Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Sep 11, 2012 PUPEELVR
Heidi, looks like a little stuffed animal, just precious!!!
Sep 11, 2012 Missmilamae
Well, Heidi, by the size of your bio, which is bigger than you are, it is obvious that your Mom LOVES you to pieces! And why not?...I'd have to agree that, yes, you are a real cutie and I'd want to squeeze you all the time too. Wishing you and Mom many happy years together.
Sep 11, 2012 leepem
Oh what a precious pie this one is. Makes me want one of my own, congrats hope you life together is love and happy.
Sep 11, 2012 joolie boolie
All your pix are gorgeous Heidi but this one just made me laugh! xx
Sep 11, 2012 The Raven
All your photos are amazing but this one is so precious. What a big wind, don't get blown away to OZ. Your Mother loves you so much and I totally agree, I just want to squeeze you. I better do it now, because soon you will be bigger than I am. You are a darling little girl. Heidi, Do you yodel?
Sep 11, 2012 mollyG
What a great action shot of you! You are so cute I would snuggle with you for sure!! Hope you enjoy all your adventures! Happy and healthy life to you and your family!! xoxoxo
Sep 11, 2012 goldenlover
Beautiful puppy. Love her long time too.
Sep 11, 2012 MrMotivations
...such an adorable mask....your photography captures her well !
Sep 11, 2012 amyliz
Beautiful Heidi, I loved reading your bio because it's obvious that your Mom loves you so much and that's as it should be! You really do sound like a special girl and I wish you many happy and healthy years!
Sep 11, 2012 amyliz
Nothing cuter than pooped pup! :)
Sep 11, 2012 imissjess
Heidi has a soft, sweet and smart look about her. She's absolutely lovely.
Sep 11, 2012 john1069
Heidi is a beautiful pup and i just love her look in this picture with all her markings and those ears poppin up, too cute!!
Sep 11, 2012 Abiglen
Heidi, I would love to kiss your chubby little paws/pink pads.:o) You are just so precious and sweet..... oxoxox Happy day, Heidi!!!
Sep 11, 2012 virgilsmama
Can't get much cuter or more beautiful than this! Good life to you Heidi, you hit the jackpot with this mommy, she really loves you. Heidi rules!
Sep 11, 2012 cricket92429
I'vc come to love this breed since I becan reading the Daily Puppy, The markings are awesome, as is this pup!!! I'd give you 100 if I could:)
Sep 11, 2012 MsJaxFla
Heidi, you are a beautiful fur girl. I am so happy for you and your mommy to have each other.
Sep 11, 2012 pelligrino
could not resist this funny photo of beautiful Heidi! Bye the way such a perfect name for this happy and lively sweet girl!
Sep 11, 2012 veronica
wow, so very cute x
Sep 11, 2012 LizzieBB
What a precious pup! She is BEAUTIFUL. What a lucky little one...good luck and long life little Heidi.
Sep 11, 2012 daphne's mom
What a sweet baby! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Heidi!
Sep 11, 2012 BAGEL LOVER
Woohoo!Stomped my ducky Mom, you got a new toy for me?How about some hide & seek or a treat?Heidi is adorable,love the ears!Snuffles & kisses oxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!
Sep 11, 2012 Karnyn
Awww... I used to have a berner named Heidi. She was the best dog ever!!! I miss her everyday. Your Heidi is sooo cute. I wish you all the best.
Sep 11, 2012 longislander
Heidi - what beautiful soulful eyes. You can see how smart she is. What a love. She must make coming home the best part of the day.
Sep 11, 2012 ssmmtm
Love you little, girl. Those pays, that nose, all that cute.
Sep 11, 2012 painem
I'm flying...... Hei di has a very pretty face....enjoy.
Sep 11, 2012 emmasmom26
You are so cute :) Hope you have a wonderful, happy life! :)
Sep 11, 2012 newfieluvr
cutie pie!!!
Sep 11, 2012 Oldheifer
What a great picture! I just love it! Much love and happiness being sent to you! and many belly rubs!!!
Sep 11, 2012 gryt
Oh wow is she just the cutest pup ever!
Sep 11, 2012 chelsearosebud
Heidi, you are Puppy Perfection! I'm with your Mom .... I'd want to cuddle you all day long as well. Hugs and sweet kisses from Colorado, honey. xoxo
Sep 11, 2012 Barnaby's mom
Oh Heidi, your just darling. What a beautiful face, with such expressions, you can almost tell what your thinking--very intelligent. Loved your photos, and your name, you are as cute as Shirley Temple (who played Heidi) and just as sweet. Wishing you a long life, baby girl, with lots of love and cuddles....
Sep 11, 2012 lucyandlinda
the last pic with the ears in the air as though she has her ears in rollers gave me gratitude for your baby,...... so precious!!!!! Please give heidi a kiss and a hug for me? be well and god bless. linda p
Sep 11, 2012 drakes' granny
Such a sweet adorable little girl you are Heidi for now. Big paws mean big girl later. I love the markings on your fur. Your pictures are cute especially the sleepytime one. You are such a good girl. Have fun in the water and in the snow later.
Sep 11, 2012 TearsofPearl
Such adorableness, its hard to pick one pic, your a star Heidi lots of xoxoxox
Sep 11, 2012 Jakesmum53
Heidi you are so precious and sweet looking! You sound really smart as well! I know you bring great joy to your family. Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Sep 11, 2012 poochies=love
Oh you love her so much!! And I would too. Heidi is beautiful and smart - just perfect! It makes me so happy to hear humans who are so utterly smitten with their pups! Blessings for a long wonderful life together!
Sep 11, 2012 vorner
Darling Heidi, you are a magnificent little puppy! It's no wonder your guardian wants to squeeze you all the time. Long, happy, healthy life to you, sweetheart, and many wonderful adventures with your blessed family in the years to come! XOXOXO
Sep 11, 2012 iluvk9s
All the pictures of sweet Heidi are absolutely adorable!!! What a precious fluffy baby!
Sep 11, 2012 Frankt
Oh my God!! Thank you for making this wonderful baby. Carol and Frank in Vermont
Sep 11, 2012 draucker
Love love love these dogs! I've always had Samoyeds but these are about the cutest puppies I've seen since my 2 passed away at 17!! If I ever have another dog it will be one of these!! Each picture is cuter than the one before it. Hugs and kisses to Heidi. Would love to rub my face in her fur. Seems like she is saying "it's too hot in here!"
Sep 11, 2012 NotBob
What a gorgeous little bundle of fluff and cuddles!!! So sweet!
Sep 11, 2012 ebead
Seesta Batreel! Seesta Batreel!
Sep 11, 2012 ebead
Seriously, what a PERFECT puppy!!
Sep 11, 2012 DebforNow
so cute!
Sep 11, 2012 westiefan99
What a totally fabulous puppy to greet me as I finally get internet in my new city and state! Heidi, thank you for the flying welcome!!!! I can understand why your mum loves you so much - I love you and I've never met you! Have a totally wonderful life, and I hope you and your family and friends never know anything but joy, love and laughter!
Sep 11, 2012 patlynn
How adorable!
Sep 11, 2012 Mike Harper
Heidi is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love this puppy!!!
Sep 11, 2012 SiobhanOLS
Great puppy with a great name!
Sep 11, 2012 allmyshelties
Help me Help e! Do you realize what you have done here? You have put me into a complete cute coma. Not only are Berners my favorite breed (again, don't tell my Shelties) but Heidi has to be one of the cutest little Berner pups ever. Must go now, feeling faint (swoon).
Sep 11, 2012 BostonMalteseLover
Heidi, you are the prettiest little Swiss Miss ever!! You look like such a sweet, loving little girl. Your big puppy paws mean that you'll grow up to be a big girl, but no matter how big you get, I think you'll always be a puppy on the inside. I wish you a lifetime of good health, cuddles, and smooches.
Sep 11, 2012 leia kelly
Absolutely precious! Great pic!
Sep 11, 2012 BoltTheSuperDog
Awwl ^.^
Sep 11, 2012 kathan
Heidi, you are so darn cute! I love to see pics of puppies sleeping; you look so adorable and I'd love to hug you so much. You have such an adorable smile too. Good luck sweetheart.
Sep 11, 2012 tink'smom
She's fabulous. I adore her and would love one just like her. XXXX
Sep 11, 2012 Kddid429
Sep 13, 2012 piobaire
Heidi, with her "kill", the duck. What a darling photo.
Sep 13, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Heidi, Love your markings & sweet face. You sound like the perfect puppy. Wishes for a healthy & happy life with lots of snuggles & treats from Scamp's Grammy.  0;
Sep 15, 2012 kikideemk4
She is a BEAUTIFUL little pup, congrats! Enjoy your new bundle of love:)
Sep 15, 2012 Nias Mom
Hiedi you are precious beautiful little girl ...for now, little... I hope you have a wonderful happy healthy life with your new family!!!
Sep 18, 2012 guerrero's grandma
I am victorious! MY ducky! Heidi, you are a gorgeous girl & I love all your pics! you are too too cute for words! Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you sweetie pie
Oct 10, 2012 drillteam44
so cute!
Sep 3, 2013 Cakebatter
gotta love that look! oh my goodness look at that precious baby!
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