Jack the Parson Russell Terrier

Puppy Breed: Parson Russell Terrier

Jack says: "My name is Jack. I am ten weeks old. I am a happy puppy. I love to play and eat and chew on everything, especially my big sister Maddie's legs. My ear was hurting me so mom took me to the vet today. He said I have a heart murmur. Then he took a picture of my heart and it's too big. I have to go back on Wednesday for a cardiogram. Mom was sad all day. Even Maddie didn't mind that I was chewing her leg. I have to stay home all the time and rest because of my big heart. I hope they fix it so I can play some more. Can you pray for me to get better please?" May 23 - Update from Jack's Mom: Jack visited the cardiologist today and we were told that he has pulmonary stenosis. He will be on an everyday medication that can help him live a long life. We will also have to make sure that he doesn't run and stays out of the extreme heat and cold. It's sad because he has no idea that he is sick, he plays and is happy all day. Thank you all for your concerns and loving comments.