Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Jan 14, 2008 inmemoryofshelby
Oh my! What a precious baby! I wish I could see more pictures. He is a cutie pie!

Hugs and Kisses from mine to yours.
Jan 14, 2008 sylvanbliss
Halpert, I'm trying to picture you as a Chihuahua nap hat. You are a lovely morsel!
Jan 14, 2008 kool_kat_3
Awww he is sooooooooo cute! I love him! In the last picture he looks a little bit like Gizmo from the film gremlins, but in a very adorable way of course! x
Jan 14, 2008 howiesmom
Too cute!!! Lucky You!!
Jan 14, 2008 Proud Mommy of 3
[b][i][color=blue]"Hey you! Yeah you over there! I can hear ya with my built in radar ears. So ya better be careful whatcha say, cuz I'm one tough little doggie! [u]DON'T EVEN[/u] think about saying something bad about MY Mommy either!!!"[/b][/i][/color]

[b]Good Morning Johnna and Halpert!

Johnna, I'm so delighted that you have been blessed with so much joy outta this little guy. They say "good things come in small packages"...Halpert has proven that!!

Halpert, What a cutie you are, and so handsome! Also you are one very lucky guy to have a Mommy that LOVESSSS YOU SOOOO MUCH! (oh, and btw, it's not nice to stick your tongue out to Mommy when she's giving you a bath*raised eyebrow*!)

[i][color=blue]I can see many years of love, joy, and precious memories to come...many blessings,deb[/i][/color][/b]
Jan 14, 2008 whoopiwho
Jan 14, 2008 Caseysky
LOL, tell us how you *really* feel, Halpert! What a cutie! Live long and happy, sweet boy.
Jan 14, 2008 doggieaunt
Ooooh . . . biiiiiiiig puppy stretch!!!
Jan 14, 2008 RonDog
"Someone help me, please." A very cute little guy. He sounds like a lot of fun. All the best!
Jan 14, 2008 wziemann
Hey Mom, us kids don't like water unless it's got dirt in it...Mojos's Dad
Jan 14, 2008 Grandma Helen of CT
trusting and so innocent....a long and happy life with Hal xxxooo
Jan 14, 2008 goldenlover
"Hey, Mom, HEY !! First You're drowing me, now you're hanging me. Just kiddin', Mom. let's go to the beach !!"
Jan 14, 2008 Terry C
Love that little tongue sticking out!

He's a real cutie.
Jan 14, 2008 zoerosesmom
Oh my - what a CUTIE! That sweet little face is too much!
Big hugs & kisses from my little Cockapoo Zoe.
Jan 14, 2008 Lady Ann Marine
Lovely little boy- I can understand the joy that he brings to you as I have had 2 chihuahua in the past and know what special characters they are

by Lady Ann on 14/01/08
Jan 14, 2008 cybersleuth58
Sweet baby chi! Good luck to you and your wonderful mom.
Jan 14, 2008 Mummm
Awwww! Halpert looks a lot like my daughter's littlest Chichi. (she has three of them) They are all so cute, as is Halpert.
Jan 14, 2008 murph
He is completely adorable!! I have a chi that found me, I didn't know what to expect from such a small dog (I also have 2 goldens. She, Yoda, is so so much fun!!! I can't imagine how we lived without her. She too loves to S-T-R-E--T-C-H, and does every time she gets up from a nap.
in joy!!
Jan 14, 2008 doriesmom
Halpert is such a sweet boy!! So glad you have him in your life. All the best to all of your critter family and to you too. May you have long and happy lives together!!
Jan 14, 2008 doriesmom
Adding the picture again, adorable
Jan 14, 2008 doriesmom
Wel, phooey, it was the last picture of him in the bath.
Jan 14, 2008 rexandbaby
Well, she certainly knows which side her bread is buttered on!
Jan 14, 2008 coyne12
Wonderful doggie ~ best wishes for many good times together!! He looks like he's cuddlicious :)
Jan 14, 2008 sue
hes sooooooo cute
Jan 14, 2008 jaccikay
He is looking pretty comfortable here...what alittle sweetheart. Lucky you to be able to have all of this love surrounding you. God Bless you all with many years together.
Jan 14, 2008 bopeep
Good morning cute little Halpert. I think your Mommie loves you, at least it sure appears that way. You have brought much joy into your Mommie's life and I can see why. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Jan 14, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
cutie Pie!!!!!!
Jan 14, 2008 casey's mom
Handosome little guy, for sure! Many hugs, kisses and biscuits, enjoy Halpert for a long, long time!
Jan 14, 2008 jowaldo
Being the 'mother' of a Chi myself, or maybe being "owned" by him...:)..... I can totally relate to the depth of love you can feel for such a tiny creature. Your descriptions made me laugh out loud and shake my head in agreement! I guarantee many years of happy laughs and tummy chuckles from his antics!! Many happy years to both of you! :)
Jan 14, 2008 sandrahender
[b][i][color=navy]Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwww! Halpert, I LOVE your name! I've never had a Chihuahua but I love them; they are so sweet and precious! Halpert if I had you, I would be dressing you up in cute little knickers and a white shirt with suspenders...and a little sailor hat...and I would smuggle you wherever I went! That's the beauty of a tiny puppy! You can hide them in one of those baby carriers moms wear around their necks and just toss a baby blanket on them; no one would notice, I bet! And if anyone did, and said "HEY! THAT'S A DOG!" You could pretend to be indignant and loudly proclaim for all to hear that someone just "called your baby a dog", and the attention would then be on the offender, while you could just go on your way, hahahahahaha! I would have so much fun with you Halpert! I have a 5 month old Shih-tzu that was featured here not too long ago..."Owen". I have already pulled stunts with him...taking him into grocery stores disguised as a baby....I took him into Wegmans in a baby carrier around my neck with a blanket tossed on top of him and with his shaggy brown hair, it looks just like I'm carrying a human baby with just his hair showing, hahahaha! I even carried a baby bottle to add to the disguise! Power of suggestion, you know? People see you with a baby carrier, blanket, bottle, they "see" you as carrying a human baby....that is the beauty of a small breed, hahahaha! With Halpert, you could have so much fun! Tons of kisses and hugs to Halpert and 11 biscuits; would give more if they let me....I love you Halpert! SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOCHES TO THE POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHES!!!![/b][/i][/color]
Jan 14, 2008 Lexie2u2
awwwwwwww, what a sweetie!!! I have a fawn colored (spayed) female Chihuahua, so I know what a joy they can be. They are the snuggliest puppies, sleeping as close as possible to you. I love that yours sleeps on your head!!! What a gorgeous little guy!!! And he's lucky he has such a loving Mommy!!!
Jan 14, 2008 LucyB
What a cutie,glad to know he's bringing so much joy and love to your life. And has anyone ever met a Chihuahua who doesn't think they are really a Rottweiler trapped in a tiny body? They have such big spirits packed inside those little bones. Hard to resist a chi!
Jan 14, 2008 usfour
I guess I would get lots of conversation if you were my puppy, Halpert. People would aks me why I am smiling and laughing ALL THE TIME. I would tell them it's because of an itty-bitty furry little black and brown critter -- cute as a button!!!
Jan 14, 2008 olgadabest
Soooooooooooo cute! Enjoy!
Jan 14, 2008 mqm501
Love sleepy puppy photos! Halpert looks like a little gem. Great name too. 11 plus biscuits Halpert. Enjoy!
Jan 14, 2008 Aoife364
Just looking at his pictures makes me smile, so you must always be full of joy living with this sweet boy.
Jan 14, 2008 franky
Awwwwww! What a handsome boy. As the mom of two "chi's" I know how much fun, love and loyalty this little fella will bring you. Have fun!!!
Jan 14, 2008 sams*mom
Pfffft! That's what I think of baths! What a little cutie. Wishing you many years of fun.
Jan 14, 2008 thetopazsmurf
OOOOO sooo sweet.. People make fun of me when I talk about my baby (Mia, Min Pin Mix) So I am glad to hear of someone that loves there Dog as much as I do..Many many years of Love and Spoils to ya..
Jan 14, 2008 crzyzebra
Do I see a puppy tongue?!!! Gotta love it.
Jan 14, 2008 FRITZY
Halbert is very cute!!!! I always wanted a Chihuahua. They are so small and sweet!!! Halbert appears to be both. :)
Jan 14, 2008 Pupstermum
Why does Halpert only have five bones?? This is an outrage! That is the CUTEST pupster I've seen today! Omigosh, I want a Chi in the worst way! I just love that Chi personality
Jan 14, 2008 Pupstermum
Oh, there we go... at LEAST 10 bisquits. That's more like it, people.
Jan 14, 2008 k_cyn
[color=green]Halpert you are a very cute puppy!!!!
Many kisses, hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Happy New Year and best wishes always!![/color]
Jan 14, 2008 buddhapuppylover
You and Halpert must be fans of The Office, like me and my four-legged housemates. What a cutie! I've always been a "big breed" person, but I have to say, the little ones are increasingly finding a way into my heart!
Jan 14, 2008 rosy
What a nice story-he is too adorable!!! Billions of biscuits and hugs!!
Jan 14, 2008 moon25
When I was a little girl I got a dog who looked just like Halpert. Her name was Penny and she was a mix between a manchester and something smaller. She was the smartest dog in the world and let me dress her in doll clothes and take her for rides in my doll buggy. We took her everywhere with us. That's what people did with their little dogs in the '50's and she lived to be nearly 17. She started my lifelong love affair with dogs in general. My heart just melts when I see your little Halpert. They don't come any cuter. May you have 17 wonderful years like we did!
Jan 14, 2008 Maisy'sMom
What a sweetie! He is just so cute!
Jan 14, 2008 piobaire
Hey MOM....this is what I think of this bath.....
Little Halpert is a cutie!!
Jan 14, 2008 jrterriermom
What a sweet little face. :)
Jan 14, 2008 citydog
Snorgleable bathtime adorableness. :)
Jan 14, 2008 pooh91158
Awwww.....bath time!!! Halpert sure is cute!!!

We have had several rotties and my SIL has chihuahuas with similar coloring. We love to take pictures of the "cousins" together and ask if folks can see the family resemblance, LOL!

Enjoy your little man!
Jan 14, 2008 pomtzu
Hi Halpert - you certainly are a cute little guy. This doggy Mom is a native of RI - (Warwick - right next door to you!) Glad to see that you and your Mom like the bay so well - I spent as much time there as I could also. I live in DE now with my 2 little furballs and I take them to the beach here whenever possible. One likes it and one doesn't!
Here's to many years of happiness and adventures to Halpert & Mom. And be careful at the beach - those waves are bigger than you are!!
Jan 14, 2008 Frasier'smom
Hey there Halpert!! I love your name! Gotta admit, never heard that one before....but you know, suits you!!! It's a cute name, just like you...and it's a handsome name...just like you!!! I have two Chihuahua cuties of course I think you are just the sweetest little morsel!!! This picture pretty well sums up what my little ones think of a bath...."SWEWWW!"...OR... ."Raspberry!" By the way, I have eight rescue pups!!! bath time is a BIG RASPBERRY!!!! You look like you take it very well,...Kudos to you Halpert! I think you are just the most handsome little guy, and your mommy surely does love you to pieces!...Many years of love and kisses, and "head naps" and little biscuits for you!!!
Jan 14, 2008 bulldogmom
I wove your wittle tongue so much!!! Chi kissies to you, halpert!
Jan 14, 2008 simrat101
i love him he i such a cutie
Jan 14, 2008 djmc
How cute , do think he is trying to tell you something . ENJOY ENJOY you cute new baby Lots and Lots of biscuits
Jan 14, 2008 scooterbrown2013
I love it!!!! He's sooooo cute!!!
Jan 14, 2008 cheleon
"My ears they are - now, let them go you will!" This is so sooooooooooo cute - and patient!! The things our precious pups let us do to them! Long and happy life, wee Halpert! :)
Jan 14, 2008 honeypie
LOL, what a big name for such a little boy. He's adorable!!! I wish for you many years of joy and for Halpert, a long life and lots of biscuits!!!!
Jan 14, 2008 LisaLisa
Halpert looks like a little gremlin! What an adorable creature. He's soooo cute!!!
Jan 14, 2008 SAM0iiN3
Jan 14, 2008 Abesmom
Halpert-you are such a sweet lil munchkin!
tons of little belly rubs for your little belly and tons of bikki's, too!
Jan 14, 2008 chigirl10
he is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 14, 2008 chigirl10
he is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 14, 2008 lotsapets
Halpert is one really cute little dog !!! It looks as if he loves a bath, too.....................!!!
Give him lots of kisses for me.
Jan 14, 2008 stefdeck
What a precious pup. To know a chi is to love a chi..........I have 3!
Jan 14, 2008 DaveyDog
Let me see if I've figured it out: "Halpert" = "Herb Alpert (H.Alpert) and the Tijuana Brass"?? I could hear the music when I saw the photos and read his name. Chihuahua's are, indeed, attitude blessed!!
Jan 15, 2008 fluffypup
Halpert is a cutie :)

SAM0iiN3 your comments are uncalled for and if anyone is iiTSZ BUTT UGLii3Y its' you.
Jan 15, 2008 pomtzu
To SAM...
May every male dog on the planet lift it's leg to "salute" you! You certainly deserve it.
Jan 15, 2008 DogMom
Cute, cute, cute!! I would score Halpert a million biscuits if I could. He is an extremely handsome boydog!! Enjoy your little love bug!
Jan 15, 2008 Tracy Kemmer
I LOVE Chi's. They are the greatest. So much fun. My Chihuahua is 7 now, and such a little grump (sometimes). Also Spanky is quite the Diva. You will have such fun with Halpert. Love him so much.
Jan 15, 2008 raychelehd
how funny

he is so cute, best of wishes to you.
Jan 15, 2008 coyne12
Way too precious for words. May you have many happy days together, and may Halpert keep enjoying his Chihuahua companions and dirty socks - LOL.
Jan 15, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
How cute!
Jan 15, 2008 tambore
A small little dog living in the smallest state! How perfect is that? Halpert, Mom is finding out how great chis are, but I already knew that. Having lived with seven of you, both girls and boys, I know you're the most human of breeds. You're proof positive that "smallest in stature, not known to roam, will defend to its death, its territorial home." Watch out for those Narragansett waves, you little imp, you!
Jan 16, 2008 BTLabs
What a little cutie. Something about his expression reminds me of my youngest Boston Terrier. Is he full of attitude? Rosie is and maybe that's where the resemblance comes from. <g>
Jan 16, 2008 Jennb3
what a cutie you are!!!
Jan 16, 2008 kirtly74
[color=purple] SO cute! This is one sassy puppy! :)
Jan 17, 2008 denawolves
Halpert is the cleanest dog in the world- swimming and bathing! I'll bet he's so soft and cuddly when he's ON YOUR HEAD!!! He's obviously spoiled rotten, [as it should be.] And so smart when he's running with bad things- how could you get mad at that?
Jan 19, 2008 dog boy
That is so cute when you are giving him a bath
Jan 23, 2008 puppy*power
he's so cute. [b] Love the picture of him in the sink and the one after it[/b]
Jan 24, 2008 crystal zaldivar
how cute his so little i wish i could hold him
Jul 31, 2009 Buggie
awwwwww cute!!! your going to my favorites
Nov 27, 2010 ayache09
He is so tiny he reminds me of my puppy China.
Mar 15, 2014 schotime
Halpert is expressing his excitement of bath time. Lol. Precious.
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