Indiana the Australian Shepherd

Puppy Breed: Australian Shepherd

Hi, I'm Indy! I'm 4 months old and pretty darn cute. I know this because everyone says they love me despite when I try to eat their face or when I get so excited to see them that I pee a little. My cat roommate doesn't think I'm so cute though. I want to be friends but he just doesn't want to play no matter how hard I try! I came into my mom's life when she was having a hard time and recovering from a crazy back surgery, and I think I've been a pretty good rehab buddy! We go on lots of walks together. I enjoy our good-morning cuddles too. I love, love, love our kiddie-pool in the backyard. Probably my favorite thing ever. Except maybe wrestling with my grandpa...and my big rubber gummy bear. Sticks are pretty amazing too. "Fetch" means nothing to me, but I could play keep away all day. Once my manners are better, my mom says we'll do lots of hiking.