Saturday, July 26, 2014
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Dec 8, 2006 yowetta
so cute! this puppy needs more comments, I say NOW!!



puffy puppy!

want to see puffy puppy on windy day! whoosh!
Dec 8, 2006 Arian
Omg, what a darling.

And what a lovely story - you look so in love with your little friend@
Dec 8, 2006 ashields2
What a little cutie-pie! I don't think I've ever seen a black pomeranian. She is such a doll!!
Dec 8, 2006 Faye
She is sooo precious! I'm glad you found a puppy you could tolerate. =o)
Dec 8, 2006 YummyPuppies
awwwwwwwwwwwww cuteness!!!!!!!!!! Poms are my favourite little doggies and this one is no exception!!! She is gorgeous.
Dec 8, 2006 adabee
OMH, this is the cutest baby ever! She looks so soft!
Dec 8, 2006 Cheryl
As we said in the 60s: Black IS Beautiful! So is your story. I'm so glad you are finally able to have a puppy.
Dec 8, 2006 PyroFairy
omg this puppy is absolutely adorable! she brought tears to my eyes at how cute she was :)

It's great that you found a little friend to spend your time with that you're not allergic too!
Dec 8, 2006 tabby
what a cutie! and what a lovely story :) i'm not usually a fan of small dogs but india is just adorable and so nice to see the smiley human too :)
Dec 8, 2006 DieselsMom
What a perky little face! Congrats on finding your dream girl. It's a happy ending to a wonderful story.
Dec 8, 2006 amelia
What a sweet little baby girl! She needs a kiss on her tiny little raisin nose. She is beautiful.
Dec 8, 2006 yujismom
I am so happy you are able to have the dog of your dreams, she's a beautiful pup and someone got wonderful pictures of a (hard to capture) black fuzzball!
Dec 8, 2006 DogMom
Beautiful puppy, beautiful story. May you have many years of joy with this cute little imp! I love the picture of her all wet with her smooth little puppy belly!!!! ALso the "looking out the window" photo is adorable!
Dec 8, 2006 1000RainyDays
Haha! That's the most adorable little bundle of fluff I've ever seen! What a precious little thing! : )
Dec 8, 2006 lintqueen
This is India's mom, Gina -- thanks for all the kind comments.

If you want to overload on pics of her cuteness, there's a section on my website that's nothing but: [url]http://www.lintqueen .com/ga...[/url]

India thanks you all kindly too -- she's beside me destroying (/modifying?) an empty toilet paper tube.

(Oh, India stories are [url=http://lintqueen.liv ejourna...]here[/url] and [url=http://lintqueen.liv ejourna...]here[/url] scattered elsewhere on my blog.

Thank you again!!!
Dec 8, 2006 PyroFairy
^^ omg that website is enough cuteness for 5 lifetimes!!
Dec 8, 2006 Julia
Well, Gina, I am pretty much beside myself right now. Thanks to my happiness for you, I am now glowing, which is a stark contrast to the ashy, disheveled, woman who dragged herself in to work today. I am also tickled utterly by your puppy dog. I am glad you are not allergic to her, especially considering that it is not humanly possible to see a dog that floofy and not bury your face deep within her fur to absorb her sweet essence.

I am also delighted to hear about your dog biscuity past. My mother confessed to me that she used to try to coax a neighborhood cat to eat from her hand, and her youthful brain figured she'd lead by example. I don't know how many kitty nibbles she ingested before the cat finally obliged her, but she alludes to it having been a copious amount.
Dec 8, 2006 Julia
Allergy Note: Bichons are great for allergic people, too. Their saliva and dander are different from other dogs. That is what my mother found when she was looking for dogs for us (my bichon was my first doggie). There are bichon rescues, too, so be sure to check it out fellow allergics! :)
Dec 8, 2006 lintqueen
Thanks, Julia -- you have quite the gift for writing!

As for the dog biscuit was even worse than the story suggested! I had an "old-fashioned" jewelry box with individual compartments, and I dumped all my costume jewelry out to put a dog biscuit in each little spot so I could remember to have one every day.

Amongst us puppy-parents: who has filled a Kong with the peanut butter spray stuff and inadvertently licked a finger afterwards? EWWWWWW!
Dec 8, 2006 scobig
Oh she is so cute and you look so happy! I love a good happy ending story like that! I suffer from allergies too, but there are actually several breeds of dogs that are considered hypoallergenic for you and those of you who have the same problems. Bichon Frise are probably the most hypo dogs, other single coat dogs are schnauzers, poodles, Westies, Chinese Crested, several of the Terrier breeds, Lhasa Apso, and Maltese, are all some of the dogs that produce very little to none of the danders that cause allergies. My Shih-tzu Yorkie mix also has a very hypo-non shedding coat. Because Shih-tzus and Yorkies are both considered to be hypoallergenic too!

I am actually surprised to hear that you can tolerate the pom, my previous poms have always shed quite a bit and my husband is allergic to them. I guess different people are sensitive to different proteins.

Anyway India is a gem, and im sure her coming into your life was no accident, you look like you belong together! I Loooooooooove black poms! Thanks for sharing her and your story with us!
Dec 8, 2006 DogMomTo5
Congratulations!!!!! I'm so glad that you found a puppy that you could keep! I've had dogs all my life and can't imagine what it would have been like to love them sooo much and not be able to have one. I'm so glad that you kept dreaming--they are very worth it! She's beautiful!
Dec 8, 2006 cindiwolfe
I'm very blessed to have been the breeder of India. I talked to Gina and my heart was touched with her story of wanting a puppy so badly. This was one determined lady and no matter what it took, she was going to have this pup. I watched as her eyes filled with tears when she first saw her and I also watched as splotches started covering her neck and face, but she still had many ideas. Through many doctor visits and hours spent with India before she actually took her home, she got her wish...she reached a point where she could make it happen, through medication and knowing what NOT to do... I'm so Blessed to have been a part of making this lady's dream come true...and I might add, she's a terrific Mommy!
Dec 8, 2006 kinooksmom
Hello lucky Mom of India! I know how it is to have your own puppy after wishing it for long time! My own dog is hypoallergenic - she is an Akita mix. The good news for allergies is that there are super effective alternative methods to completely cure them! I used to suffer from allergies so bad, I coulnd't breathe through the nose at all. It was all cured with classical homeopathy. Other ways to try are TBM - Total Body Modification, and NAET. I recently used TBM and cured allergy to milk and MSG. I think that if you give it a try, you might be able to enjoy any puppy any time (bring home playmates for India?)
Enjoy your precious one!
Dec 8, 2006 yoliesf
She makes my heart go thumpitty thump.
Dec 8, 2006 lintqueen
Hey Cindi! Good to see you here -- you did a super job with Indy -- she's the bestest!

kinooksmom - thanks for the info on TBM -- I've got about a zillion other allergies too, and it would be a joy to be rid of them. I'll check it out!

Scobig - have thought of getting a bichon and naming (her?) China, since "China White" is the name for most white paint, just like India is black ink... Also have considered "Alaska"
Dec 8, 2006 twinkelbelpeach
What a sweet story and what a beautiful little pup. Hope you two have many happy years together.
Dec 8, 2006 Terry C
How adorable!

There's just something about black poms!
Dec 8, 2006 scobig
Ive just decided, I MUST see India when she is a grown up puppy! Please post her again for us when she is a big girl!
Dec 8, 2006 lintqueen
Scobig -- she's mostly as big as she'll get -- lookie here for "grownup"ish shots: http://www.lintqueen .com/ga...
Dec 8, 2006 Sandman
that is the cutest little ball of fur I have ever seen!
absolutely adorable
Dec 8, 2006 shanechristianson
OK, initially I was going to write out some well articulate post which people could be impressed with. Now, I'm just going to say...

aaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :o) :o)

Dec 8, 2006 tish
Congratulations on finding your beautiful Pom. Her features are exquisite - will grow into a beautiful little lady. I want a Pom, my new husband wants a lab, and we've only room for one dog...anyone have an idea for us?
Dec 8, 2006 renee
HHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now that is one cute puppy. So black... so beautiful. ...I'm jealous. Your pom is way to cute!!!!!!!! It's the meaning of love. My brother used to have to eat gainsburgers to get our huskey to eat.
Dec 8, 2006 puppyluv
Oh my god, what a delicious little poopy. I'm so happy that you were able to finally get the pup of your dreams. I too suffer from allergies and did years, literally, of research before finally getting a poodle. Not only does she not shed a hair, but I am completely symptom-free. Good luck with your baby.
Dec 8, 2006 valvalval
Zyrtec is allowing me to get the pom of my dreams too. Good luck with India. I LOVE her!
Dec 8, 2006 Brightrain
This is quite possibly the cutest puppy I have ever seen!!
Dec 9, 2006 renee
Such a precious little face. I've really enjoyed looking at her. She has the tiniest little button nose. I love her little pink tongue sticking out. And she is a smiler on top of it all. Gorgeous!!!!!
Dec 9, 2006 Charlotte Smith
Congrats on your beautiful baby! I'm sure you'll have many happy years together. My Pug puppy also loves playing with that blue plastic toy (ORKA, I think).
Dec 10, 2006 lintqueen
Charlotte - yep - that's an ORKA. India's a fierce chewer -- she's chewed off three of those little fringes!

Renee -- she is a smiler except when you have something she wants and you won't give it to her. Then she makes an incredibly funny pouty face!
Dec 11, 2006 Belle
Four words... The dog is cute!!
Dec 11, 2006 Puppy♥Lover
aww so cute black pomeranian ahhh aha ah dorablee
Dec 12, 2006 lintqueen
Tish - definitely get a pom ;-)

(Actually, if you want the calm, easygoing dog, the lab might be a better bet ;-)

But for sheer personality, a pom can't be beat (IMHO)!
Dec 15, 2006 McDreamy
oh my GOOOODNESS!! India actually LOOK almost as my 3 month Pekingese/Chihuaua puppy.. I meant it!!

WOW this is so AMAZING CUTE hand down!
Dec 19, 2006 renee
You need some glasses. This dog personifies the word cute in the dictionary. Look how beautiful black can be. She is a perfect angel. Loved her!!!!
Dec 19, 2006 SDH71590
She is such a cutie! Shes so fluffy its adorable. Does she shed alot? I hope not, I want a puppy but my mother says it cant shed.
Dec 21, 2006 slm777
What a little sweetie! (I feel a bit guilty gushing over another dog, I'd better give my 2 some liver treats) (SDH, my pomXmaltese doesn't shed and never smells "doggy" even a long time between baths..)
Dec 21, 2006 monkeys0999
This is the cutest puppy i have ever seen i love it. I love dog and all animals. This one is the only one i thought to comment on because it is so cute more people should see yuor very cute puppy. Everyone would love to have a puppy this cute and smart!!!
Dec 21, 2006 lintqueen
SDH - she does shed a little, but not a lot more than I do and she doesn't smell "doggy" at all (like slm777 mentioned) Thankfully it's black, as is most of my wardrobe... :)

monkeys0999: Thank you so much for the kind compliment -- Indy and I both appreciate it (woof)
Dec 30, 2006 azz0r
Gorgeous, what a lovely coat!
Jan 8, 2007 halfpint360
AWW i want one! he is soo cute n fluffy! grr i lak my doggies but thats just adorable... :)

you are really lucky to have him/her!
im allergic to cats n dust... BUT
i have 3 cats, 2 big dogs... n puppies soon to come as my dog Sue is preggers!
Jan 15, 2007 dog LOVER
omgomgomg!!!!! What a darling!!!!
Jan 18, 2007 garfield
This dog is so adorable I would love to find a pooch like her (Please!!!)
Jan 20, 2007 sophiagrace
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she is lush !!!

i have a little sister called india and she is not as cute !!!
Jan 22, 2007 lintqueen
Garfield, I don't know where you are, but my breeder, Cindi, actually has another little girl that looks just India. Her info is in the forum under breeders.
Feb 14, 2007 PorchPuppy
I love u little puppy! You sweet puffy puff of sweetness! And that one picture wit his wittle tongue out! It melted my heart!
Feb 15, 2007 Shell83
What an amazing puppy, she is so beautiful, I bet you love her sooooooo much!!!!
Feb 21, 2007 dogsrule
Oh MY!
It is Pom Heaven!

I want one!

Love the fluffy black cuteness!
Feb 22, 2007 kipchik
Wee little nose...wee little eyes...wee little sweetie-la!!
Feb 24, 2007 JennShelton
Your little India looks like my little Gizmo! She also sounds just as sweet & cuddly. Gizmo just turned 3 & he was a birthday from my hubby. I love him to pieces! I think smiling must be a mark of the breed, because my Gizzie smiles & dances all the time. He gets spurts of energy where he just careens around the house at break-neck speed, but then snuggles as close as he can get to me when it's time for night-night & snores away.
I just get so excited every time I see another black Pom, because it's pretty rare, I've noticed. The red variety seems to be most common. The pictures on your site of her are just wonderful, & I'm happy that the 2 of you found each other.
P.S.- I just found this site today, & thanks to India's cuteness, I registered immediately!
Mar 18, 2007 polkadots292
Apr 27, 2007 murfee714j
I think you miss- named your dog. You should have called her Black Magic for the magic she performed on your dreams. Luck and love to you both.
May 10, 2007 Yourmomsage
Awwwwww! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! I loved your "dream come true" story. She is just precious!!!
Jun 29, 2007 Caitlin
how pretty!!!!! i love the tounge picture! i give this pup 11 biscuts!
Jul 6, 2007 lintqueen
Aw thanks, everyone -- Black Magic would've been a good name for her! She's still an enormous personality in a wee body -- such a little prissy pants!
Jul 27, 2007 pup_lover901
I love the 2nd pic it is so cute and the name Black Magic could work
Aug 14, 2007 pomtzu
What a beauty! I have a black Pom - her name is Myndi. She came to me at 10 months old when a guy in my office decided to give her up when he and his wife split up since he had bought the dog for her. He had another older black Pom and had only had Myndi for a couple of months and decided 2 was too much. Lucky me!!! She is now almost 12 years and still going strong. Exceopt for a knee problem that has slowed her down a bit, she still acts like a puppy, but the knee is doing very well on glucosimine. I wish I had some REALLY good pictures of her to post, but she won't sit still long enough to get any except of her in action. I guess I should be thankful that she is so active and rambunctious.
Sep 20, 2007 kukie
Wow oh wow oh wow! I love your wee pup India she is gorgeous! And soooo tiny...what a fantastic story yours is, I also have allergies to dogs and cats, but found also one that I can tolerate! Enjoy forever!!!
Sep 27, 2007 dogsrule
I just keeled over in a cute coma!

OMG! Look at this little black puff! I am in love. Must go back and look at each pic again.
Oct 5, 2007 Mummm
What a precious pup!!!
Oct 14, 2007 mollysmommy
:) Sweet little girl. India your mommy is very lucky to have you. I wish you both lots of happiness, love, laughs, and wonderful moments together. India is way tooo cute for words.:)
Nov 20, 2007 bastian
I love poms! I've had 2 poms in my life. Your pom is one of the most gorgeous poms I've ever seen. Poms make the sweetest most darling pets!
Dec 1, 2007 notepad39
India is adorable! Your story is quite amazing, I have to say!
Dec 3, 2007 Kizzaxox
She is beautiful, I'm so happy you found a friend you weren't allergic to! Good for you, I say. A pup is the best friend you can ever have.
Jan 16, 2008 DogMom
Feb 21, 2008 juscin3
I just want to say how amazing this dog looks. India reminds me so much of our first male pom that we had up till Jan. 07. He was killed by a horse out on a farm that we used to live on. I had nurtured him back to good health and I knew that he was going to be a beautiful young man. He is truly missed.
Mar 30, 2008 luvmy3poms
Oh how precious! I remember when my babies were so small. Enjoy - enjoy. They are bigger but still my heart. They are the smartest and most loyal animals I have ever seen. Blessings....
Aug 9, 2008 Pegathis121
I have a chihuahua and she is the same age and is smart but more like a gaurd dog but your dog is sooo ccccuuuuuuuuuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeee ee
Oct 15, 2008 thequeenofblue
aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh i swear i am gonna scream everyday i have three day off school
My favorite breed of dog is the Pomerainian
Dec 16, 2008 Dachshund lover
my neighbor has 2 poms one black named penny and one black and white(black with white paws and a white chest)named pixi
Jun 5, 2009 xMaltipoo
You're so inspirational. I'm allergic to dogs too, and my favorite type of dog is a pomeranian! She's VERY cute, by the way.
Jul 5, 2009 Derksfamily
awwww! She's just a little munchkin when she's wet!i love her little tounge and face
Nov 11, 2009 Elf-Princess
This has got to be the CUTEST pom pup i have ever seen!!!! She is absolutley precious!!!!! I wish I have a beautiful lil pom pup like India :)
Oct 18, 2011 Charlie my black Pom
Oh my God! So adorable! I bet that my black Pomeranian looked like that when he was a Puppy!
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