Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Dec 16, 2007 sneezy and dach
What a lovely pup!
Dec 16, 2007 Sasafras56
How adorable! 12 biscuits for looking as pretty as she is. Little dogs have a lot of personality. Many years of happiness!!
Dec 16, 2007 libbylou
I have a husband like that!!(kisses, runs around the table, protects me -- haha) This puppy is tooooo cute! Love the "mustache"!
Dec 16, 2007 puppynut
What a sweet little boy! I have a bichon and am partial to little white fluffballs. He's adorable!
Dec 16, 2007 JaxMom
What a dreamboat!!! He's adorable and sooo precious. It's just amazing how white he is and how perfect he looks!!!! 11 bisquits!
Dec 16, 2007 PuppyMommy
Little dogs are such adorable little characters. Having been the mommy of a Silky, a Yorkie, and two Pomeranians, I can say for sure that they are a bundle of fun and high spirits. They also are totally sure they are as big as can be. My Yorkie once took a doggie bone away from her sister, a Great Dane.

Henry is absolutely beautiful. Hugs to you both.
Dec 16, 2007 lovemydogs7
Henry is very handsome. 1000 biscuits for Henry. He looks sooooooo soft.
Dec 16, 2007 magic1
Like I always say, "Little dog, big heart." (Although I might be prejudiced because a certain Bichon has captured MY heart!) Enjoy Henry! make him an extra-big batch of scrambled eggs this morning, lol
Dec 16, 2007 magic1
Like I always say, "Little dog, big heart." (Although I might be prejudiced because a certain Bichon has captured MY heart!) Enjoy Henry! make him an extra-big batch of scrambled eggs this morning, lol
Dec 16, 2007 billypup
Henry is not the same breed as Billy(my dog) because Billy is a lasarapso . But the maltees breed are alike !
Dec 16, 2007 snoopie
I?m really sorry but that puppy is one of the ugliest I have ever seen. hihi smile ;-)
Dec 16, 2007 whoopiwho
Gorgeous little fellow......11 biscuits!! Hard time picking a favorite picture!!
Dec 16, 2007 RonDog
beautiful little much love to give...a zillion biscuits to go along with your eggs little buddy.:)
Dec 16, 2007 pomtzu
Henry - what a sweet little fluppy puppy you are! I just love the little ones that are fluffy, shaggy or scruffy. They have such personality!
Live long and happy. Hope Santa brings you lots of goodies!

And I see the weekend trolls are at work again. Ignore them Henry - they're just jealous because you are such a cutie with personality plus.
Dec 16, 2007 Buster
You can tell Henry loves the camera! Soooo cute..the only other pup that is cuter is my Maltese Buster! I can't agree more about the love, devotion, softness maximized, and the fact that they are such a huge dog in a little body. I know Buster would love to run circles around anything with Henry..they would have a blast. How old and how big is Henry? Paws to you both!!
Dec 16, 2007 doogiesmom
What a sweetie! Give him lots of kisses. Eleven bisquits for him.
Dec 16, 2007 rexandbaby
Life is just so much fun, but where are the shoes?
Dec 16, 2007 pauz4paws
"O Henry"......what a little fluffer stuff of a pup you are! I bet you are a real bundle of personality too............dragging your Mom's shoes all that's a sight to see. You're precious & beautiful and I hope Mommy's making you some scrambled eggs right now!! 11+ biscuits for you and have a wonderful Christmas! xoxo
Note to "snoopie" There's no such thing as an ugly puppy, only ugly people! Go back under your bridge troll!
Dec 16, 2007 KuvaszKountry
What a cutie!!!!...I love his expression with his ears, his head and his speaks volumes!
Dec 16, 2007 OleBrumm
Oh, how soft and sweet-looking your little Henry is! I hope you have many happy years together. A zillion biscuits for him!
Dec 16, 2007 Grandma Helen of CT
I also have a maltese, and now I know how to have his groomer give him his cut. Henry's hair is beautifully done. Enjoy Henry for many years...aren't they just a bundle of joy? I hope Henry receives many toy's for Christmas.xxxooo
Dec 16, 2007 susannajon
I have a Cockapoo who reminds me of your little fur-ball. We jokingly call her "Little Yeti" between groomings. Enjoy your sweet little boy for years to come!
Dec 16, 2007 goldenluvr
Henry, go hike your leg on snoopie!! Keeping that fur so pretty and white is either a full-time job, or he doesn't go outside ever!! What a precious little marshmallow he is!!
Dec 16, 2007 bigbobbie123
What a beautiful puppy! If I could give him 100 biscuits, I would. You are very lucky to have him.
Dec 16, 2007 clemency
Henry is so fluffy and cute! Wish I could pet that soft fur! 11 biscuits!
Dec 16, 2007 veslocki
Great cheerful dog ... right name
Dec 16, 2007 bellaboosmom
Absolute marshallowie cuteness! Enjoy you new baby! Can't pic a favorite picture - they are all to darling!
Dec 16, 2007 DogMom
This dog is such a delicious morsel of a puppy. He looks like spun sugar. Kisses and love to such a cute puppy....
Dec 16, 2007 molly's mom
How adorable Henry is, my Molly is a maltichon and has this same quizzical look!!!!They are such sweet white furballs, just loads of fun who think they should play 24 hours a day!!!Have fun!!!!
Dec 16, 2007 Attaya
Aww this little guy is so sweet! Give him a smooch for me.
Dec 16, 2007 FRITZY
He would have me at hello too!!!! And his name......henry........HOW ADORABLE!!! What a cuttie!!! I love him. ;)
Dec 16, 2007 Terry C
I?m really sorry but that puppy is one of the ugliest I have ever seen. hihi smile ~ by snoopie
He's smarter than YOU are. Get a life.
Dec 16, 2007 Terry C
Being adorable is HARD WORK.

It even makes pathetic trolls jealous.
Dec 16, 2007 sylvanbliss
I love scrambled eggs on Sunday mornings and Henry. Call me smitten! Utterly delightful bio! Those tiny teeth must not harm shoes very much.

Happy to have met you, Henry!
Dec 16, 2007 Jennb3
He looks like he is laughing very hard in this picture. What a cutie pants!!!!
Dec 16, 2007 goldenlover
" Oh, I'm so glad I'm all you ever wanted !! And. please, please don't call me Hank !!"
Dec 16, 2007 Terry C
Hmmm, can't get the picture to come up.
Dec 16, 2007 surgprincess
Such a sweetie.....enjoy him!
Dec 16, 2007 Dottie
Why is it that the Golden Retrievers and Labs average about 10.75 biscuits, whereas cute little darlings like Henry can barely manage to get above 10? I don't get it. He is adorable. I mean, Goldens are wonderful and all that, but these little poochers are just as great!
Dec 16, 2007 sharon1951
Henry is beautiful! I love the story and the puppy. I know what you mean about loving him so much, that's how I feel about my Holly.

Dec 16, 2007 Lizanne
Henry, Henry, Henry! ! ! ! You had me a "CLICK." You are all of the above and more. Just in time for Christmas I needed to see a very bright, shining, fluffy Star on the Daily Puppy. He is you, Henry.
Hugs and Lovies to yo & Mom and have a Merry Christmas.
Here's to many fluffy years together.
Elizabeth 7 Miss Katie =O)
Dec 16, 2007 Lizanne
Oh, my goodness!!! Excuse me Henry, but I just read about the little Yorkie who took a toy bone away from a Great Dane. <GRIN> I have had both Dane and Yorkie, but not together, but I KNOW that little Cassie (Yorkie) could have and would have taken a bone away from my Dane, Miss Katie. She was QUEEN of the HOME. <BIG SMILE>
Now, Henry, my love, go back and enjoy your eggs and have a happy day and lots of eggs on Sundays and everything good in life. Hugs.
Oh yes, This is to DoggyMommy.
Dec 16, 2007 abelover
What a cutie! If only I had a dog like Henry! Enjoy your life together! =0)
Dec 16, 2007 LittleLer
Absolutely precious. As the owner of a yorkie poo who's just as fluffy and spunky, I can appreciate your bundle of fluff. He's adorable. Enjoy!
Dec 16, 2007 jarpope
What a great little face! He reminds me of my dear little Molly. How I do miss her (my Lhassa Apso...same button eyes and sweet expression)...she's been gone for 10 years, and still holds that special place in my heart. With a face like Henry's, you can imagine why! I think Henry is precious.

Snoopy should have held to the old addage, "if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all". Some people don't know when to quit.

Just ignore him... and have a great day! Henry is a perfect Daily Puppy! Enjoy your baby. :-)
Dec 16, 2007 FRITZY
I just read Sloopie's comment. How rude. If you have nothing postive to say then you should say anything at all. Henry is precious, cute, and loved. Your negative comments are not welcomed and I am happy to tell Henry's human that he is ablsolutely adorable and I am happy that he is theres!!!!!
Dec 16, 2007 Aoife364
I cannot imagine anything cuter than this baby! Absolutely adorable. I'm sure he's as sweet as he looks and brings great joy to your life.
Dec 16, 2007 Maltese Crew
Henry ~ 1,000,000,000 biscuits!!!!!!
You are adorable!!!! :) :) :)
Dec 16, 2007 postiemayer
Way too cute for words. Not really enthralled with little fluffy things but this one is adorable and you can tell he has character which is what I love about small dogs (that and their attitudes!). Wishing you many happy years with this pretty boy.
Dec 16, 2007 Mummm
What an absolute doll! Henry looks like he is so much fun!
Dec 16, 2007 cjmath
What is WRONG with you people!!!!!!! Why does this sweet bit o' fluff not have ALL 11 BICUITS filled in!!!!!!! What a happy and loving little face. I bet Henry is a ton of fun. I am so glad he makes you so happy..that is what it is all about with doggies!
Dec 16, 2007 bbba80
Henry, what a cute, sweet little face you have. Your button nose and eyes are unbelievably cute. I'd love to run my fingers through your pretty white fur. It sounds like you've made your mom very happy. Hugs to you.
Dec 16, 2007 Posh Tater
LOOK at that face! So serious, so cheeky, so cute, so grown-up. He's just beautiful.

(Good luck with the shoes thing!)

Posh Tater and Parsnip.
Dec 16, 2007 Tracy Kemmer
I LOVE him. I hope someday I am able to get my Multipoo. I know Henry is a Malteese. A multi just has one parent that is toy poodle and they are so cute too. You are so very lucky to have him. PLEASE give him a hug and a kiss for me, I would do it myself but I bet I live to far away. (Michigan)
Dec 16, 2007 Daphne's Mom
What a cute little ball of fluff! Henry is too cute for words! I hope Santa brings him lots of toys. My lab/chow mix is also very protective of mommy. If I'm sleeping she sits there and watches me. Happy Holidays to you and Henry! Sloppy puppy kisses from my little girl Daphne.
Dec 16, 2007 tabby10655
I never commented on a puppy before, but after seeing Henry I just couldn't resist! This has to be one of the most beautiful, sweetest puppies I have ever seen! Good luck to both of you!!
Dec 16, 2007 jenga68
Awww. Henry is so cute!
Dec 16, 2007 nash5081
Dearest Henry, You are a very GOOD BOY ! You're making your Mommy VERY happy. Keep up the good work.... Tell Mommy that scrambled eggs are very good for your coat????? To Mommy... many years of happiness with your little guy, he's darling. Love and licks from New Mexico, and of course 11 biscuits
Dec 16, 2007 sue
hes sooooooooooo cute
Dec 16, 2007 tazjt
What a beautiful baby! Many biscuits and kisses!
Dec 16, 2007 Jess
Henry looks like he's been worth waiting for. Enjoy many happy eggy Sunday mornings together.
Dec 16, 2007 mandykw
What a silly, adorable little boy. I love him! And his name suits him perfectly :)
Dec 16, 2007 sam'smom
Henry, you're quite the little charmer - what a handsome boy ! Your mom is so very lucky to have you as her protector - 11 biscuits to go with your scrambled eggs.
Dec 16, 2007 bopeep
Hi little Henry, you are such a cutie. You remind me a lot of my little Missy, who is a Maltipoo, although she is not quite as white and fluffy as you. Hope you enjoyed your scrambled eggs today. Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits.
Dec 16, 2007 k_cyn
Oh little Henry you are precious!!! too cute!!!
Many kisses,hugs and biscuits to you!!!
Happy Holidays!!!
Dec 16, 2007 petluver
I love all the pictures, but this just stole my heart! Henry does look incrediably soft! Lots of Christmas biscuits and belly rubs!!
Dec 16, 2007 JunieB
"Why yes, I would love some chicken. Thanks ever so much!" :) What an adorable little pup!!!
Dec 16, 2007 Sandra
Oh my God, what a cutie. A friend has a little Maltese named Susie. You should all come to my house for a play date with my Bichons. But with all that cuteness we might all have heart attacks. hahahahaha
Dec 16, 2007 Terry C
"snoopie" needs to get a life. He's an inadequate little loser who has to say nasty things to make himself feel better.
Dec 16, 2007 randomearrings
What a gorgeous puppy Henry is, so handsome! Zillions of bones, kisses and belly rubs to your beautiful baby xx

(Ignore the trolls, they are just jealous)
Dec 16, 2007 lablove
Henry, you're the most handsome little white ball of fur I've ever seen. Snoopie, you need to get glasses!
Dec 16, 2007 mash18020
Now that's the way to spend a Sunday :-) Henry, you are adorable!!! And you better stay outta the mud.....such a cute little cotton ball. I hope you have a long, healthy fun life.....and a million doggie treats to you!!!! :-)

Henrys mommy....please ignore the STUPID comment that has appeared in comes from a useless source.

As for you "snoopie".....why don't you go dig a hole in the back yard and jump in it.
Dec 16, 2007 Frasier'smom
OOOHHH Henry!!!!! Your are soo CUTE!!!!! We just got a little Maltese in our family.....she's a SHE!!!! You'd like her!!!! Her name is "Bella." I just love your little "yawn" and that cute little mouth and those little teeth!!!! Love the picture where you look like you are sitting there waiting for your chicken or eggs to be "served!" And who could refuse!!!! You are adorable!!!! As for the ugly comment from "snoopie", we will just feed you a can of WORMS, although that probably would not be anything new to you,...and I agree with mash18020, go dig a hole and jump in it!!!! Millions of biscuits to you Henry, you little handsome guy!!!!
Dec 16, 2007 2pups1kit
He looks like spun sugar...VERY sweet!
11 biscuits & best wishes for happy, healthy, long life!
Dec 16, 2007 casey's mom
Henry is very charming, and sounds like he is a bundle of fun and energy, as well as a beautiful 'velcro dog', they follow us everywhere! My Casey is a Maltese and I have found this breed to be so intelligent, so easy to train, affectionate, and they are all about cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles. Many happy years with Henry, such a joy to own, no doubt!
Dec 16, 2007 iammetlc
Henry is truly, a precious pup!
Dec 16, 2007 lorettay
Henry is just so beautiful and charming. His essence helps me to recall those good times I have with my dog who died a year ago. thanks for those shared photos. They are beautiful.
Dec 16, 2007 Puppylove13
Henry's SO cute...and inquisitive - looks like he's listening to every word you say and doesn't miss a thing!!
Dec 16, 2007 noseprints
Henry is so cute and playful. I'm sure your enjoying every minute with him. Have a wonderful life with
your puppy!
Dec 16, 2007 Dan76
He's very cute!
Dec 16, 2007 thetopazsmurf
Waht a cutie you are Henry..Sounds like You will get plenty of Love ;-)... To henry's Mom, it is great you have found such a great little companion..Many many years of Fun and love to ya both..
Dec 16, 2007 BTLabs
Your description of Henry as, "everything I've ever wanted and couldn't have for all of my life" brought tears to my eyes. I'm sure he loves you just as much. What an adorable little fluff ball!
Dec 17, 2007 Teeru
Little Henry, kisses and cuddle and 11 biscuits. Love this pic of yours.
Dec 17, 2007 FaeWilde
I have a three year old Maltese named Benji . . . aren't they the greatest little dogs EVER??? Your Henry is just precious!!
Dec 17, 2007 Mikkimrado
He's such a doll!!!! :)
Dec 17, 2007 roscoeroxypepper
he is sooo cute, he looks just like my moms maltese "Boggie"
Dec 17, 2007 pupsrule
Henry is such an adorable little charmer. You can see the personality on his precious face. Enjoy your little snuggle-bug. He is an 11+ biscuit dog for sure!
Dec 17, 2007 olgadabest
Oh are beautiful! Would love to run my fingers thru your fur. Hugs and kisses to you!
Dec 17, 2007 nancy814
Henry is such a cutie!! Love this picture.
Dec 17, 2007 marleysmom
What a precious puff of cuteness!
Dec 17, 2007 dogsrdivine
Henry is such a cute guy. I can easily see where he had you at Hello. Thank you for sharing your sweet, furry, pearl of a pup with us & best wishes to you both.
Dec 17, 2007 piobaire
Kinda looks like Henry is having a bad hair day. I have a friend who has a maltese and he's a little bundle of energy and fun. Enjoy your little cottonball!!
Dec 17, 2007 LisaLisa
Puppy yawns are so adorable. :-) Henry sounds like a dream come true for you - I can see why you love him so much! He's just gorgeous and sounds like he has the sweetest little personality. I loved his photos.
Dec 18, 2007 shortysmom
They are like angel clouds. Wonderful dogs with great hearts
Dec 19, 2007 Muktabai
I have to think that snoopie meant their comment as a joke but wasn't able to get that across. Henry is a love - so affiliative - I love how he is looking right at you in most of the pics. He obviously adores you. He's an absolute charmer and total cutie pie with looks and personality to spare! Most definitely 11 biscuits!
Dec 25, 2007 miley1006
Dec 27, 2007 javamom
OH HENRY!! you couldn't be any cuter if you tried! Live long and "paws"per little guy!
Dec 28, 2007 SAM0iiN3
33W N33DSZ A HAiiRCUT... LMA0!!
Dec 28, 2007 SAM0iiN3
33W N33DSZ A HAiiRCUT... LMA0!!
Dec 28, 2007 SAM0iiN3
33W N33DSZ A HAiiRCUT... LMA0!!
Jan 15, 2008 Wosie
Cutest little button nose! He looks so intelligent (and mischievous). Cuddles and smooches for that widdle guy!
Jan 16, 2008 ElaineLovett
You are blessed! I have a Bonnie he would love. She takes good care of me!
Apr 4, 2008 Marsie13
malteses are my favourite breed of all dogs and the name Henry suits him ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 xxx
Apr 4, 2008 Marsie13
malteses are my favourite breed of all dogs and the name Henry suits him ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 xxx
Mar 17, 2009 weezie
sweet dog
Sep 18, 2010 pelligrino
It's so great that you have given sweet little Henry such a loving homme. He is an adorable ball of white fluff. This face would get me evrytime. Hugs, kises and belly rubs little man.
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