Jaeger the Labrador Retriever

Puppy Breed: Labrador Retriever

Jaeger's mom says: Jaeger is my first dog. I have wanted to get a dog for some time now and when my friends said they were going to have puppies I jumped at the chance to have a wonderful, loving puppy become part of the family. While visiting him at three weeks old, he managed to sniff out his mother's food dish and just started going to town eating. The poor little guy gets so into eating that one time he tuckered himself out and fell asleep in the bowl. He's currently 13 weeks old and 23 pounds and growing like a weed. He loves playing in the backyard with the soccer ball and frisbee. He can just grab the soccer ball in his mouth while running around at full speed without skipping a beat. It's amazing to watch because I recall when he could barely just lift the soccer ball off the ground .