Iago the Fox Terrier

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Iago's mom says: Iago was born in March into the Iowa Fox Terrier Rescue. His mother was a rescued wire haired fox terrier who gave birth to nine puppies while in the rescue. Iago caught our eye and captured our hearts, since he is an unusual wire fox. Usually, the breed has symmetric markings on their faces. Iago's face is half brown/black and half white. Both his ears are black. Because his brown eyes disappear in the midst of the brown side of his face, he looks like a stuffed animal with one button-eye on the white side. When he is sleeping, it appears as though the button has popped off and left an empty button hole. Iago is happy-go-lucky and curious. As with most fox terriers, he is into everything and continually runs through the house terrorizing papers, socks, mail, pillows, and anything he can sink his teeth into. He shares the house with a two-year-old rescued Airedale named Othello. Iago also likes to bite at his Airedale brother's muzzle. When Othello stands up, he walks away with Iago hanging from the side of his head.