Friday, July 25, 2014
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Mar 11, 2014 DaveTheDog
"The Super Bowl? I guess. Stanley Cup? Fine, sure. World Series? Can't get into it. The ANNUAL WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW?!? Now that's MY Super Bowl/Stanley Cup/World Series etc.!! Over those two nights I get the TV, the good snacks, the whole enchilada! I'm sooooooo spoiled! Not that there's a problem (enter sardonic 'wink" here)"
Mar 11, 2014 Dhira
You are really a daily puppy today. I said so yesterday. Kiss kiss.
Mar 11, 2014 HickokHaley
You are beautiful Jake!
Mar 11, 2014 PUPEELVR
Jake, you are just precious, even your little setter is cute...
Mar 11, 2014 bafern
Jake is just too cute. I love that little Angel face. Wishing you a long and happy life together.
Mar 11, 2014 veronica
wow, you are so very cute and adorable x
Mar 11, 2014 sue.nickel2
Jake is just beautiful, and obviously a star! :^)
Mar 11, 2014 pupfanatic
Paw bump! Lil tongue sticking out! Calling 911 now!
Mar 11, 2014 The Raven
"I love you, I honestly love you...... Here, shake my paw ..... I have adorable down pat. Show a little tongue.... look lovingly into your eyes..... Yes, I have you under my spell...... now please get me a biscuit. Thanks"
Mar 11, 2014 L&Z's Mom
I am such a sucker for frog's legs! Your family is so lucky to have you and I wish you all years and years of continued happiness and good health.
Mar 11, 2014 Puppy Defender
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!
Mar 11, 2014 goldenlover
Jake is a classic Lab Puppy. Beautiful. As to "he listens when he wants to"--My experience with Labs and Goldens is they will do anything you want them to AS LONG AS THEY UNDERSTAND--which puts the onus back on us and why obedience schools are more for the owner than the puppy. Great story and pics.
Mar 11, 2014 Economist
Just showing what I think of the politicians in Washington folks.....
Mar 11, 2014 RobinSpringer
I can't believe how in love I am!!!
Mar 11, 2014 poochielover
Jake is absolutely adorable and perfect. His face has melted me completely!!! Lovelovelovelovelove!!
Mar 11, 2014 doglover3702
So adorable what a cute pup!
Mar 11, 2014 Mmmousemaid
What a cutie, hard not to love Jake. I'm so happy you have loving dog parents.
Mar 11, 2014 RobinSpringer
You are so darling, I can't believe it
Mar 11, 2014 Abiglen
I've fallen for you little Jake hook, line and sinker :o) Hugs and Kisses Favorites
Mar 11, 2014 longislander
He is too beautiful for words
Mar 11, 2014 daphne's mom
CUTENESS OVERLOAD! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Jake!
Mar 11, 2014 pelligrino
Jake is a loveable and happy little fella.
Mar 11, 2014 spunky
"I finished eating my supper, now where is the treat"! Jake, all of your pictures were wonderful, you are just a little doll!!!!
Mar 11, 2014 bluegigi
I'm soooo bootylishess!!!!!
Mar 11, 2014 Betty's Mom
Mar 11, 2014 p00h
Wanna paw bump? PSYCHE! hahahaha. gotchya!
Mar 11, 2014 alcacc
AAAH!! This was a very cute way to greet me this morning!!! SO adorable...
Mar 11, 2014 alcacc
...and then there was THIS...a puppy butt shot!!! It's gonna be a great day...thank you, Jake!!!
Mar 11, 2014 jannet
Such a beautiful roly poly boy!
Mar 11, 2014 painem
Cute little butterball.
Mar 11, 2014 Learama
Say what? We're going for a ride?! Yaaay!!! aaaw! What a cute little pup! Have a long happy and healthy life little Jake.
Mar 11, 2014 Mini Anderson Cooper
Aw Jake, You've taken my heart. You are perfect and your coloring could not be more beautiful. And that sweet little tongue and OMG,I LOVE THOSE PUPPY TOES. The whole package is way beyond!!! Pugs and Kisses XOXOXO- Elizabeth and Mini Anderson Cooper in NY~
Mar 11, 2014 Mini Anderson Cooper
Oh, and BTW, I, too am a fan of Puppy Butts. You're IT, THE WHOLE ENCHILADA...Hugs and Divine Love to You and your family.
Mar 11, 2014 TearsofPearl
yep you know your a handsome guy xoxo
Mar 11, 2014 Glassgirl
Jake, you just look like you're thinking about what you can get into! You are adorable! Lots of love to you and of course treats and toys!
Mar 11, 2014 Rastaman
"That chip you had implanted in me? I slipped the vet a $20 and had him program it to unlock the car doors.. so you won't be sneaking off without me..."
Mar 11, 2014 Babybeagles
What an adorable baby! You just want to pick him up & cuddle. Have a happy life with your new forever family. xoxo
Mar 11, 2014 Emmittlovespasta
'You want to hug me. You know you do.'
Mar 11, 2014 schotime
"I did it. I'd do it again. And I'm too cute for anyone to care." nah nah nah nah nah nah Jake is an absolute beauty. I do believe I'm in love! (Don't tell my babies).
Mar 11, 2014 chelsearosebud
Jake, I could scroll through your photos pretty much endlessly. You are the quintessential Labrador Retriever puppy. Undoubtedly you are the love of your family's life, but my goodness, and I know it's late ... would you consider being my Valentine?! Love you soooo much! xoxoxo (FF = Favorite File)
Mar 11, 2014 nancybatt1
I love Jakes smile. He looks like a very happy and lovable dog.. What a nice addition to your family.
Mar 11, 2014 mljgranny
Mar 11, 2014 drakes' granny
Jake is adorable. Sweet face and happy fella that deserves many cuddles, xoxoxo, and biscuits. Warm brown eyes looking at you melt your heart.
Mar 11, 2014
What a love!!
Mar 11, 2014 Scruffster
Awwwww. . . Jake, you are puppy perfection!
Mar 11, 2014 sharlamay
Truly Golden Heart and Soul and so precious! Take care of him for me!
Mar 11, 2014 piobaire
Aw Jake, you are just to sweet for words. Look at your little frog dog position. I completely understand how your people say you are the love of their lives!
Mar 11, 2014 amyliz
Jake, you are STINKIN' cute and believe me, that is a compliment! Many happy and healthy years to you, sweet baby!
Mar 11, 2014 pupfanatic
Btw, Rastaman: LOL on your comment!!!!
Mar 11, 2014 Cindylu001
Is there anything cuter than puppy 'tocks? My Buddy sat that way until the day he died. So cute. Jake, I love your big grown-up name, you're a cutie-pie! Long healthy happy life to you, little one.
Mar 11, 2014 kgpayne13
Jake, you are irresistibly adorable! Many biscuits and belly rubs to you, handsome pup!
Mar 11, 2014 hamachi
What an adorable little guy :) But I'm a little uncertain about this "white lab" thing. Last I checked, the American Kennel Club did not recognize anything called "white lab"s. They have yellow labs that are so light in color as to look almost white, but those are still called yellow labs. Same thing goes for a red lab; those are also called yellow labs. From the breed standard: "Yellows may range in color from fox-red to light cream, with variations in shading on the ears, back, and underparts of the dog."
Mar 11, 2014 Paul45
If you're having trouble just let me know - I don't know if I can drive, but I can sure navigate.
Mar 11, 2014 bafern
Jake is just too too cut. What a darling face, he just melts your heart. Wishing you a long and happy life.
Mar 12, 2014 mandycandy
Jake you are too cute!
Mar 12, 2014 bithday
Mar 13, 2014 pupfanatic
Where did my comment go? Sorry, Jake!!! I must have passed out from your cuteness. That paw bump position and tongue is rendering me useless.
Mar 16, 2014 kellym
Mar 18, 2014 iluvpupos
little poo poo! you're soooooo cute!!!!!
Mar 18, 2014 iluvpupos
happy boy!!! xoxoxoxo
Mar 18, 2014 nancy24tarn
Jake,you are one handsome laddie for sure. My best friend had a Golden lab for 12 years and he was gorgeous too!!!! Tons of biscuits and belly rubs from Cindy's mom in New Jersey.. I don't know where you live; but, i hope you have lots of other dogs to play with and a change of seasons would be nice too.. Lots of love from NJ.
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