Hunter the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Hunter's mom says: Hunter is my first puppy who is keeping me company as I finish up college in Pittsburgh. I got him in New Jersey in August 2007 at 2 months old, and wow has he grown since then! He has quite the personality which he grows into more and more each day. He loves to chew bones and roll around with his toys, but his favorite is the puppy park! He can't wait until spring comes so we can go to the park more often and play with his old friends. He loves to cuddle and tries to sneak onto my bed whenever he can. He is very smart, maybe even too smart, and is a shining star at puppy class. He is most obedient at meal time because he knows to sit and wait to eat until I give the "okay" release. He always cries when someone leaves the room because he doesn't want the play time to end! He's my best friend!