Puppy Breed: Unknown

Harley's birth mom says: Our family got Cleo, an Irish Jack Russell terrier, two years ago. We wanted to breed her just once, and in August '06 we had four puppies: Harley, Cha Cha, Babette, and Marie. Harley was the first one born, and he was breech. He kept getting "nearly born" and then slipping back inside. Finally he was born, but by that time he wasn't moving or breathing. I had never had puppies before, only kittens, so I just did what the books told me to. I took a suction bulb and sucked the mucous out of his mouth and then rubbed and rubbed him between two towels.He started breathing! Then he got a big bath from Cleo. He's been perfect ever since. Harley is brown and white with a tiny spot of black at the end of his tail, the only reference to his black-and-white dad. He was always the "pick of the litter," and everyone said if he wasn't already sold they'd love to have him. Harley was not his original name at birth (we called him Pierre), but he was so much bigger and fatter than the rest we started calling him "Fat Boy," which is a nickname for a Harley Davidson. His new family loved the idea and kept the name. Harley's personality was just a big love-bug. He was the first to bark, the first to walk, and the first to do everything -- except eat puppy food. He just wanted his mama. He was having no part of that food in a bowl! Harley went to a local family with a 13-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl.