Huckleberry the German Shepherd

Puppy Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Hi, my name is Huckleberry. I live on a farm in Virginia where I love to swim in the pond and chase the geese...sometimes I try to herd the ponies too! My best friend is my brother Guinness, a golden retriever pup my exact same age. I love tennis balls but my favorite toy is my orange bumper. I can chase that bumper--in the water, across the fields, even up a tree--all day long.

Comments (52)
ebead May 9, 2013
Ohhhhhhh, my Huckleberry friend!! What an incredible doggy!!!

luxirocks May 9, 2013
Huckleberry- You're sooooooo cute! Lots of hugs,...

RobinSpringer May 9, 2013
I'm in love.... "I'm all shook up!" LOL He's...

London Calling May 9, 2013
What a happy looking pup.

Abiglen May 9, 2013
Huckleberry, what a cute name for a very cute puppy :-) Adventures...

longislander May 9, 2013
Huckleberry, you are 100% adorable. You look happy and healthy and...

veronica May 9, 2013
so very adorable x

amyliz May 9, 2013
Huckleberry, you are SO adorable and I just know you are a good boy!...

goldenlover May 9, 2013
Beautiful puppy. Wonderful breed. Great friend with the Golden...

Mmmousemaid May 9, 2013
Fave file

bluegigi May 9, 2013
Look at those big feets on Huckleberry - you're gonna be a BIG...

daphne's mom May 9, 2013
Huckleberry you sure are cute! I hope you have a long happy and...

meganbooth May 9, 2013
Huckleberry you are adorable & sounds like you have the perfect life!...

Rastaman May 9, 2013
"Secretly plotting my next move... " Huckleberry, with all...

janet weir May 9, 2013
Peek-a-boo Huckleberry! You are one adorable baby boy! I would love...

buzzy May 9, 2013
Hey Huck, you are quite a handsome puppy. I bet your a rascal when no...

chelsearosebud May 9, 2013
I give you a "10" Huckleberry! You are off-the-charts...

poochies=love May 9, 2013
Well Huck, I love your name; I love all the pictures and I especially...

Kylie&Ollie'sMom May 9, 2013
Such a beautiful smiley face! Precious boy!

Sibes May 9, 2013
Very cute. And a cool name to boot.

msmulkie May 9, 2013
oh huckleberry you are adorable and brilliant!

WATERDOG May 9, 2013
Man, those geese are quick! And they always head for the...

drakes' granny May 9, 2013
Busy little Huckleberry. So very cute. I'm sure you brighten up...

Judith Cox May 9, 2013
You are just too adorable. Long life and lots of hugs and kisses.

GSDLVR May 9, 2013
Gorgeous, handsome,lovable Huckleberry! Mwah!

Jasmine J May 9, 2013
Just don't get much cuter than this! This little guy looks like...

schotime May 9, 2013
I didn't do it. It must have been Guiness!

allmyshelties May 9, 2013
Oh Huckleberry, it was so hard to choose a picture, but I chose this...

The Raven May 9, 2013
Huckleberry, I adore GSD's..... and you are such a darling...

mommabehr May 9, 2013
i think i just died from cuteness overload

UrsaDad May 9, 2013
My girl is almost nine, but I remember those goofy lopsided,...

piobaire May 9, 2013
Huck, you sure are cute when you're all raggedly looking with...

gryt May 9, 2013
Awwww, I love him!!

jawaterfall May 9, 2013
You must have been pick of the litter! So much better than red collar...

puppies are cute May 9, 2013
i love how this puppy is so CUTE!!!

puppies are cute May 9, 2013
i am 12 years old. i love puppies so much. i love this puppy!

nancybatt1 May 9, 2013
Yes, I love a day by the water. Relaxing and getting some sun. Adorable

tlcmlc May 9, 2013
Can you see me now?? How about now?? Gotta find some taller grass!!...

earnesen May 9, 2013
Love that boy!!! I grew up with a German Shepherd like you and now i...

earnesen May 9, 2013
Oh, and this is the photo that I like the best of all! So focused -...

kgpayne13 May 9, 2013
Huckleberry, I'm just mad about you! You are the cutest thing...

westiefan99 May 9, 2013
Whoa! What's THAT! Huckleberry, what a loveable, huggable,...

nancy24tarn May 9, 2013
Well, Huckleberry, your markings are gorgeous!!! I wish your mom and...

susienev May 9, 2013
Huckleberry has the cutest ears ever!!! What a precious puppy!!!!!

flutey48 May 9, 2013
I'm looking for Guinness! Was hoping to see them together in one...

JanW May 9, 2013
Huckleberry, you are one beautiful boy who will be growing up faster...

diane0905 May 9, 2013
He's sooo beautiful!

michelepat51 May 9, 2013
Gosh Huck, you really have that puppy ear thing going! You look like...

ellitalk May 10, 2013
oops! sorry Mom. didnt mean to get all...

virgilsmama May 10, 2013
Whoa, cutie, sorry I missed you yesterday! Along with your name, oh...

mandyb May 11, 2013
You are beautiful! xx

iluvk9s May 22, 2013
Huckleberry is such a precious baby!!!!