Friday, April 18, 2014
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Mar 16, 2008 Msgreyeyes
FIRST COMMENT!! YAY! :o) How adorable is this pic? OMG I just wanna give Igloo lots of puppy kisses :o)
Mar 16, 2008 rgirl
He is beautiful!!! I hope he keeps those blue eyes, they are amazing!!!!
Mar 16, 2008 cheleon
What a beautiful blue-eyed boy!! Keeping an eye out for his pack too! 11 biscuits for sure. Many happy years to you all. :)
Mar 16, 2008 malachy
what beautiful soulful BLUE eyes you have Igloo!many happy years to you with your family!
Mar 16, 2008 Terry C
Oh my - what lovely eyes!
Mar 16, 2008 ILIANA
Igloo is adorable! I love his blue eyes!
Mar 16, 2008 suelill
What an adorable dog. He looks as though he may be crossed with a collie. I can't put into words how much his pics tug at the heart strings. Enjoy Igloo and his beautiful blue eyes. A zillion biscuits and the biggest hug in the world. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mar 16, 2008 Oneandonlyohmicke
What a handsome boy. Those eyes can melt stone! A million kisses and bisquits to you :-)
Mar 16, 2008 goldenlover
"Thanks for making the two of us four times as happy !!"
Mar 16, 2008 amybeth234
Beautiful! I love his eyes!! :)
Mar 16, 2008 ppylvr103
Igloo is so handsome! He has such beautiful markings! and those eyes... gorgeous!! Brooklyn must be so happy to have a new brother-playmate. Have fun with him!!! 11 biscuits!!!!!
Mar 16, 2008 ppylvr103
Oops! forgot my fav pic...
Mar 16, 2008 ppylvr103
Oh well th pic didn't show up. I love all the pictures anyway! :)
Mar 16, 2008 countryflicka13
Haha, it looks like you've got a model, too! I've got a pit mix and she'll model for the camera all day long. I think Igloo is absolutely stunning... you're so lucky to have him! Have many happy years!
Mar 16, 2008 yujismom
he is gorgeous-love the tree shot!
Mar 16, 2008 nesherismydog
Igloo is awesome! That's the perfect name for him! I'm jealous...I want one! ;) 11 biscuits!
Mar 16, 2008 boobeth420
these are the friendliest dogs in the world. they so do not deserve the bad reputation people are so ready to give them. looks like Brooklyn will teach him how to be a good boy. enjoy!
Mar 16, 2008 yoliesf
Stunning! Enjoy
Mar 16, 2008 usfour
Yes I know, we are gorgeous beyond words. And photogenic too!! Beautiful sleek coats and captivating eyes!! -- but best of all, we are full of fun and love. ENJOY YOUR LOVELY PUPS:<)
Mar 16, 2008 rexandbaby
What beautiful blue eyes! Brooklyn must be so happy Igloo came along. (I want one too!)
Mar 16, 2008 Phat
I love the way he tilts his little puppy head. Adorable little cutie. ^.^
Mar 16, 2008 bullys2mom
"What a beautiful guy I am!" he says, and we all agree.
Mar 16, 2008 Mummm
This has to be one of the nicest pup photos ever! Igloo has such a cute head tilt and beautiful eyes. He is looking like he might get treats for *sitting pretty*.
Mar 16, 2008 wintervixen
AWWW... Enjoy your little pit mix as much as I enjoy mine! They are wonderful little guys, aren't they? It looks like Igloo has a lot of backyard to explore! Your dogs are both SO beautiful.
Mar 16, 2008 LuvAnAussie
What a beautiful combination of contrasting colors Igloo has--the white on black and the gorgeous blue eyes against his black face. He is about the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. Your Brooklyn is a cutie-patootie, too. Makes me want a pit mix! I just wanna jump into this picture and hug and squeeze and kiss them both!! :)
Mar 16, 2008 Sasafras56
Igloo is so handsome. Those blue eyes are downright beautiful. Have not seen blue eyes on any dog except malumutes and huskeys. Brooklyn and Igloo look very happy together. Great choice to keep our companions happy. Enjoy for many years to come.
Loved the pictures. Everyone else chose my favorite so this is my second favorite.
Mar 16, 2008 goldensncorgis
Igloo! What a prince of a pup you are - so handsome with those Paul Newman blue eyes! Biscuits for everyone!
Mar 16, 2008 opiedog
This guy has the most beautiful eyes ever. I have a mixed pitbull pup and they are the BEST dogs. Give him lots of love for me.
Mar 16, 2008 djmc
How cute, love the picture of your two babies. Enjoy Enjoy 11biscuits
Mar 16, 2008 millsmom
[color=blue]I know this is everyone's favorite shot, but he DOES look like a model. What a beautiful baby! I love black & white, well, black & white [i]anything[/i] and his markings rock![/color]
Mar 16, 2008 free2travelmom
"OK Dad, start 'er up! Let's see how she runs!" What a beautiful pup! Those eyes remind me of my Huskey. ALL the pics are precious. Your two friends look stunning together! Many happy years to all!!
Mar 16, 2008 DogMom
All the pics of Igloo are gorgeous, but I really love the one with his beautiful big sister. What a pair! His ice blue eyes are incredible. Beautiful boy.
Mar 16, 2008 maddie's mom
love this picture
igloo is such a great name
he is beautiful
pitbulls are so sweet
Mar 16, 2008 sugarplum1978
I love I love I love they are both too cute! Pits are the best bar far!
Mar 16, 2008 luvmyroscoe
"I'm too sexy for my tree"...he truly looks like he knows he's got it going on!!
Mar 16, 2008 denawolves
It looks like you have the PERFECT place for 2 big dogs to run and play climb trees and drive tractors!
Mar 16, 2008 luvdapups
Shoulda named him Brad Pitt cuz that is one handsome fella.
Mar 16, 2008 sputnik
Oh hello, Igloo! What a handsome boy you are! I love the inquisitive, tilting head... Have fun in the snow, precious boy!
Mar 16, 2008 Glorybe
Your pictures of Igloo and Brooklyn are just plain precious. How lovely for you all to have another sweetheart in your family.

Igloo appears as if he is VERY healthy and muscular already; his body is just perfect! And such beautiful blue eyes. Brooklyn also has such a pretty shape and appears as if she bench presses weights. ; ) She is quite regal in her appearance. A real beauty.

I'm so happy that Brooklyn and Igloo have one another for those occasional long alone times that we as baby owners experience all too often. That was the initial reason I began having more than one many years ago. It not only brings our fur babies comfort, but us "parents" as well!

May you all experience many, many years of love and happiness together.
Mar 16, 2008 losgatos
He's a pretty doggie
Mar 16, 2008 diane4pups
Igloo is adorable.......fantastic blue eyes!! Congrats and many puppy fun with Igloo!!
Mar 16, 2008 Suziesmom
Igloo and Brooklyn are both real beauties. I love the shot of the 2 of them together. I picked this pic as my fav before I saw that most other's picked it's one of the nicest puppy shots ever.
And, I also have to mention Igloo's beautiful ice blue eyes...they are incredible. He's a doll! Ejoy your babies!
Mar 16, 2008 aprilrenae17
Those eyes are so haunting! It's almost like he knows something, huh? He's so cute and so is Brooklyn. I wish you all many happy hears together!!! :)
Mar 16, 2008 shanmac
I love the look on his face in this picture, "OK, I'll pose for one more, but I'm getting a treat, right?" He is gorgeous. Those eyes!
Mar 16, 2008 chesneylover
Oh my what a funny puppy! Awww I just want to hug and kiss him awww!
Mar 16, 2008 mling
What a gorgeous dog! I love the head tilt he does. And his eyes are really captivating! I'm so glad Brooklyn loves his new playmate. They look great together. The last picture looks like we're interrupted their conversation.
Mar 16, 2008 Rebel6
What stunning eyes! Such a gorgeous puppy! Many years of happiness to you!
Mar 16, 2008 FireworksBaby
Elegant yet cuddly and cute...He is gorgeous! Glad he has a new pal:)
Mar 16, 2008 pitmom
Igloo is just beautiful! What eyes! So happy for Brooklyn and Igloo. As the mom of a pit mix, they're the BEST! Hope you have many happy years with them.
Mar 16, 2008 dancing.lula
Your dogs are *gorgeous*. I am the proud mama of a pitbull mix and he is the light of my life. Seeing your dogs together makes me want to adopt another!!! I can just imagine all the fun they have together.

Best wishes -- and lots of hugs to those adorable pups!
Mar 16, 2008 Wellie'sMum
What a handsome guy!! I love those eyes!!
Igloo & Brooklyn are both gorgeous!
Mar 16, 2008 ceallaig
With those beautiful blue eyes I wonder if there's some husky in the mix. Whatever Igloo's heritage, he is a handsome young man, and so is his big brother! Bless you for taking in a pit mix -- they are wonderful dogs, but so many people are still afraid of the bad (and mostly undeserved) rep the breed has. Four of my 'nieces' are pit or pit mix and they couldn't be sweeter, more likely to try to kiss you to death than anything else. Many years of happiness with those two gorgeous boys!
Mar 16, 2008 bopeep
I can't come up with anything new to describe this very handsome young man. The tilt of his head, the Paul Newman eyes, the gorgeous coat are very endearing. Brooklyn is also a beautiful girl, and looks very happy (to have a brother). Hugs, kisses and 11 biscuits each from Kansas.
Mar 16, 2008 durangosage
Igloo you are adorable, so cute and those blue eyes, WOW! I love the picture of you and your big sister that's really great, but I just love the picture of you in the tree. Have a great life with your family and big sister.
Mar 16, 2008 hannahlovesdogs
what a beautiful boy =) love his blue eyes and posture ^_^ pits and terriers sure make darling pups!
Mar 16, 2008 sue
[color=blue] they are sooooooooooo cute[/color]
Mar 16, 2008 lablove
All I need to say is..........WOW.......what a beauty.........
Mar 16, 2008 pauz4paws
Igloo is just stunning.....what a beautiful baby pittie he is. Brooklyn is beautiful also. Loved all the photos but picked the one of them together...didn't want to make Miss Brooklyn jealous. Take care of your beautiful animals and I wish you many happy years of love and devotion from them. Have had full Pits and mixed only suggestion is that you train them to "release" on command.....those jaws are like steel traps.
Give them both a huge hug from all us at the critter camp here in Florida.
xoxo & 11 biscuits
Mar 16, 2008 RocketDog
Beautiful eyes for a handsome dog! Pitbulls are unfortunately a breed with a bad name, but for no good reason.
They are so friendly and happy if given a happy and healthy home, it looks like Igloo will be one pitbull/mix to help give pitbulls a good name, as well as Brooklyn. Very cute couple of puppy friends!!
Mar 16, 2008 Lizanne
Hi there Igloo,

You are a suck a pretty boy with those gorgeous BLUE EYES. Hugs and leans from Miss Katie =O)
I hope this message gets through. Hope to hit it lucky today.

He is a striking boy with THOSE EYES...
Mar 16, 2008 Lizanne
Hi there Igloo,

You are a suck a pretty boy with those gorgeous BLUE EYES. Hugs and leans from Miss Katie =O)
I hope this message gets through. Hope to hit it lucky today.

He is a striking boy with THOSE EYES...
Mar 16, 2008 NewPup
HOW... can I PiCK just ONE of these pics??!.. ok, I'll tryyy... DONE! Boyy, it's such a tough CALL!! His eyes, and the way he turns his sweet head.. the expression, OH, it's just too priiiceless!!! PRiiiCELESS!!!!! Igloo's winning personality just jumps right out of the photos!

I've always been a little hesitant to consider a pit bull, but your Igloo here is certainly tempting me to give it another THINK!:D
Mar 16, 2008 kittymom
Igloo, what a cutie pie you are! Those blue eyes are stunningly beautiful, too. Many happy years to you with Brooklyn and your mom and dad!
Mar 16, 2008 jgales
O.K. I'm up a tree. Now what do you want me to do? Loved all the pics. Still waiting to see the one of him and his sister. This thing is so slow. Beautiful little guy. Many, many biscuits to Igloo and his sister. Years of happiness to all of you.
Mar 16, 2008 jgales
O.K. I'm up a tree. Now what do you want me to do? He's a handsome boy with a beautiful sister. Many, many biscutes to Igloo, Brooklyn and you and many happy years together.
Mar 16, 2008 NewPup
Had to favourite this one toO! Those eyes are simply hypNOTiC!
What a great house, too.. I love log cabins!;) ....NOW you got me reeally wanting.. yup-yup, a pit bull pup! lol
Mar 16, 2008 JulianaN
[color=blue][b]IGLOO!!![/color][col or=purple]What a cutie-pie!! His eyes are gorgeous and the inquisitive look on his face priceless! I'm sure he is a wonderful friend to Brooklyn - they look very cute together! Enjoy their happiness and love![/color][/b]
Mar 16, 2008 cjc
Just Hangin! Great eyes.
Mar 16, 2008 jenga68
I think this may be the most dapper puppy picture ever! He is looking Soooooo Suave in this shot. ;-)
Mar 16, 2008 puppylove23
Wow, look at his eyes!
Mar 16, 2008 doxielover
What a handsome boy! We have a terrier mix that looks a lot like Brooklyn. You couldn't ask for a sweeter, funnier dog. We just love her and know you'll have a lot of fun with this little guy. Hope Brooklyn keeps him in line!
Mar 16, 2008 megg
[color=green][i] Igloo is gorgeous! He seems like a lovely, energetic, playful pup, and your other precious doggie Brooklyn is very fancy too! You are so entirely lucky to have BOTH of these cute little bundles of joy in your life. There were soo many adorable pictures but I chose this one because it looks soo cute! It's like Igloo is looking up, as if wondering, "who should i cuddle with today?" LOL.
11 well earned buscuits, good luck wishes, and blessings![/i][/color]
Mar 16, 2008 lp
Igloo is the prettiest dog I have ever seen. He has beautiful blue eyes and a shiny black coat.
Mar 16, 2008 Puppyluver59
[color=pink] [b] okay, im not just going with the flow, this really is my favorite picture. But i mean, come on... whats not to love? I dont think ive ever seen a more perfect pose! What a handsome (and not to mention [i] very [/i] distinguished) young gentleman! You are blessed to own such a beautiful dog. Enjoy many years of cuteness!Oh, and i forgot to say how im absolutely in love with those stunning blue eyes! [/color] ;) [color=red] <3 [/color] [/b]
Mar 16, 2008 mosbarger
YAY!!! A pitbull!!! This breed will forever be my favorite...they are so kind and gentle. Igloo is absolutely PRECIOUS- beautiful eyes show a very loving soul. Beautiful photos too!!!!!
Mar 16, 2008 aden1994
he is very cute! his eye color is pretty. your other dog is very cute too!
Mar 16, 2008 NancyT
Mar 16, 2008 lilyj
He's, without a doubt, the CUTEST pit I have ever seen. Besides, you Brooklyn, you're adorable, too. :) I chose the photo I did because he looks all big and grown up in most of the photos, then you see him standing in the flower box and realize he's just a little guy.
Mar 16, 2008 lotsapets
The eyes !! The magnificent ice-blue eyes !!
How fortunate you are to have such a beautiful, handsome dog !!
Many more than 11 biscuits for him, and a happy life, too !!
Mar 16, 2008 HershMag
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! OMG!!! Those eyes!!!
Igloo doesn't like to have his picture taken much, huh? LOL
What a handsome handsome handsome boy!! Brooklyn, enjoy your beautiful handsome brother! Your a gorgeous girl yourself! ;) Please tell your mom THANK YOU for sharing you both with us! BIG belly rubs and 1,000 X 1,000 biscuits for you Igloo! I think I am in Love! LOL
"Happiness Is a Warm Puppy!" ~ Rerun Van Pelt
Mar 16, 2008 LucyB
Every dog deserves his own tractor! He's gorgeous.
Mar 17, 2008 littleguysmom
I can't believe it! The puppies just get better every day. Igloo is absofrickinglutely the most gorgeous blue-eyed dog I have ever seen. I am jealous with a capital J. Brooklyn is no slouch either. Both dogs are wonderful!!! Many happy years together.
Mar 17, 2008 lkaspin
What a funny doggie! What's he listening to?
Mar 17, 2008 lkaspin
Oh I know- someone's yelling "Din-din! Come and get it!"
Igloo is a cute doggie. I love it when doggies tilt their heads like that.
Mar 17, 2008 jowaldo
Beautiful eyes, sweet face.
Mar 17, 2008 lizzygathings
This is an adorable picture!!!! I have a full blooded rednose pitbull named Sadie. She does the head tilt thing when we talk to her all cute. Very Cute Puppy!!!!
Mar 17, 2008 roscoeroxypepper
oh my god what a beautiful family!!!
Mar 17, 2008 bubbankitty
To all those that say pitties are born vicious, I say look into those eyes. You are magnificent Igloo!! As a pittie mom myself I know the special love that you give. MANY happy years to you and your family.
Mar 17, 2008 clemency
Wow! What a great looking dog! I just love the contrast of his black & white fur, blue eyes, and bright red collar! Igloo and his sister Brooklyn are so cute together, too!
Mar 17, 2008 rosy
Sibs!! Love this picture--they are both adorable!
Mar 17, 2008 acmebiatch
Awesome Snow Puppeh. I loved this pic the most. Reminds me of my 100+ lb "baby" and the way he loves to sing, too!!

Many, many puppeh belleh rubz for jouz! Kissez and bizkits from Thor & his mom.
Mar 17, 2008 sadies_mom
GORGEOUS!!!!! I'm in love. I can't take it............too cute for words. I'm overcome w/ cuteness. For some reason it won't let me vote, but I was going to give 11 MILLION GAZILLION biscuits!!!!
Mar 17, 2008 sadies_mom
oh! it did let me vote! YAY! i gave 11 biscuits! TOO cute!
Mar 17, 2008 Rickysmom
Both your babies are precious!
Many wonderful years together.
Mar 17, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
Adorable boy with great poses!
Mar 17, 2008 piobaire
Oh my, Igloo could just make everybody fall in love with those sweet blue eyes! WOW...what a beauty.
Mar 17, 2008 BELLESMOM
What an adorable pitty! Those blue eyes are striking!! I know you're head over heels in love with this little guy!!!!!
Mar 17, 2008 LisaLisa
Igloos has stunning eyes! What a gorgeous boy. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family. What a treat he is!
Mar 17, 2008 cookiebaby
his eyes are amazing...very expressive. they're both wonderful!
Mar 17, 2008 snoopysnake
Baroo, Igloo! I love your blue eyes!
Mar 17, 2008 Doggymommy
He has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen. Igloo is a very handsome young man and will have to be very strong to fend off the ladies!!!!!
Mar 17, 2008 tambore
I think it's time to carve the "B L I" and vice versa into your tree. I don't care what anyone says, these pit bulls are such sweet and amazing dogs who have gotten a bad rap all around. So happy Brooklyn and Igloo now have one another to share their lives with. And they are both GORGEOUS! Oh, those blue eyes............!
Mar 18, 2008 dogsrule
Simply Swellegant~


Beautiful doggie!
Mar 18, 2008 shell242
Igloo you are simply beautiful...Many years of happy bulliness!

All bullies get 11 biscuits!
Mar 18, 2008 shell242
Igloo you are simply beautiful...Many years of happy bulliness!

All bullies get 11 biscuits!
Mar 19, 2008 puppymad
gorgeous blue eyed boy. he's such a sweetie :)
Mar 19, 2008 themcr
What a big fellow!

1,0000 cakes!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!1!!!!!
Mar 19, 2008 sambi6969
Igloo You are the cuties pit mix I have seen yet. I love her blue eyes. 10 biscuits for you.
Mar 21, 2008 ladylouise
Gorgeous! What a statement he makes. And is that just the teensiest tip of white on the tail? Many, many long years of doggie goodness to you all.
Mar 22, 2008 gottaluvum
WOW.....What a great picture. I liked them all but this was by far my favorite. He is a beautiful puppy. Who ever took this photo caught the perfect pose!!!!
Mar 26, 2008 Stormeyes
Oooh! What attractive blue eyes to contrast that stunning black coat. O_O

Beautiful! He's a keeper!
Mar 26, 2008 Multidogmommy08
[color=orange]Igloo is very adorable! I know how you felt about getting another dog. I have a Mountain Feist Yogibear (he is a little bigger than a Jack Russell he weighs 26 pounds). We had a neighbor that was going to send there Jack Russell/Pit Bull Mix Dotti to the pound so my husband & I talked about it and decided to take her. We have really enjoyed having Dotti. She was expecting though when she came to live with us & we did not know it. Over night it feels like we went from having 2 dogs to adding 5 to the crowd 1 boy (White Sox) & 4 Girls (Maui, Pokahonias, Fallon & Bootsie). I have noticed that Igloo has beautiful eyes and Dotti has beautiful hazel eyes. Igloo is definitely a keeper. Enjoy!!!!

Mar 27, 2008 alexis_2008
His eyes are so cute and he is to!:)
Apr 7, 2008 coleypants
With the new site 'n' all I've been searching and searching to find this BEAUTIFUL BOY to add to my favourites YAY!!!
Apr 9, 2008 Alicialovesdogs
Brooklyn and Igloo are BEAUTIFUL dogs!!! I'm glad they have each other. I love to see happy, well taken care of dogs.
May 16, 2008 puppydog
Igloo is so cute! I love tha fact that she let u put her in a tree!
May 27, 2008 wolfgirl66
May 27, 2008 wolfgirl66
Jul 3, 2008 puppylove08
i can definitely c the pit bull in him. he is beautiful
Nov 1, 2008 georgia04
What beautiful pups these sweet boys are. Give them lots of hugs and kisses for me.
Dec 31, 2008 marcroz
Wow, we were looking at photos and found the twin of our pit mix, Mitzy. Right down to the blue eyes and white markings. I hope you are enjoying your pup as much as we love ours.
Jun 4, 2009 Mattmcl
Wow! My dog is an EXACT match too. I will put pictures up ASAP. Mitzy, Igloo and Franklin (my dog) must be closely related. -Matt
Nov 18, 2009 BeautyLover
What a gorgeous picture!!!!!! Igloo, so glad you and your brother have a wonderful home.
Dec 5, 2009 Candyfloss
wow, my dog must have looked pretty much the same as yours when she was the same age!!i got her when she was 1 year old, unfortunately never had the chance to see her puppy pics. however when looking at igloo, i still see a lot of similarities =) They have a great deal in common! wish you a happy new year
Is This Dog For Sale?? Cause She is Just Gorgous!! & Looks Like alot Of Funn :)
Jan 12, 2011 Danielle97twix
AWW he looks like a pitbull mixed with a husky i love his blue eyes and hes very cute wish him a happy life and lots of kisses (:
Jul 29, 2013 aevan36
he looks just like mine everything is the same down to the paws i thought it was my dog at first glance i didnt know he had a twin out there
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