Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Mar 4, 2012 caraschotch
I simply cannot imagine the black heart of anyone who would give you fewer than 11 bickies, Hotch! You are an absolute doll, and I am certain that you make your people very very happy. Long life and good health to you, sweetheart! Kisses, cuddles, and cookies from Cara...
What a Happy pup! Keep having fun little darling, hugs, kisses and treats coming your way! xx
Mar 4, 2012 SiobhanOLS
Of course every one wants to pet you, Hotch! Who could resist that massive coat of puppy fluff? And if that doesn't suck them in (though I couldn't see why) , this smile certainly will!
Mar 4, 2012 dorieG
Hotch, what an absolutely adorable ball of puppy fluff you are!!! I'm coming right over to steal you!! May you have a long, happy life with your family!!! kisses and belly rubs from Te Aviv!!!
Mar 4, 2012 BostonMalteseLover
This is clearly a pup who wants to be petted! But it can't just be Hotch's beautiful fluffy coat that people are drawn to. His 5-star personality must suck people in too!!
Mar 4, 2012 Missmilamae
Beautiful baby lucky to be lying in some green grass (I am yearning for some green grass,lol, tired of winter). Wishing you many happy, fun filled years ahead.
Mar 4, 2012 dogluvr857
Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
Mar 4, 2012 bdadog
what an awesome little lion of a guy-obvioulsy with a gentle spirit. Sending love and belly rubs from Bermuda!
Mar 4, 2012 sedentarynomad
What a guy! What a gorgeous little guy!
Mar 4, 2012 Lonejoan
Hotch, you stole my heart! You are an angel of a puppy with those sweet eyes and puppy yawn. I wish you a long, healthy, happy life filled with squeaky toys, belly rubs, cookies, cuddles and kisses, you sweet baby!
Mar 4, 2012 goldenlover
Beautiful puppy and a terrific story.
Mar 4, 2012 john1069
You bet he's awesome...He's too beautiful, his fur markings reminds me of rabbit fur, just beautiful. Train him to be sweet, but keep that natural instinct of the Sheppard in him...
Mar 4, 2012 sunnylover
Can I give Hotch 12 biscuits? He certainly deserves them. What a great dog!
Mar 4, 2012 poochies=love
These pictures are so good. Hotch is quite a captivating pup. Just beautiful!
Mar 4, 2012 Carrie76
Wow what a beautiful boy ;-) happy smiley pup enjoy x x x
Mar 4, 2012 Sibes
Hotch, You're BEAUTIFUL.And look at that little pink tongue. Now give me some wet puppy kisses.
Mar 4, 2012 coonhoundmama
Is that a big smile or a yawn? The smile would come from a big personality and a yawn would come from Hotch's very busy life. What a handsome boy! Beautiful coat and eyes. Many happy healthy years ahead for Hotch with treats and adventures.
Mar 4, 2012 laurielloyd
what a cutie.
Mar 4, 2012 joolie boolie
Hello Hotch (great name). I am loving that blue eye - its amazing! I just want to scoop you up from this picture and cuddle you xx
Mar 4, 2012 malawi
What a stunning Aussie you are Hotch!
Mar 4, 2012 Frances016
"it's so very tiring, give out all those licks & kisses but it makes me very happy". Hotch you're such a stunning boy & I've fallen in love with you. Bet your folks love you to bits.Wish you were mine. Lots of happiness & good health always. xxxx
Mar 4, 2012 chelsearosebud
Hotch, you are an adorable little guy with the most fluffy coat of puppy fur. Wishing you lots of love, fun, and adventure with your family who is obviously crazy about you. xoxo
Mar 4, 2012 WATERDOG
Hotch, you furry little munchkin, you are awesome, Cheers!
Mar 4, 2012 pelligrino
Can you say happy!
Mar 4, 2012 Mike Harper
What a gorgeous little man! We have a blue Merle just like this puppy that is 5 yrs old named Meeko. I know you will have many happy years with Hotch. May he bless your lives for ever.
Mar 4, 2012 tink'smom
Oh Hotch, what an irresistible little boy you are. Come here, baby...I would love to be your mama. Makes sure your family treats you well and you be a good boy for them. XXXX
Mar 4, 2012 drakes' granny
Awesome is a mild word to discribe this little guy. The coloring of his coat and the color of his eyes are just so lovely (handsome). He sounds like a sweetheart too. Many cuddles and treats for Hotch.
Mar 4, 2012 daphne's mom
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Hotch!
Mar 4, 2012 swimerlem
What a cutie! Beautiful markings and big happy smile. Love of puppy love!
Mar 4, 2012 molly's mom
What a cute pic of this beauty!!!!!
Mar 4, 2012 amyliz
Hotch, I would definitely be one of the people lining up to pet you! Wow, you are a stunner and I'm sure that you are as fun and sweet as you are gorgeous! Many happy and healthy years to you!
Mar 4, 2012 Aluvspup
Wow what a gorgeous puppy! Many hugs and kisses!!!xoxoox
Mar 4, 2012 madeline
What a kind little Puppy ! so cute and attractive.... He seems to be playful and sweet !
Mar 4, 2012 tomthumb
Hotch, you are awesome! What a beauty. Many hugs and kisses are coming your way from Dawn Renee in Illinois.
Mar 4, 2012 JanW
This pose would stop me every time, Hotch! You are one awesome puppy! Your coloring and markings are just beautiful! Wishing you many years of love and tummy rubs, sweetheart!
Mar 4, 2012 corgimom69
OMG! I have never seen such a gorgeous Aussie. You have to be very proud of your new furry child. Give him a hug and kiss for me.
Mar 4, 2012 Scamp's Grammy
Hotch, Unusual is wonderful! Love your coloring, your eyes and that bright pink tongue. What a handsome puppy! Wishes for a healthy & happy life with tons of treats & cuddles from Scamp's Grammy.
Mar 4, 2012 Globehead42
ur so cute hotch!
Mar 4, 2012 cricket92429
Mar 4, 2012 okied
What a beautiful boy!
Mar 4, 2012 jerryballew
What a doll you are Hotch the Australian Shepherd. Such a jolly boy.
Mar 4, 2012 Ash24
Love this little guy and the breed!! He's super adorable, I could eat him up!! I have a blue merle myself and have grown up with Aussies, they are the best!! Get him into frisbee, you'll both be entertained for hours!
Mar 4, 2012 iluvk9s
Awww what an adorable fluffy baby!! Zillions of kisses, cookies and hugs for Hotch!!!
Mar 4, 2012 clemency
So sweet and adorable!
Mar 4, 2012 allmyshelties
It took me forever to chose a picture but the pink tongue and fuzzy head got me. Hotch is over the moon adorable. One blue eye is common among merles of all breeds and it certainly is super cute on Hotch. He has stolen my heart.
Mar 4, 2012 Mars
What a beauty, with all the different colours in his fur. Very handsome too!
Mar 4, 2012 The Raven
Could you just imagine what Hotch would look like if he had two blue eyes? He would hypnotize anyone in his immediate area. Ge this lad a job, a career, a herd of sheep. He will keep you on your toes. Enjoy this fine fetching lad.
Mar 4, 2012 monkeynbubba
Deeply adorable! May you all have many years of joy and friendship with each other...
Mar 4, 2012 giang.julia
your eyes are so special
Mar 4, 2012 kgpayne13
Hotch, you are so wonderful! I can see why no one can walk by you without stopping to say hi. Many biscuits and belly rubs to you, sweetie!
Mar 4, 2012 mychiensr1
Hotch is such a handsome and a very happy boy. I love your happy, beautiful smiles:-). XOXOXO!
Mar 4, 2012 westiefan99
Someone said something about singing for their supper. I didn't want to miss my supper, so . . . . . !!! Hotch, no one could ever deny you anything. Have a wonderful life, you fluffy beauty!
Mar 4, 2012 Tarasa
What an adorable pooch. The doggy world's answer to David Bowie! :-)
Mar 4, 2012 AdoptADog
OMG, look at how over the top cute you are! Aussies are the best snugglers and most fun. Hugs and tummy rubs to you.
Mar 4, 2012 Veritie8
You are the cutest puppy ever. Great life to you and yours!
Mar 5, 2012 guerrero's grandma
What a sweeeeet face! such beautiful eyes & great coloring... I love Aussie's coloring, they're like snowflakes--no 2 alike... Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you Long & Happy & Healthy Life to you beautiful boy
Mar 5, 2012 Misty Rose
Hoch, you are just BEAUTIFUL!! So unique and your eyes, oh my! Many kisses and belly rubs to you, sweetie.
Mar 5, 2012 bestfriends
Aussies are wonderful dogs. I can't say it any better than Guerrero's Grandma. Enjoy Hotch. Give him a tummy rub for me.
Mar 5, 2012 veronica
you are adorable. x
Mar 5, 2012 Judith Cox
Oh, you sweet boy. You look ike you are laughing out loud! Many happy, healthy years and lots of fun!
Mar 6, 2012 wolfgirl66
Sweet Hotch is very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 7, 2012 Smitty's Dad
Hotch!! You made my day!! You are adorable! Have a wonderful puppy life!!
Mar 9, 2012 Luna114
Beautiful!!! This picture is so cute he's looking up like "do you need something"!! if you don't mind me asking Id like to know where you got him from =) Thanks
Mar 12, 2012 kellym
STELLA!!!!!!!! Y ou are a curie, Hotch!
Mar 12, 2012 kellym
Bleh, autocorrect strikes again. You are a cutie Hotch!!
Mar 12, 2012 nancy24tarn
Hotch, you are so lucky to have found a loving family..Wherever you go i know you will bring happiness.. So adorable and beautiful are YOU! Tons of hugs and kisses from Cindy's mom in New Jersey...
Apr 5, 2012 iluv me
Luvin the Pic and the blue and brown eyes they make this pup look even more adorable than ever xx And i can see that this one Aussie is going be the most perfect companion for you he will do anything to obey his master Hotch will say xox
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