Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Jul 31, 2007 frootloop_puppyluver
aww what a sweetie he is ! looks so lovable and loyal! enjoy him
Jul 31, 2007 sue
hank is absolutely beautiful 12 biscuits
Jul 31, 2007 whisper
I want to kiss those beautiful ears!!!!!! ( if he is growing into those, he is going to be a big beautiful babydog!!!!)
Jul 31, 2007 ckporter73
What soulful eyes! You couldn't look at his little face and be made at him for chewing much of anything. What a cutie pie! Lots of kisses for Hank!!
Jul 31, 2007 nechtangel
What a little angel! big kissess
Jul 31, 2007 maychan
He looks very smart and has beautiful eyes!! It already seems like when he grows up he's gonna be a tough guy who will always be your side to protect you!
Jul 31, 2007 Xabismom65
Its the ears! Loving them. Not sure what he might be mixed with but those ears could charm even the grumpies of souls. Congratulations on your new puppy Hank. He looks like a worker so have plenty of plans to keep him busy and big puppy kongs filled with frozen leftovers for him to chew (this was a god send for our little chewer and it keeps him occupied for hours). I love big dogs and good for you for adopting Hank.
Jul 31, 2007 greyhoundmommy
Adorable, they always love the flip flops. Lost man of those to the puppies.
Jul 31, 2007 maddie's mom
I think Hank is a malinois mix, also called belgian malinois. Having grown up with german shepherds I call tell you these are amazing dogs who are extremely intelligent and love to work. And of course Hank is a very handsome lad. Congratutulations he will be your best friend.
Jul 31, 2007 yujismom
ears ears ears...nose nose nose...what more can i say?
Jul 31, 2007 sandi
such a sweetheart. who could resist those ears?! I Love his dark face. I think if I looked at this beautiful face everyday he would be one spoilt dog-- I would not be able to refuse him anything :)
Jul 31, 2007 DogMom
that face is sooooo cute. They ears are so fabulous! What a beauty. Enjoy your Hank, handsome boy dog.....
Jul 31, 2007 savon19
Oh! And what BIG ears you have...!!


He will be a big boy soon, I bet. Very Handsome!
Jul 31, 2007 iwantthemall
Love the ears! What a cutie!
Jul 31, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
what beautiful coloring on this little baby, i love his markings. he looks so happy
Jul 31, 2007 Fionn's Mum
My dog, Fionn, is a collie/German shepherd cross and looks a lot like Hank. They share the same ginormous ears and pathetic expressions. If Hank is at all like Fionn, he will grow into the ears a little, but never completely. Anyway, I find GS crosses are the best natured, gentlest dogs. Enjoy yours! He's beautiful!
Jul 31, 2007 poohmama
Hank you are very hansome. I know you will be the most loyal, devoted friend your owners could ever ask for. You have amazing eyes that are full of love. Enjoy a long, long, happy life. 11 biscuts buddy!!!
Jul 31, 2007 dogsrule
This is my dream dog! What a beautiful and regal boy! I love his tail, EARS!, huge baby paws, and coloring especially the black nose.

I love the flip flop picture. He seems to be saying, 'Flip flop? What flip flop? I don't have a flip flop stuck in my teeth!'. :)

He's going to be a magnificent friend, watch dog and endless source of loyalty and love. I can just see it.

Wish I had a dog like him. One day in the future when the time is right, [I already have 2 dogs that I rescued!] I'll adopt one. I love him! You are SO LUCKY to have a pup like this.
Jul 31, 2007 maryandjohn
He is a cutie! The flip flop picture is funny.
Jul 31, 2007 lovemydogs
He is a beautiful baby!! Watch out, he will grwo into those feet and ears very quickly!! Hank, be a good watch dog and a great companion!! 10 cookies!!!!!!!
Jul 31, 2007 Lexa
nanno nanno! adorable.
Jul 31, 2007 lopez n chi
He is so beautiful!!! I can tell by the pictures that he loves getting dirty! My shepherd died last year and I miss her terribly - he reminds me what wonderful dogs they are. Enjoy!!!
Jul 31, 2007 jmjmj57
Hank is GORGEOUS! Enjoy him!
Jul 31, 2007 lovemybabygoose
<3 him
Jul 31, 2007 my_stoney_baby
haha i love the pic with the flip flop in his mouth - that's just like my puppy! he's very cute and cuddly looking, i want to give him a hug! :)
Jul 31, 2007 lilyj
What wonderful sweet, expressive eyes. He looks like a real love. :) I hope you enjoy him to the fullest and have many wonderful years together.
Jul 31, 2007 taramh
Hank is sooooo cute .... those HUGE ears, black muzzle, and a face full of expression. :) :) :) :)
Jul 31, 2007 stefdeck
Those eyes touch my soul. What a sweetie pie..........
Jul 31, 2007 Yankee-7
What a BIG beautiful buddy!!
Jul 31, 2007 bopeep
I agree with ckporter73. He has very soulful eyes. Hank is a gorgerous baby. I was afraid of German Shepherds until I rescued one who had a gunshot wound. Hobo was the sweetest dog. Hugs and kisses to Hank.
Jul 31, 2007 ceallaig
Hank is a handsome baby, but 'little' feet?? LOL -- when he grows into those trotters, he's gonna be huge! GSD mixed with anything is a great dog, and I know Hank will keep you smiling for many years to come!
Jul 31, 2007 nash5081
Well, The EARS have it! And they ARE some whoppers. It's OK Hank, you'll grow into them. He has one of the most intelligent faces I have ever seen. I just want to look into those big brown eyes, and ask him, the meaning of life? Many, Many, years of HAPPINESS!!
TOGETHER! I would love to see him in a year from now, on "Grown up dog of the day" Thanks for sharing him with us.
Jul 31, 2007 copperdots
[color=orange]I LOVE this pup![/color]
Jul 31, 2007 harlequinguy
He looks like someone gave him an exploding cigar?? Adorable!
Jul 31, 2007 stormdog
Hank is an excellent name for Him! He is just too precious! And, those ears! Give me some sugar on those ears!!!!
Jul 31, 2007 tazjt
Terrific baby! He has such sweet, soft eyes!
Jul 31, 2007 kalvarad
Laying in the mud of course... but what a cutie!! :D :D :D
Jul 31, 2007 kukie
Hi Hank, you are very handsome and have the most amazing eyes!!! Keep teaching us humans will ya!
Jul 31, 2007 guersh123
What a beautiful puppy you are Hank!!!
Many years ago I had a Shepherd puppy with very big ears!!
Rocky did grow into them and was truely "(wo)mans best friend"!!

God Bless and keep you always close to his heart little man!!!!
Enjoy all the love!!! XO
Jul 31, 2007 gill
Hanks a real sweetie. Loks like he's getting ready for a tummy tickle. He'll definitely keep you on your toes. Lovely face, paddy paws and nose!
Jul 31, 2007 NatalieG
I always wanted a dog named Hank, ever since I read "Hank the Cowdog." I love your puppy's ears!
Jul 31, 2007 Kiragirl
To hank's mom:

"little paws" ??? little?
Jul 31, 2007 mperlet
Maybe Hank is part Siberian Husky?? My Siberian Husky had "unique" ears when he was a baby too and now that he just turned 1 years old he is finally growing into them. No worries about your ears Hank, they are adorable! :)
Jul 31, 2007 mling
I love Hank! What a fantastic dog! 11 biscuits!~
Jul 31, 2007 mling
I love Hank! What a fantastic dog! 11 biscuits!~
Jul 31, 2007 oneacd
What a charmer. I agree with the poster who mentioned the Malinois (I have two!), but they are closely related to the GSD so it could just be a coincidence. Love the radar dishes -- all the better to hear the treat jar opening LOL!
Jul 31, 2007 msmerlin
Hank is amazing!! I've had three GSDs, and they are absolutely the best, the closest thing to a human in four legs and fur. He'll be your best friend for life. And I love their chunky wide little faces and how they grow into such a beautiful sleek dog. Awesome!!
Jul 31, 2007 doggielover80
i love him! he's so adorable! it doesn't help that he's a g. shep. mix! my girl is a g. shep. mix, too. great ears! he's gonna be a great dog!
Jul 31, 2007 doggielover80
i mean, it doesn't hurt that he's a g shep, 'cause i'm partial to them. silly me! : )
Jul 31, 2007 guido's mama
Oh, I love a good chew!!!! Hank is adorable. Thanks for sharing his sweet photos.
Jul 31, 2007 lisaivey
Awwww, he's all like, "I has a flip-flop!" Hank is such a cutiepie!
Jul 31, 2007 Barbara Samuel
Hank looks like a full-bred GSD to me! Those expressive! Enjoy your handsome boy.
Jul 31, 2007 Raven454
What a sweet gentle face..enjoy Hank!
Jul 31, 2007 bayley's mom
Wow...he's got the most amazing eyes! They look so gentle. He is a sweetie pie!
Jul 31, 2007 harry's mom
Hank looks like a very gentle and sensitive soul, despite his obvious size. I am sure he will be a loyal and faithfull companion to you.

I wish you many happy years together...
Jul 31, 2007 harry's mom
Hank looks like a very gentle and sensitive soul, despite his obvious size. I am sure he will be a loyal and faithfull companion to you.

I wish you many happy years together...
Jul 31, 2007 harry's mom
Hank looks like a very gentle and sensitive soul, despite his obvious size. I am sure he will be a loyal and faithfull companion to you.

I wish you many happy years together...
Jul 31, 2007 harry's mom
Jul 31, 2007 rogersryanc
Awesome puppy
Jul 31, 2007 piobaire
Not into sheperds much, but this picture sure is a cutie! Watch out for those shoes!!
Jul 31, 2007 sylvanbliss
Hank, you are one hunk of a handsome guy! German Shepherds are the best! I love that they always have beauty marks on their cheeks. Wonder why that is?

If Hank loves the water, maybe he's part retriever of some kind? Or, just not a weenie like my shepherd was about the water.

Do enjoy your magnificent Hank and have a long, happy life together!
Jul 31, 2007 RhondaJade
What a pretty boy! He looks really cute and loveable!
Jul 31, 2007 leia kelly
Absolutely adorable.
Jul 31, 2007 Jennb3
What a sweet baby!!
Jul 31, 2007 lindaluise
Hank is absolutely beautiful! I have a 3 year old shepherd and love that dog almost more than anything. Lots of hugs and ear rubs for Hank!
Jul 31, 2007 goldenrod1967
Is there anything more beautiful than a German Shepherd puppy face? Hank is beautiful.
Jul 31, 2007 puppyluv
Just spectacular. I don't see anything except GSD in him - can't imagine what on earth he's mixed with. I so want one but can't deal with the size and hair. Hank, have a wonderful life. Make your humans proud!
Jul 31, 2007 windwalker
Absolutely beautiful puppy. I love Hank's name and ears. woof, woof. 3000 biscuits....
Jul 31, 2007 jo
Who wouldn't love this beautiful dog? I love German Shepherds and their various mixes and relatives, including the Malinois. They are such regal dogs, and beautiful, and loving. Love the ears, just like everyone else. All the pictures are great, but I'm a sucker for a sleeping dog, especially a sleeping giant like this one. Biscuits forever!
Jul 31, 2007 2dognyt
Hank is just such a handsome man-pup!! i have always loved the GSD...had a purebred once, and then a mutt mix....two girls, and now with empty nest syndrome, i adopted 2 boys, Hektor and Loki...pure bred mutts with the most beautiful GSD markings (dark brown black and tan) and the rest of their bloodline is anyones guess...Your Hank has "the ears" of a purebred GSD but most importantly, the heart of a most loyal and loving dog!! i wish you many years of love and laughter with him, and of course, smooches and biscuits all around!! To look into the eyes of a GSD is such an experience, but then i AM a lil partial here!! blessings!!!
Aug 1, 2007 homer's dad
this is a belgian malinois
Aug 1, 2007 BTLabs
Hank is gorgeous! I'd like to give him a kiss right on that snout!
Aug 1, 2007 LJ53702000
I love Hank!!! What a cutie!! Best of Luck with him!
Aug 1, 2007 Doggielover245
i think that he is tooo cute
Aug 2, 2007 xthexjessx
love love love love love the ears!
Aug 4, 2007 Doris
He reminds me so much of my Rambo (white sheperd) when he was a youngster, he is a senior now, still young at heart and my best friend. You just found your best friend in Hank
Aug 4, 2007 Sasafras56
Hank Is going to be a big boy. Beautiful boy- Many years of happiness together.
Aug 7, 2007 Delilah_Carroll
[color=cyan]Ohhhhhhhh... SO cute! Beauty too![/color]
Aug 7, 2007 Delilah_Carroll
[color=cyan]Ohhhhhhhh... SO cute! Beauty too![/color]
Aug 7, 2007 Delilah_Carroll
[color=cyan]Ohhhhhhhh... SO cute! Beauty too![/color]
Aug 17, 2007 Scottler
Hank is ABSOLUTELY a Belgian Malinois!! He COULD be a mix, but I've got a Belgian that looks exactly like Hank. Oddly, ours is named Henry. Small world.

Be happy, Belgians are GREAT dogs - they're incredibly intelligent, very loyal (almost to a fault) and quite rare. Only something like 1,500 are born in the US every year.

Aug 21, 2007 vllybllstar
i love hank! he as very expressive eyes
gotta love 'em! :D
Aug 31, 2007 RockStarFrenchy
Hank is gorgeous!!! He looks like he has a great personality too!
Jun 24, 2008 Chance551238
Is that an I didn't do it moment
Aug 21, 2008 mak67
This little guy looks like a purebred Malanois. I'm surprised more people didn't mention it. Maybe most people aren't familiar with the breed? I'd love to own a Malanois some day...
Sep 17, 2008 empathetic28
awww he looks EXACTLY like our dog who's a german shepherd husky mix. I don't have any of the pics on here but you can check some out at
Jan 4, 2009 laps
he looks a lot like the belgium malinois breed.
Jul 28, 2009 aerome
OK this pic of Hank made me cry he looks just like my dog a grew up with I had him for 15 years. please give hank a dog bone and hug thanks bob
Nov 11, 2009 Jacey
Hank is definitely a GSD. He is NOT a Malinois in the slightest. Malinois have shorter coats, darker eyes that are almond shaped, smaller ears that are closer together, sleeker pointier muzzles (one of the biggest giveaways), and smaller noses. The only similarity here is the face mask, and GSDs have them too.
Dec 27, 2009 Kika
So Beautiful! I have one that is almost a twin!
Aug 2, 2012 SerrinaLee
I have a german shepherd mix that's almost four months old and looks identical to this one. Do you know what he is mixed with?
Aug 13, 2012 ksoentpiet
My Dog looks like they could be twins? Do you know what the mix is? We are not sure except for the German Shepard?
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