Isabelle the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Chihuahua / Pomeranian

Isabelle is a Chihuahua / Pomeranian mix, weighing in at about 8 pounds, 6 ounces. We adopted her from a breeder who mistreated her, and weaned her off her mother too early. She was only six weeks old and a pound and a half when we got her. She has the best personality and isn't high maintenance or yappy like most little dogs. She is very playful and loves fetching tennis balls, even though they are as big as her head!

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OXJulioPuppyLoveXO Feb 12, 2009
Raaaawwwrrrr!!!! If you were such a cute little baby then We...

OXJulioPuppyLoveXO Feb 12, 2009
weren't* (Sorry about the mistake) Love Steven (Julio...

Christine From South Cal. Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle, You are just a little tiny angel, if there has ever been...

suelill Feb 12, 2009
Sooooooo cute - big belly rubs.

ugatha Feb 12, 2009
She's so cute!

mandykw Feb 12, 2009
So cute I want to die.

jenzspot Feb 12, 2009
Yes tiny Isabelle...we all love our soft blankets. Protect your's...

SavannaBanana19 Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle is a tiny little cutie pie!! I just want 2 cuddle and kiss...

swarna Feb 12, 2009

puppyloveforme Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle looks like a little angel snuggled up in this...

dogluvr857 Feb 12, 2009
I LOVE puppy breath!!!

howiesmom Feb 12, 2009
SOOOOOOO cute!!!! She's a lucky girl now!!

inmemoryofnijah Feb 12, 2009
You tell 'em Isabelle! What a cutie you are! Many kisses are...

golda803 Feb 12, 2009
Wow, she is super cute!

Marisa Feb 12, 2009
Beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Lots of kisses.

Jayne Feb 12, 2009
Nothing cuter than a sleeping puppy!

sarah calvert Feb 12, 2009
What a total sweetheart! So pleased she has a lovely family now. ...

halfpintt Feb 12, 2009
God bless you for rescuing this absolutely precious girl. Many happy...

sarah calvert Feb 12, 2009
Love this one too, what a wonderful puppy tummy! xx

HillCountryGal Feb 12, 2009
What a cutie. I'm so glad your people found and brought you...

LPlumb1963 Feb 12, 2009
Can You say AWWWWWWH!!! Isabelle, you are so cute and so cuddly....

Fyada Feb 12, 2009
absolutely too cute

longislander Feb 12, 2009
Buongiorno Bella, you are so beautiful. Such a tiny little cutie...

rosy Feb 12, 2009
What a littie sweetie--billions of hugs and biscuits!!!

yorkigurl Feb 12, 2009
Wow what a ferocious pose Isabelle has here, lol She is such a...

LSM Feb 12, 2009
What a precious little angel she is. Thank you for taking this...

randomearrings Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle you are so unbelievably cute you should come with a health...

fritzy Feb 12, 2009
Tell me how we are supposed to select only one photo????? She is so...

iluvcats&dogs Feb 12, 2009
Awwwww awww aww!!!!! This is one of the cutests pups to cross...

kyladee Feb 12, 2009
What a darling. So cute!!! All her pics are adorable.

amyliz Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle packs a lot of cute into a tiny package! :D

little_v Feb 12, 2009

1hedge Feb 12, 2009
So cute. I love her so much. I just love her cute little eyes and her...

Hollyjulie Feb 12, 2009
She is precious!!!! Enjoy her, glad she got a good parent!

magicsmom Feb 12, 2009
It took five minutes to decide on a favorite pic, but puppies...

nickjfan4ever123 Feb 12, 2009
aww Isabelle is so cute

loveheals Feb 12, 2009
What an adorable bundle of cuteness Isabelle is! Wishing you many...

Lisaez1 Feb 12, 2009
I may be little but I have a big roar!!!! How can someone mistreat...

BigT1966 Feb 12, 2009
Now that's irresistible...makes you want to rub her belly...

bkregh Feb 12, 2009
How precious! She is gorgeous

minz12 Feb 12, 2009
she is sooo cute!

meganbooth Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle, my heart stopped when I saw your photos. I cannot believe...

Kemi82JP Feb 12, 2009
what a sweet angelic face!!! omg i died when i saw this pic, soooooo...

Woof4pups Feb 12, 2009
I love her! I just want to pet and hug her!

aliw_95 Feb 12, 2009
she looks like my puppy when she was a puppy but she don't look...

caroleanne Feb 12, 2009
Oh, Isabelle, what big teeth you have (even if there are only a few...

malawi Feb 12, 2009
So glad you rescued this adorable sweet little one....seems she has...

gryt Feb 12, 2009
Such a little cutie!

snoopygirl Feb 12, 2009
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Isabelle is the tiniest...

jmaxcole Feb 12, 2009
OMG - I am literally nibbling on my computer screen right now because...

gail koup Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle, you are just too adorable for words! You are a precious...

virgomell Feb 12, 2009
What a sweet puppy!

tamwise21 Feb 12, 2009
Adorable. i can see how a tennis ball can fit in her mouth ....Thank...

G Feb 12, 2009
So incredibly precious. She's gorgeous, I just want to eat her...

RooFan Feb 12, 2009
Oh my! What a cutie!

clemency Feb 12, 2009
Raaaaar! Isabelle is a big tough puppy! A big tough adorable puppy...

PawsPlz Feb 12, 2009
Oh my goodness, what a cute baby! Just love the picture where...

mushermaggie Feb 12, 2009
I think this is my favorite--too cute! Kudos to you for rescuing...

mummm Feb 12, 2009
I'm so glad that you adopted this adorable baby! Isabelle is...

Sarah123 Feb 12, 2009

susannablues Feb 12, 2009
Simply adorable. Boo to the bad breeder - ignorance or greed, I...

lilywily88 Feb 12, 2009
yaaaaaaaawn! i'm just a tired sweetheart!

dkritter Feb 12, 2009
SOOOOO cute!!!!

kerryllr Feb 12, 2009
Such a cuddly little girl! Lovely and I am happy she found a...

cconaway Feb 12, 2009
Soooo adorable!! Isabelle is pure sweetness. I'm so glad she...

cantlivewithoutthem Feb 12, 2009
I'm so glad she has somebody like you to take care of her with so...

lucybee Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle-you are such a precious little baby! Anyone who could abuse...

caraschotch Feb 12, 2009
Oh Isabelle what a beautiful baby girl you are! I am so glad your...

maltipinfan Feb 12, 2009
The yawning and sleeping photos are insanely cute. I wonder if mixed...

degismama Feb 12, 2009
So cute!

doggone1973 Feb 12, 2009
Oh Isabelle be still my heart, you are just such a sweetie pie. Lots...

DailyPuppy Admin Feb 12, 2009
What a big yawn you have! She is adorable.

moosie19 Feb 12, 2009
Absolutely adorable! Enjoy her.

taniamorse85 Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle is absolutely adorable! I am sure she appreciates that you...

djmc Feb 12, 2009
How sweet , Isabelle you are a sweetheart. Lucky you to have such a...

frankies_mom Feb 12, 2009
ahhh, a nature nap! Sweet little pup--so glad to hear she has a safe...

maltipoolvr Feb 12, 2009
look at those adorable little pawwwsssssss!!!! o my gosh the...

shugsmom Feb 12, 2009
Oh!!!!! "Sweet" "Precious" "Adorable"...

maggie mae Feb 12, 2009
She's so happy she just wants to kiss the grass she plays on!!...

puppyfixation Feb 12, 2009
My gosh what a sweet anyone in their right mind can...

georgia04 Feb 12, 2009
Aww, what a gorgeous little baby Isabelle is. So tiny! I am sure in...

mikdebluvpups Feb 12, 2009
Such a sweety!

iluvk9s Feb 12, 2009
What an adorable puppy! Please contact your local humane society...

lh9313 Feb 12, 2009
how could anybody mistreat such a sweetheart?? i am glad you saved...

tink'smom Feb 12, 2009
Oh you tiny sleepy angel you! How can something so small turn a...

Pixi's mom Feb 12, 2009
What an adorable little girl. She is so lucky to have someone to...

Rickysmom Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle, you made my day. I adore you!

WylesMom Feb 12, 2009
Precious. I just bred a litter of Chiapoms and fell in love. Ended...

harleyMamma Feb 12, 2009
You know that's a young puppy when most of the pics are of her...

vorner Feb 12, 2009
What a precious baby! She is absolutely adorable. It boggles my mind...

Beth1226 Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle is really adorable! What a little cutie pie! I'm so...

Ace's mom Feb 12, 2009
It's tough work being a puppy!!! Sometime you just gotta drop and...

singingfrees19 Feb 12, 2009
awwwwwwwwwwwwwww omg sooooo freakin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

anitac Feb 12, 2009
OMG, she adorable. Thanks

anitac Feb 12, 2009
I can't help this picture is sooooo cute!

brandy2007 Feb 12, 2009
This puppy is too cute!!

puppy patrol luva Feb 12, 2009

Abby27 Feb 12, 2009
I never knew they mixed these too breeds! This is the cutest puppy...

piobaire Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle, look at your personality coming through. You are cuteness...

layla Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle u just remind me of a bum of the street! honestly,you are...

lovedogsgirl Feb 12, 2009
she is so cute lol

lovedogsgirl Feb 12, 2009
she must really like that stuffed animal

PUPPIE LOVA Feb 12, 2009
OMG, What a cutie!!!!!! Isabelle is precious!

naomi_C Feb 12, 2009
I don't know which picture to choose, she is so cute. I...

sheena17 Feb 12, 2009
she is soooooo cute

Muggy Feb 12, 2009
AWwww Isabelle must be very tired after putting on her tough face in...

danny and jessie Feb 12, 2009
She's adorable, thats a huge mouth for such a little baby,...

Animlgrl101 Feb 12, 2009
Ur dog is precious!!!

Animlgrl101 Feb 12, 2009

kristanhoffman Feb 12, 2009
awww! yawny yawnerson. our pup does that a...

TawnyWings Feb 12, 2009
aww! she looks like a little lion. hope she gives you joy for years...

Sandy, Cheyenne's mom2 Feb 12, 2009
Thank you for being so generous with your love and time to rescue...

oakleybenton Feb 12, 2009

sadieluvr12345 Feb 12, 2009
yea you betta save me a treat. lol i love you isabelle!!! xoxo

Oliver's Mummy Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle is gorgeous! Bless you for rescuing this little darling. I...

daphne's mom Feb 12, 2009
Whata cute little baby girl! Who could mistreat you? I;m glad you...

MiSsFidYcoOL Feb 12, 2009
Awwww too cute!! Make sure you socilaise her well with other dogs at...

puppydog Feb 12, 2009
Isaballe is a beautiful little girl. Its so sad what happened to her...

golden_girl Feb 12, 2009
"Grawwwr I'm EBIL!!!!" (yes i meant to type a...

Roseanne Feb 12, 2009

sac4563 Feb 12, 2009
What an adorable and cute little baby. I also have a...

ruthie Feb 12, 2009
What an adorable little girl. You are the luckiest people to have...

Lucy's Dad Feb 12, 2009
God bless you for rescuing this precious pup and for putting some...

puppymom55 Feb 12, 2009
I have never been a small breed person, but this dog looks like a...

lucyny2000 Feb 12, 2009
Oh, Heavens! This picture should be in a dictionary next to a word...

Myghin Feb 12, 2009
Awwwww....just a sweet little cherub of cute-ness!!! I just wanna rub...

puppy world Feb 12, 2009
i love that kind of breed i love to see little puppies raped up like...

Talan the Teenie Weenie Feb 12, 2009
What a precious picture! I am in love!

Talan the Teenie Weenie Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle! Is that all you do is sleep?! Oh well, I love you anyway.

allmyshelties Feb 12, 2009
It's so wonderful that Isabelle has a safe, loving home where she...

oaktown girl Feb 12, 2009
If your dog was being mistreated by this breeder, surely others are...

misspiggy Feb 12, 2009
Can't understand why there are people in this world that are bad...

suziesmom Feb 12, 2009
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE your wee Isabelle!!! it was just too hard to pick...

MetallicaChic101 Feb 12, 2009
VEry ADORabLee!! BiisCuiiTZ ANd BeLLii rUbBZ frOM...

tilbug Feb 12, 2009
give him big belly rubs

Rockysboxers Feb 12, 2009
What a sweetie pie - this one will melt your heart.

stillwater20 Feb 12, 2009
bless your heart for giving her a loving home. She is absolutely...

PamN1211 Feb 12, 2009
Bless you for rescuing this precious baby! Such lovely pics too!

schipperkegirl Feb 12, 2009
Most mother dogs will wean the puppies at around 6 weeks. Have you...

drakes' granny Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle is perfect. What a little sweetheart. I am going crazy...

alamo Feb 12, 2009

luci1sox Feb 12, 2009
Oh Izzy, you are a beautiful little poochie! How could anyone think...

Mimififi Feb 12, 2009
You are such a beautiful baby! Wishes for many years of happiness...

kkepner Feb 12, 2009
Sharp little teeth in there, and I can just smell the puppy breath! ...

yane cleo Feb 12, 2009
u look so cute and sweet congrats on her and take care of her,enjoy!!

juliak Feb 12, 2009
Total Love Bug! Thank you for taking her from here unworthy breeder!...

lisalisa Feb 12, 2009
Isabelle is a precious little girl. I love how she seems to have...

kristinap98 Feb 12, 2009
She is so cute and tiny i wish my dog was that small!!!!

puppyluv165 Feb 12, 2009
What can I say? Adorable! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!!!!

tambore Feb 12, 2009
Thank God you were rescued, Isabelle. Living with Chihuahuas, Mom...

honeypie Feb 12, 2009
Awwww,what a cutie!?! So lucky to find this sweet lady!! Best...

fluffypup Feb 12, 2009
Isabella you are such a sweet little cutie!!! Tons of biscuits for...

fluffypup Feb 12, 2009
Ooops Isabelle, sorry I spelled your name wrong in my last post..its...

wolfgirl66 Feb 12, 2009
100% BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Beagle109 Feb 13, 2009
She's adorable!!! 11 biscuits for you, Isabelle, and I love your...

GwdGma Feb 13, 2009
Cutest picture ever! What a cute little baby!!

reatheh Feb 13, 2009
Oh my gosh! Tell ur dog she is the cutest thing. Give her a hug from...

Bella'sMom Feb 13, 2009
What a little QT!!! Love her ears and her ADORABLE face!

weezie Feb 13, 2009
what a sweet pup!

Doxie Feb 13, 2009
what a cute little one. she luck to have you!!!

KATZ613 Feb 13, 2009
Bless you for taking her away from her abuser...I am sure she'll...

wolfensteinsmom Feb 13, 2009
Isabelle is beautiful! She looks like a little princess. Thanks for...

Rider4ever Feb 13, 2009
She is so sweet. I am so glad that you brought her into your family!...

CavalierLover1597 Feb 13, 2009
lol, haha "do you mind im tryin to sleep?" she is one very...

Lucky+ Indy Feb 14, 2009
so cute i just love his little face

growlgirl Feb 14, 2009

darkgirl Feb 14, 2009
OMG! Just to cute for words! I know that you may not read this, but...

lynetz2 Feb 14, 2009
isabelle! you are too precious and i cannot pick a pix cause they are...

tubdog Feb 15, 2009
O my gosh your dog is so cute i want it so bad i love it so much can...

lovekiki Feb 15, 2009

katie12 Feb 15, 2009
Hes soo cute Feb 15, 2009

hugme34 Feb 15, 2009
its so cute

HeidiHeil Feb 15, 2009
What an angel!

Softpaws Feb 16, 2009
Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!! So cute!!!

Sammyluvspups Feb 16, 2009
Isabel is...

IsabellexSheena0605 Feb 17, 2009
she's so precious! we have the same name and we even spell it the...

guanaca69 Feb 17, 2009
When I first saw Isabelle I was speechless- I could only smile. She...

jasmine Feb 18, 2009
So much growing to do. Thank you for giving Isabelle a better...

naomi_C Feb 21, 2009
I love this puppy more than anything!!!

coolpupluver Feb 21, 2009
awwww. isabelle is a super duper cutie!!

jgibbs49 Feb 22, 2009
She is sooooo cute how old is she I have one and her name is Macy.

martynax33 Feb 22, 2009
cute doggie:) envy you:);) I have 2 dogs and I have to...

martynax33 Feb 22, 2009
cute doggie:) envy you:);) I have 2 dogs and I have to...

martynax33 Feb 22, 2009
cute doggie:) envy you:);) I have 2 dogs and I have to...

FyreDancer Feb 25, 2009
All I could say the whole time was AWWWWWWWW. she is such a precious...

rufuslover Feb 25, 2009
I love tiny dogs hugs

dog456 Feb 26, 2009
isabel is so cute were did u get her

KoolKid Feb 26, 2009
OK your dog is so cute that she almost rivals my Jenna1

doglover121297 Feb 27, 2009

naomi_C Feb 28, 2009
You are one of my favorite dogs in the whole world!! I love you!

nanaw Mar 3, 2009

grace108 Mar 8, 2009
SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!!!!!When dogs are looking tired they are so...

puppyluv3 Mar 11, 2009
you are such a cute baby!!!! hugs & kisses!!

104197 Mar 11, 2009
This puppy is adorable!

txcajun Mar 17, 2009
wow what a cuttie

Happybaby Apr 5, 2009

ourmarykate123 Apr 9, 2009

puppies rule Apr 16, 2009

puppies rule Apr 16, 2009
"Night Night" says Isabelle, "Cause I'z really...

puppies rule Apr 16, 2009
*YAWN* ;) still tirrrrred

grandma helen of ct Jun 19, 2009
How sweet she looks. Love that fat belly. xxx

chloe 2000 Jun 30, 2009

springlion Jul 5, 2009

MNIJ Jul 14, 2009

meow139 Aug 27, 2009
awwwwwwwwwwwww!i want to hug her and kiss her and never let her go!

pelligrino Dec 26, 2010
Isabelle is very cute, I love this photo because you can see puppy...

pelligrino Apr 8, 2011
It was not easy to pick just one photo of sweet little Isabelle, but...

bithday Feb 2, 2014
so lucky to have a cute pup like that my dog sleeps inthe grass like...