Hatchet the Shiba Inu

Puppy Breed: Shiba Inu

I live in Wisconsin with my two humans. I love being near Mama and Daddy, meeting people and fur-friends, going for walks, going for car rides, playing in the leaves, bacon and other delicious meat, treats, and naps! I have three sisters who are guinea pigs and I am learning not to think of them as prey.

Comments (41)
DaveTheDog Oct 4, 2013
"Whenever the vet says, 'Say aaah', I like to go beyond...

Dhira Oct 4, 2013
Chilling out

ebead Oct 4, 2013
Just give me a minute. I'll be back up in no time!

Mmmousemaid Oct 4, 2013
Have a great life Hatchet. Play with your friends and your sisters.

snobles Oct 4, 2013
Sweet dreams, little Hatchet! You are adorable!

veronica Oct 4, 2013
wow, you are so cute. x

spunky Oct 4, 2013
"I need my morning tummy rub"! Hatchet, you have beautiful...

Abiglen Oct 4, 2013
Just doing my morning pup-ercise routine - push-ups are next! ...

mljgranny Oct 4, 2013
Very cute puppy!

amyliz Oct 4, 2013
Hatchet, you are such a cute little sweetie! Many happy and healthy...

daphne's mom Oct 4, 2013
Hatchet you are SO CUTE! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

p00h Oct 4, 2013
Child please!

poochielover Oct 4, 2013
All tuckered out!! Hatchet you are just adorable. I love that...

Linda.Odonnell777 Oct 4, 2013
Such a cute puppy!

buzzy Oct 4, 2013
Hatch, you have the cutest little face. Maybe your mom will change...

nancybatt1 Oct 4, 2013
I see lots of belly rubs and kisses in your future. Absolutely adorable.

miasmom Oct 4, 2013
I love Hatchet! Shiba Inu's are the smartest, sweetest dogs on...

virgilsmama Oct 4, 2013
Precious sleeping puppy, nothing like it for feeling good! Hatch is...

janet weir Oct 4, 2013
What a sweet little belly!!!!!! You are adorable Hatchet!!!!!

MY1&onlyOREO Oct 4, 2013
An angel amongst us, humans...soooo sweet, kissable; lucky humans who...

MY1&onlyOREO Oct 4, 2013
Always ready for a belly rub! Such a beautiful puppy.

goldenlover Oct 4, 2013
Aaaaaahhh! What a beauty !!

drakes' granny Oct 4, 2013
Hatchet, you are so adorable. I love markings like that, it reminds...

pelligrino Oct 4, 2013
All of the photo's if Hatchet are adorable, I had such a hard...

bluegigi Oct 4, 2013
Car rides!!!!

bluegigi Oct 4, 2013
It's exhausting being this cute!!

bluegigi Oct 4, 2013
Billions of belly rubs, please and thank you!!

gryt Oct 4, 2013
Adorable puppiness.

The Raven Oct 4, 2013
Hatchet is all ready to go. Have a great time and please don't...

kgpayne13 Oct 4, 2013
Absolutely adorable!!! Many biscuits and belly rubs to you, Hatchet!

reggie's mommy Oct 4, 2013
Puppy belly, puppy belly. Love the name Hatchet.

schotime Oct 5, 2013
When you're tired, you're tired. Lol. How precious.

pupfanatic Oct 5, 2013

longislander Oct 5, 2013
I really wanted to lie down and get some rest, but is that a guinea...

mummm Oct 5, 2013
What a little softie! He is adorable. Oct 8, 2013
Names is impressive, in that I do not have this type.

alexandra2 Oct 13, 2013
hello , I have 3 shiba indu puppies available for adoption . if...

alexandra2 Oct 13, 2013
hello , I have 3 AKC rottweller pure breed puppies available for...

monkeynbubba Oct 13, 2013
OMG; PRECIOUS! awwwwwwwwwwwwww You are beautiful. Be Happy Sweetie!

puppylove32 Oct 27, 2013
in this pic he looks so much like my cute little Blue Heeler!

/jasonnsarah.sandoval Nov 8, 2013
Awwwwwww beautiful 😅