, 2007 vllybllstar
oh my gosh she is adorable!
i love that u put a pic of her in her water dish and a pic with gizmo!
she is very cute and many years to you and haley!
May 23, 2007 GOLDENPUP
SHE IS SOO CUTE!! i just love her!! i love the pic with the water bowl too !!
May 23, 2007 BTLabs
What a cute little fuzz-bear! She looks right at home with her hair wet.
May 23, 2007 jontysmom
oh my goodness...Haley you are such a little (or large) darling!
May 23, 2007 piggydog
omg that ball of fuzz is too much. I know there is some law against being this cute. Haha my dog does the same thing pawing at the water bowl. Love all the pics but especially the one where she is so concentrated on the branch. She looks even fluffier if that's possible
May 23, 2007 Liam4276
She's is so sweet! I love her coat. She looks so soft.
May 23, 2007 PushiTOOL11
What a gorgeous puppy! She is gonna grow up to be a very beautiful dog.

11 biscuits!! =)
May 23, 2007 sue
shes beautiful like a little teddybear
May 23, 2007 mperlet
She's so cute. I love the little patch of white on her chest. The picture with her and Gizmo is adorable!
May 23, 2007 yujismom
what a big fluffy baby-love the kitten shot!
May 23, 2007 gem1945
What a wonderful ball of fluff!!! The pics are so cute!! Bet Gizmo and Haley become great buddies. You will enjoy watching their antics! Enjoy your beautiful, huggable bundle of joy.
May 23, 2007 therealbean
Oh, I love her!!!! You all are so lucky to share your lives with this little (soon to be very, very big!!!) ball of fur. She's precious, and what a lot of fun! You can tell that she's full of mischief and quite the little trouble-maker, but too cute for anyone to care. ;) Spending a day with 14 newfie pups might be my dream come true!!!
May 23, 2007 magnoliasouth
What a sweet baby girl. :) She's such a ball of fluff! I love the picture of her with the cat. It's so much fun raising a puppy and watching them learn about their world.
May 23, 2007 tazziesmom
She's beautiful..looks like a fluffy teddy bear. They are great dogs. ENJOY HER!!
May 23, 2007 Kate
Awww, I LOVE this puppy, so fluffy! I WANT ONE!!!! She just looks like a little teady bear, just adorable.
May 23, 2007 kate4dogs
OMG!!!! Too adorable! She looks like a giant fluff-ball. Hope you have many happy and healthy years together. Squeeze her once(or more) for me!!
May 23, 2007 mandykw
OMG!! That is the cutest, sweetest puppy face I've ever seen. I want to squeeze her!
May 23, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
What a beautiful baby, good luck with him
May 23, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
what a beautiful baby, good luck with him!!!!
May 23, 2007 Dogsrule17
Lov the pic with him and Gizmo
May 23, 2007 melphillyrican
I just want to squeeze you. He is so beautiful.
May 23, 2007 txmadre
What teddy bear! I would love to see more photos of Haley and Gizmo together. What a pair.
May 23, 2007 adoptusplease
We rescued a mama that had Newfoundland mix puppies. Out of all our rescues, the puppies are the dearest to us. We've made them a permanent addition to our family. What an incredible breed of dog.
May 23, 2007 scobig
Newfies are the best I agree! But before anyone buys, check the rescues. We had a family of Newfies come in to our shelter last year, the people bred the parents then the husband got arrested and went to jail and the wife left town and left the dogs caged up in her kitchen with no food. They were seized and we placed all of the pups and the mom and dad. Best thing that ever happened to them. Every two seconds in the USA a dog is euthanized for overpopulation reasons. Not to be a drag, but its best to save the ones who need saving first!

As for little miss Haley here, what a beauty! There is nothing cuter than a Newfie puppy! I bet she is a joy! Its so cute how she puts her paws in the water, I am so glad you included a picture of that for us! Kisses to Haley!
May 23, 2007 beth
someone bring a mop...i just melted...

May 23, 2007 WheeIWuvK9s
Awwww! Haley is such a gorgeous baby Newfie! I could just hug her forever and never need a stuffed animal again. And that seet face and the photo of her with the kitty [Gizmo?] is too cute.
(((Big Hugz 2 Haley)))
May 23, 2007 kathynj1962
What an adorable teddy bear!
May 23, 2007 vaishakbelle
May 23, 2007 marie
That fluffy wiggly fur ball is Redonkulously cute!
Totally want to hug her!
All those photos are adorable but that one with the kitty is super sweet. They're like "Hi, let's touch noses!".
May 23, 2007 DOGSNCATS
Ohmigosh -- How adorable is Haley!!! Congratulations on your adorable new family member.
May 23, 2007 Marlee Rose
Newfies are my 2nd favorite dog in the world--2nd only to my own St Bernard. Love the big ones--there's nothing like a puppy that will grow to be 100 lbs plus.
May 23, 2007 Marlee Rose
Newfies are my 2nd favorite dog in the world--2nd only to my own St Bernard. Love the big ones--there's nothing like a puppy that will grow to be 100 lbs plus.
May 23, 2007 Smudge1001
She has the most adorable face!!!!
May 23, 2007 sylvanbliss
What a lovely, gentle giant. I hope you have something bigger for her to swim in! The water dish will only satisfy for a short while. *splish-splash!*

Haley, I would love you but petting you would make me sneeze. You are so very very cute!
May 23, 2007 BigDogMom
Haley is adorable!! I would love to have a Newfie, but since we got our Great Pyr, I'm thinking my next dog will be hairless! Our Pyr dumps his water every time he's done drinking, too! It's like having a hairy toddler in your house, isn't it?
May 23, 2007 bopeep
Haley, you are a gorgeous ball of fur, so very prescious. Love the pic of Haley and Gizmo - so sweet. Hugs and kisses.
May 23, 2007 Kimbalion45
You could put her picture in Websters Dictionary under the word beauty. What a beautiful puppy cant' wait to see what she looks like grown up. Keep us posted.
May 23, 2007 michellesmith1972
My husband and I have a year old Newfie. His name is Cotton, because of the white patch of white on his chest. Cotton hates to be yelled at. He also loves to have his chest rubbed and when you stop he takes his paw and drags your hand back to his chest. Yes they are the most gentle of dogs that we've ever had. Enjoy your new found family member. We do.
May 23, 2007 pinky45882
Oh sooooooooo cute, have fun with that fur ball :)
May 23, 2007 Zoie's Daddy
OH MY GOD !!!!! What a big CUTE puppy, I just love her !!!! :) :)
May 23, 2007 Booger'sMama
She is TOO gorgeous!!!
May 23, 2007 houndluvr
Dying of cuteness overload here!!! Quick -- somebody call 911!! Ack!
May 23, 2007 TheWrightPups
I don't have enough words to describe how wonderful she is!
May 23, 2007 luvmyLexie
wow!!! my mom had a newfoundland when she grew up named Bonnie, and i've always been curious as too how cute they can be!!! they're adorable!!!
May 23, 2007 dogsrule
I love you, doggie! Oh yes, I do!

You are a smooshy face. Can I play with you?
May 23, 2007 Judi
She is a fluffy doll baby! I just love her face & really all of her.
May 23, 2007 dogloverfolife
That is one big ball of furry love! I wish I could roll around with him all day! The picture where he is wet looks like he was bathing in milk! I like milk, but it's a weird pic!!! He is so cute! I love him! I want to eat his little nose for breakfast! :):):):):):):) I'm so happy after seeing those pictures!
May 23, 2007 RedKitten
Hee hee...typical Newf. Can't keep them out of the water. :) She's gorgeous. I hope you have someplace for her to swim.
May 23, 2007 Lydia
Omg! Haley is so cute! She's like a big fluffy teddy bear, I just want to squeeze her! <333
May 23, 2007 jowaldo
What a fluffy, hug-able, adorable puppy!!! Wow@
May 23, 2007 dogluvagurl
lovley baby. send her hugs and kisses from me!!!
May 23, 2007 Lizanne
Hi, You are so blessed to have this wonderful Newfie puppy. My friend has a Newfie about this same age and nearly a twin. They have such a wonderful presence and grace. I hope she will look after you with her love and kindness.

May 23, 2007 TXJulie
What a beautiful big furball! I'd love to cuddle with Haley on a cold night! Congratulations!
May 23, 2007 puppyluv
May 23, 2007 Terry C
I love the photo with Haley and the cat.
May 23, 2007 hrothgar59
Too cute! I own 3 Newfoundlands myself. They are the most adorable puppies, the most wonderful companion dogs. Haley will make your life so much brighter, entertaining, and damp. Watch out for that drool!
May 23, 2007 pauleenm
What a sweet face. I could eat her up!!!!!
May 23, 2007 Fudge 1624
I have never, ever seen such a CUTE pup!!Just luv the white under the chin. I wanna scratch it ALL day!
May 23, 2007 yummi600
I remember back in the 70's my auntie Lillian had two Newfoundlands(we are orginally from newfoundland). Their names were Lowgie Bay and Beachie May. They were very big and cuddly. She just as wonderful as they were.
May 23, 2007 rdimonte
Haley is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I love this kind of dog. That picture of Haley & Gizmo is just too precious. They really look like they like each other. Best of luck with Haley.
May 23, 2007 Sarah520
She is absolutely gorgeous! I have always wanted a Newf but have my 2 goldens which is enough right now!
She looks so healthy and happy.
Enjoy her!
May 23, 2007 krisl73
What a cutie! I wish I could just hug that puppy!
May 23, 2007 vallie76
I LOOOOOVE newfs! Haley is so gorgeous!!!
May 23, 2007 SwattyMcFox
I LOVE YOU HALEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 23, 2007 Vicky
Any chance you could tell us where Haley comes from? Breeder info. My friend has a 7 yr old from Germany-she is about 130 lbs. Looks exactly like sweet Haley.
May 24, 2007 Steffie
Wow, she's a spunky little cuddler! Gorgeous :)
May 24, 2007 Cappo619
He is TOO CUTE...:)
May 24, 2007 Cappo619
She** wow, I should read :P
May 24, 2007 Dusty
Great pup! Great pix! Reminds me of the last all-breed dog show: a champ newfie, fluffed up to perfection, strolled in, and somebody said, "OMG! Now they're allowing bears!" LOL!
May 24, 2007 Ozzy2975
May 24, 2007 Ozzy2975
May 24, 2007 Wheelz4speed
Newfies are so cute!! I want a Nefie. She looks really soft.
May 24, 2007 holdol
I'm in love. I have a Great Dane and he was very cute when little. A newfie might have to be the next pet in my home. What a cutie.
May 24, 2007 goofyavey
Haley looks like an adorable little teddy bear. She lokks very huggable! I like the picture of Gizmo and her together. Toooo cute.
May 24, 2007 lwhitson
Except for the picture with the cat, Haley could very well be my Newfie, Mana! The picture of her in the water bowl, chewing the stick, etc., were just the same as pictures I have of my wonderful pup! AWWWW! She's almost as cute as my little(?) girl. How can anyone resist a Newf? WONDERFUL!
May 24, 2007 lwhitson
I just wanted to make another comment. I know exactly what you mean about having 14 Newfies all around you. There is a breeder just around the corner from us (that's where I got Mana) and visiting her is a wonderful experience because she always has numerous Newfs and all of them swarm all over you and you feel as if you're in doggie heaven! We have a Newfoundland Club of Hawai'i and our picnics and social events with all the dogs are all quite special. Having 20+ dogs swarming out onto the beach and into the ocean is an amazing happening! The other people on the beach are amazed and all want to grab onto a tail and be pulled through the water on one of these fantastic dogs! Newfs are, beyond doubt, the greatest!
May 24, 2007 redwolf1914
I'm getting a Newfoundland puppy in 2 weeks. I was delighted to read about your experiences with your puppy, it gave me insight into what I have ahead of me.
May 24, 2007 griffydog
I just wanna give Haley a big old hug after we get done wrestling in the grass. I'm gonna get you Haley!
May 24, 2007 Zak's mom
I have a 4 year old Newfie named Zak. When I got him, the breeder had all her fur kids greet us. What an experience! This is the most amazing breed....why they are called "Gentle Giants". They don't like raised voices; are instinctively smart and just know to be good. Zak loves his summer cut and has a cooling mat on the kitchen floor to keep him comfortable in hot NE summers. Drool is just one of the elements that comes with a Newfie. Many years of love and happiness to you. The pictures are so adorable. She is precious.
May 25, 2007 OWNAGE31
AHH! I have wanted a Newffy since I can remember!!! but my momma says theyre too big, but I reaaaally like yours!
p.s. my sisters name is Haley, its a good name!
May 25, 2007 mizz_mymy
this puppy is the cutest little thing!!
May 25, 2007 dogloverfolife
im in love with haley
May 25, 2007 muttsville
I vote this pooch a GAZILLION Biscuits!
May 26, 2007 harri
that is absolutely adorable. the fluffiness is overwhelming! if i met this puppy, i would be afraid that i would kill it with a cuddle overload. seriously. irresistably adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 26, 2007 Taryn
haha gotta love this adorable face!! How cute is she!!
May 28, 2007 Jake
You are adorable! I am Jake, a one and a half year old Jake, and after seeing your pics my mommy kind of misses when I was little... then again looking back on the accidents, crying, chewing all the furniture... maybe not!!! Good Luck and see you around the city!
May 30, 2007 Daisy's mom
What, where is the puppy? All I see is a little ball of black fluff.

Wait, are those eyes? Toooooo cute. I would be squeezing this dog all day long. You must be enjoying her immensly.
May 30, 2007 tmaster
i luv his chunky fluffiness
Jun 2, 2007 riley5747
she looks so fuzzy!!!!
Jun 20, 2007 ilovepups22
I love this Puppy Haley is soo cute i just want her to be mine and never leave!!!!,333
Oct 22, 2007 KuvaszKountry
Adorable, there is nothing cuter than a small fluffy puppy except a larger fluffy dog.
Jan 7, 2008 Mummm
Your pup is just SO CUTE! If I were ever to have a big pup I would sure want one like yours.
Apr 4, 2008 Melissa99
She is absolutely adorable. I just love Newfies! She is fluffy and so fluffy! :) Have fun Haley
Aug 7, 2008 SexiLexi
she is so cute
Jan 5, 2009 tpt
Jan 8, 2009 Lisaez1
What a big ball of fluff!!! Too cute!!
Jan 9, 2009 waterlandsky
Wow. I've never seen a dog more like a stuffed animal. I just want to cuddle him forever and ever.
Jun 5, 2009 Beth Elder
Haley is precious. I know she will try to save alot of lives in the water!
Sep 6, 2010 BostonMalteseLover
Just one look in those eyes and you can see that this girl is full of love. Cherish every moment with her.
Jan 30, 2011 pelligrino
This is a great photo oftwo best buddy's! Did I mention haley has sweet face, she is a cutie!
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