Jack the Mini Daschund

Puppy Breed: Dachshund

Jack says: My name is Jack Moore. I was introduced to my family at 14 weeks old. I was shy the first few days of meeting them but since then I have become their best friend! My family thinks I am so cute. When they take me to the park, people can't stop playing with me! And that's ok, because I can't get enough attention! Everyone says I am unique because I am white and black with some brown freckles. They say no one else is colored like ME!! My toy collection is growing all the time because I'm teething. Luckily I haven't chewed on anything important, and my family is grateful for this. I love to run around outside in my yard. To me it's like a football field even though my family says it's pretty small. Right now it's still cold in Richmond but spring is coming soon, so I like wearing all of my t-shirts and taking naps in front of the fireplace. I can't wait for summer and warm weather! I may only weigh three and half pounds, but boy am I a little feisty terror!