Higgins the Labrador Retriever

Puppy Breed: Labrador Retriever

Higgins is a chocolate Labrador, a lover, and a fighter. Mr. Higgins doesn't take no for an answer (because he doesn't ask questions). He loves food, and only food. However, he's happy to count all matter as food. Even at three months, he knows sit, speak, lie down, shake, roll over, bell-ringing, and he's a pretty good fondue chef (chocolate Lab). Higgins can't eat chocolate, however, as it's a poison to him. Higgins is a very polite puppy. He has stopped biting people, rings the bell to go out, and he only uses a salad fork for salad. His favorite toy is a squeaky sting ray, but his favorite ray is Ray Charles. Higgins is an excellent runner and jumper -- except he's a bad stopper and lander. Frankly, Higgins won't be in any Olympics. Not enough finesse. He's more of a street fighter -- all fight, no glory. Also, Higgins loves hugs.