Monday, July 28, 2014
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Apr 3, 2006 jessica
oh my gosh. i can just see the beagle in him. he is so adorable.
Apr 3, 2006 Reggie
Love the bath photo!!!!! precious!
Apr 3, 2006 Jiffy-s Mom
Beautiful puppy!
Apr 3, 2006 Holly
What an angel face. 11 bones from me.
Apr 3, 2006 Heather
Oh My Goodness! This puppy is the cutest thing that I've ever seen. He's absolutely adorable! :)
Apr 3, 2006 Janine
Way Way Way To Cute, I would just LOVE to Hug
Him. Thanks For Sharing. : )
Apr 3, 2006 puppyluver
the bath photo is the best! i also like the one where he thinks he can fly! all in all he is so cute!
Apr 3, 2006 jobo
oh, my god, the perfect dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 3, 2006 Chas.
Holy Crap, that is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
Apr 3, 2006 christin
that dog seriousley like cam from hevan or something he is the cutest dog in the world to me and trust me my dog is not the cutest dog in te world but he is cute and that dog is even cuter to me and i hate to say that
Apr 3, 2006 Angela
awww he's so precious!
what a perfect mix!
Apr 3, 2006 personwhowillgetapapillonsomeday
i love that dog!!!
Apr 3, 2006 PuppyLover
Can I have Him??????
Apr 3, 2006 anonymous
Hudson is one precious pup. How can you give less than 11 biscuits to those beautiful brown eyes?
Apr 3, 2006 Shiz
perfect! stupendous! I love him!!
Apr 3, 2006 Amber-s mom
What an awsome cute puppy. Love the second pic. You added the classic bath tub picture, he might be mad at you when he grows up.
Apr 4, 2006 courtney
he's adorable
Apr 4, 2006 Rainmountain
This is one big sweetheart!
I'm still wondering how they produced Beagle / Lab puppies .... :)
Apr 4, 2006 Krista-Nikki
i have a puppy almost exactly llike him, except she is lab/retriever/beagle. but they look a lot alike. Does he get wrinkles on his forehead when he is tried? So cute......11 bones from me
Apr 5, 2006 freckles
so adorable. we raise labs and they are so cute. we have so much fun with them. i luv ur puppy its so cute :)
Apr 10, 2006 Michelle in PA
Makes me want to head to the puppy store every time I see him!
Apr 24, 2006 David Clark
I have one! of course you get 11 bicuits!
Apr 24, 2006 Suzanne Fox
He's so cute-your mom called to talk today and sent me a pix of your baby....almost as cute as a little black and white puppy who's now 7!!!
May 29, 2006 Donna Kowalkowski
Love your dog. My 10 year old just passed away last week. She was a beagle/terrier mix mute and I miss her very much. I'm now looking for a beagle/lab mix for our family. In hybred terms they are called beago's. Can't find a breeder anywhere. Maybe you could help me. I live in Pgh PA area.
Jun 5, 2006 Kevin
Wow... he is ridiculously cute. I can't even stand it! What a great lookin dog.
Jun 9, 2006 libby
oh so cute
Jul 7, 2006 Emilee
How cute! This makes me want a Beago even more! I have been looking for a great beagle cross and this is so much cutter than a puggle
Jul 18, 2006 Mike
I want one! Please help me find either a Beagle/Lab or Beagle/Retriever. Please!
Jul 18, 2006 Mike
Sorry, I am an idiot! No www
Jul 31, 2006 Beagle Maniac
I love him! He is so adorable! I have a yellow lab and a beagle and have always wondered what the two would look like i know and they are ADORABLE!!! Hudson got 11 biscuits from me!!!
Jul 31, 2006 Beagle Lover
oooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 31, 2006 Puppy lovers
We just love Hudson and would like to find a beagle/lab or beagle/retriever mix. If you have any info that would help us, please email us at Thanks! and hugs to Hudson!
Aug 6, 2006 Kristine Hunt
I would like to know where I can find a Beago breeder. Please let me know.
Sep 7, 2006 Sarah
Beago's are actually Beagle/GOlden Retriever Mixes...they look quite similar to this dog. A Beagle/Lab mix is called a Labbe. This information can all be found at http://www.dogbreedi I got my Beago from a shelter. I havnt had any luck finding a breeder either. Sorry
Sep 8, 2006 Lizzie
OMG!!!He's the cutest puppy on the planet!!!!
Sep 11, 2006 adrai
wow he's so cute
Sep 14, 2006 seeking a yellow labbe
he is adorable..any for sale ?!
Sep 28, 2006 mindy
He is the cutest thing....My chocolate lab is in heat and i had her outside on her run to go potty and i think she got bred by a beagle that i just saw hanging around. Anyway i will need to find homes for them if this the case and as cute as they are it shouldnt be too hard, please let me know if you are interested, i am located in ohio. Thanks
Sep 30, 2006 Susin4
He is so so so cute I love him I wish he were mine I want hime so so so much Jamie
Oct 1, 2006 nick
what kind of dog is it though(breed)
Oct 9, 2006 tina
he is too cute in the 4th and last pics!
Oct 9, 2006 Elizabeth
that puppy stare is soooooooooooo cute I could eat him right up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
Oct 20, 2006 jj
awwwww this little puppy is the cutest thing i ever saw
Oct 28, 2006 CHEY
Nov 5, 2006 bbrown
He looks a lot like our Beago did when he was a smaller baby. http://www.dogbreedi
Nov 13, 2006 Hilary
puppys are so cute!
Dec 4, 2006 Onyx-s Mom
I have a lab mixed with beagle too. Her name is Onyx and she is black lab mixed with beagle. She looks like he does. I gave 11 bisquits. Does he turn his head to the side?? Onyx turns her head to the side all the time!
Dec 18, 2006 glazier1221
If anyone knows of any lab/beagle puppies that will be ready for spring, please let me know! I am in Indiana.
Jan 18, 2007 tbirt
I'd be interested in a labbe puppy also. about how big is he now? i assume he's full grown.
Mar 24, 2007 lexyenator
Does anyone know breeders for the beago? Contact me through my member name. Thanks!
Apr 8, 2007 JenEricRal
I was doing a Google search for lab/beagle mixes, just out of curiousity, when I saw your pictures. Your puppy is SO cute! What prompted my reply was yours looks JUST LIKE MINE when she was a baby! She is 6yrs old now as still cute as can be! :)
Jul 3, 2007 ananda
awwww. that look! dont you just love bath times!
Oct 4, 2007 Marlowe's Mom
Two of my favourite breeds ... mixed! Utter sweetness!
Nov 3, 2007 gjmcgowan
Hudson is awesome. You are very lucky.
We have been looking for a beagle/lab mix an are hoping you can help us. Any direction or information will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Jan 23, 2008 twinkle007
What an adorable puppy!! I am also looking for a lab/beagle and was wondering if you know if Hudson's father was a lab and mother a beagle or vice versa.
Feb 9, 2008 pderoo1
Oh My Gosh!! WAAAAAAAAY too cute!!!
Feb 11, 2008 Ripley
We just rescued a yellow lab mix from down south- they couldn't figure out what the dad was...But Ripley is TOTALLY lab/beagle- and soooooo cute! She has the white stripe in the middle of her eyes, white on belly/chest , white paws and a teeny white bit on the tip of her tail. Thanks for the photo- Hudson is very sweet!!!
Feb 22, 2008 Mummm
Adorable, absolutely adorable.
Mar 4, 2008 AdamDog
That is one cute puppy. The temperament of the breed will be a bot of both parents. You can find more info on each at <a href="http://www.completed ogsguid..."> Beagle</a> and <a href="http://www.completed ogsguid..."> Labrador Retriever</a>.

Please don't buy puppies from puppy stores!
Mar 4, 2008 AdamDog
That is one cute puppy. The temperament of the breed will be a bit of both parents. You can find more info on each at [url=http://www.completed ogsguid...] Beagle[/url] and [url=http://www.completed ogsguid...] Labrador Retriever[/url].

Please don't buy puppies from puppy stores!
Mar 4, 2008 AdamDog
That is one cute puppy. The temperament of the breed will be a bit of both parents. You can find more info on each at[url=http://www.completed ogsguid...] Beagle[/url] and [url=http://www.completed ogsguid...] Labrador Retriever[/url].

Please don't buy puppies from puppy stores!
Jun 27, 2008 puppysandy
Soooo cute! I wish I had a puppy like him!
Jul 22, 2008 wolfgirl66
Sep 7, 2008 cutedog101
my puppy is no where near this cute
Sep 13, 2008 superflic
Hudson is beautiful!!!! x x
Sep 15, 2009 dogmom
Handsome Hudson getting clean! What a cute dog!
Sep 29, 2009 Applegirl
Jan 19, 2010 wantapup123
We have a black lab/beagle mix and his name is Jude. I've been searching everywhere for a yellow lab/beagle mix like Hudson. Where did you get this adorable little pup?! We live in Michigan and I cannot find any good breeders. Please help me adopt a puppy :) If you can help, contact me at Please if you don't have breeder match that is selling little Hudson look-a-likes then don't email me. Thanks for the help!
Mar 11, 2010 GracieLaura
I have a beagle/lab mix named Gracie and she and Hudson look just alike!!!
Apr 12, 2010 Jose
Your soooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Apr 18, 2010 abramsfv
where might one look for a beagle/yellow lab breeder? we are from connecticut, and your puppy is EXACTLY what we are looking for... thanks for sharing him with us!
Apr 21, 2010 dogma22
on the move! What a cutie!!
Aug 27, 2010 Olympia
I just want to know where I can get a Beagle Mix puppy that looks EXACTLY like this one! Olympia
Oct 8, 2010 pelligrino
Hudson has a sweet abd beautiful face.
Jun 12, 2012 Jillish
OMG...My beagle is preggers from choc. lab and I am so nervous. They both showed up here as strays and they became best buddies....well more than buddies. This pic gives me a great idea of what I'm in for....WOW sooooooooo cute. Thank you so much for sharing!!
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