Monday, July 28, 2014
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Jun 12, 2013 DaveTheDog
"Look, you lost the bet, Osrood, I said 'Pay up.' As I recall, your response was, 'Why don't you bite my...' Well, I believe I'll!!"
Jun 12, 2013 ebead
When I grow up, I'm gonna have big-girl ears!
Jun 12, 2013 zen
How cool that she now has a loving home... good for you! She is a beautiful critter and will return your love tenfold. hugs
Jun 12, 2013 doggieaunt
Lucky Jasmine!! Lucky you!! This photo says it all -- a totally happy puppy, psychically and physically recovered from her horrible start to life! Lots of love and scritches to Jasmine, and lots of praise to you!
Jun 12, 2013 elliel
She is going to be a big girl! What an awful way to start out life? The cruelty of mankind never ceases to amaze me. She looks so happy now. It is wonderful how dogs can leave the past behind and live their lives in the present.
Jun 12, 2013 Missmilamae
OMG, what is WRONG with people?!!! Thankfully someone was not afraid to intervene on Jasmine's behalf and kudos to you for adopting. Jasmine looks happy and healthy and will reward you with love and loyalty forever! BYW,she is a beautiful little fluffball!
Jun 12, 2013 longislander
What a happy/sad story for this beautiful girl. People are so strange, it's hard to believe. But what a happy ending. You and Jasmine are both so lucky to have each other
Jun 12, 2013 sally.mcmillan.98
Be one with the ball. What concentration! So glad Jasmine's story has a happy ending. Well done, mum. She is precious.
Jun 12, 2013 spunky
Jasmine, I am so happy that you were rescued and have a loving home! You will have a wonderful and happy life!!!
Jun 12, 2013 blong
Jasmine, you poor baby. How can people do such horrific things to such wonderful animals? I am so happy someone spoke up on your behalf! You deserve a long and happy life.
Jun 12, 2013 Economist
What a noble, brave and beautiful girl you are Jasmine. As ato how anyone could act like this, the author James Lee Burke (in the Dave Robicheaux novels) once wrote that people who do this have "deliberately chosen to remove God's thumbprint from their soul." He considers it a theological matter.
Jun 12, 2013 Kylie&Ollie'sMom
Such a beauty . . . and thank you for giving her a good home!
Jun 12, 2013 nancybatt1
Pretty, pretty face!!!!!
Jun 12, 2013 p00h
I'm a Malamute and you're a shar-pei see. It's like rock/paper/scissors, Malamutes always bean shar-peis! It's nothing personal bub, but I got a reputation to uphold!
Jun 12, 2013 charmedimsure
What a face!! Too Cute....
Jun 12, 2013 Mmmousemaid
I'm so glad someone saw the incident and Jasmine was rescued- timing must have been important. A similar incident happened when I was a very young girl, in that case very young kittens and I could not stop the big burly man.
Jun 12, 2013 talmagelisabeth
What a lovely story of resilience and hope. And what an adorable puppy! Those ears! Enjoy your special gift.
Jun 12, 2013 andithebaby
What a doll, lovely face and sweet ears! Thank you for rescuing a beautiful pup. May you have a long and healthy life together.
Jun 12, 2013 dancngshoes
What a darling, adorable pup! I am in love with her ears!!! She deserves the best life has to offer and I am glad she has a forever loving home. The cruelty of humans is beyond belief! Lots of bikkies and belly rubs for you, beautiful baby!
Jun 12, 2013 flutey48
Okay - no words that can be used here to describe a human that would be evil enough to try to do harm to such a beautiful pup... but may that person reap what they sowed. I love rescue people - they are just so extra special! May your years with Jasmine be many!
Jun 12, 2013 daphne's mom
Hoe precious! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years together! Much love, many treats, and tons of cuddles for Jasmine!
Jun 12, 2013 LaurelG
What a cruel beginning for the cutest little girl. Being a tripod does phase her at all. I hope it was a birth defect and not some cruel act other humans did other. If I to saw her I would a have grab her up and loved her to the rest of her days. She is so precious! Many happy, healthy, loving years together.
Jun 12, 2013 janet weir
Absolutely astounding that someone could do that to this adorable animal. Thank the Lord that she was rescued by a passer-by and was adopted into a loving home. Hope you live a long, happy life Jasmine! You are adorable!!!
Jun 12, 2013 Abiglen
Gasp! I felt sick hearing what some inhuman was trying to do to you, sweet Jasmine. Bless all involed in your rescue and especially to your loving mommy... You are set for a great life with loads of love and kindness :0) oxoxox Fav File, sweetheart.
Jun 12, 2013 MY1&onlyOREO
The beginning sad story made me cry...but God Bless the parent who adopted Jasmine. You are truly very lucky to have this furry bundle of Jasmine Joy! Jasmine, you are sooooo angelic. I hope you and your parent have a very happy healthy long life together.
Jun 12, 2013 Abiglen
How could I forget to tell you how beautiful and happy you look! :)
Jun 12, 2013 earnesen
What a doll baby! Thank you for saving Jasmine's life - brought tears to my eyes. Glad she and you will now both benefit from this act of kindness. Go Jasmine - show them by having a very and long life that they can't stop you from living!
Jun 12, 2013 ladyg0726
Jasmine, You are such a beautiful little pup. I hope that you will never know another sad day and that you have a joyous and loving life. You have given me a wonderful day. xoxoxox
Jun 12, 2013 Sibes
Beyond cute. Who in their right mind would try and drown this beautiful pup? SMH
Jun 12, 2013 Frankt
I say we find out who the useless piece of human waste is that tried to drown Jasmine and take him on a little cruise on the ocean. Duct tape him up and let Jasmine push him overboard. I'm sick of forgiving Idiots like this. Kudos to the rescuers. Pretty Pretty little girl. Have lots of fun. Frank and Carol in Vt
Jun 12, 2013 jvanstrom
What a cute little puppy Jasmine is, she radiates a lot of joy, may God bless your kind heart for giving her a loving home.
Jun 12, 2013 buzzy
love this picture of you Jasmine. *hugs* to you and your forever family.
Jun 12, 2013 poochies=love
What a horrifying beginning for this beautiful baby. I can't even find words to communicate how I feel. You are a true angel for Jasmine and I'm so glad that you followed your heart and gave her a loving, perfect life.She is beautiful. Blessings for a blissful life together! And God bless you for rescuing her.
Jun 12, 2013 martesa
She's beautiful, and you can tell she's a happy, loved & loving dog!! Thank God someone caught that horrible person. I cannot even begin to understand how someone could do anything so cruel -- it makes me sick to my stomach. I hope that person has been charged with cruelty to animals. Thank you for giving Jasmine such a wonderful home! She truly looks just so happy and fun!
Jun 12, 2013 owhoami! You and Jasmine are soooo lucky to have found each other. She is darling. I am constantly astounded at the actions of people - if we lived like animals how much better the world would be. Many years of love, laughter and happiness to you all!
Jun 12, 2013 goldenlover
A happy dog doing happy dog things !!She is a beauty ! Terrific rescue story and pics. Good for you. She is clearly your reward.
Jun 12, 2013 ClscFlm
Bless you for taking Jasmine and providing her love and a happy home! She looks delightfully rambunctious and carefree as all puppies should be. A cute fluffy girl!
Jun 12, 2013 chelsearosebud
Sweet Baby Jasmine, I am *SO HAPPY* you were saved and are living in a home filled with love, food, and security. I am a bit overwhelmed with emotion reading your story, but delighted by the happy ending. Dearest love to you always, sweet little girl. xoxo
Jun 12, 2013 chelsearosebud
@ Economist: Thank you for the James Lee Burke quote. So beautifully apropos for Jasmine's story.
Jun 12, 2013 mljgranny
very pretty puppy!
Jun 12, 2013 The Raven
Just look at that face? How could anyone want to harm her? Jasmine is just adorable and I love her ears, bright eyes and button nose. She has had two major rescues, the person who stopped the drowning and you who has given her a great loving life. Does she have three legs?
Jun 12, 2013 Susan2
Bless you for adopting Jasmine, and bless the person who stopped her from being drowned. She is wonderful and will show you her gratitude and love in so many ways.
Jun 12, 2013 Jakesmum53
Jasmine you are so beautiful! I can't believe someone wanted to end your young life! Thank goodness someone rescued you and now you have a loving forever home. I know you bring great joy to your family and friends. Have a long and wonderful life. Loads of love and biscuits to you and your family! :-)
Jun 12, 2013 piobaire
She is so darling. I just don't understand people who can harm animals. I think (and hope) there is a special place in hell for them.
Jun 12, 2013 pammieann
Bless your heart for rescuing this beautiful puppy dog. Long and happy, healthy life to you all. Love N Licks. xxooxxx
Jun 12, 2013 beardogmel
I'm thinking about it...I'm thinking about it...Bless you for saving such a beautiful girl. Hugs and kisses.
Jun 12, 2013 schotime
Bless you for saving and loving this beautiful baby. The world is a better place with both of you in it!
Jun 12, 2013 bella1227
Jun 12, 2013 Oldheifer
What a Beautiful! I hope you have a happy long life! I am sending you many XOXOX and belly rubs!! I know your family is very happy and lucky you came into their lives!
Jun 12, 2013 mychiensr1
Thank you for saving Jasmine's life and giving her such a great home. Dogs needs only 3 legs...the fourth one is like a spare tire:-). They are doing just fine with 3 legs. Jasmine is such a pretty girl and she looks so happy. XOXOXO!
Jun 12, 2013 diane1952
God Bless You!! We encountered a similar situation with a chow chow where someone tied her to a highway guard rail at approximately 5 months old. We loved her for the 12 years that she was with us. I will never have a dog that's not rescued. They have so much love to share.
Jun 12, 2013 pupfanatic
What an angel. Frankt- you have the right idea, but w/ more torture to that sick sick monster, who I hope is in searing agony for the rest of his useless days. I want to scream and cry over this. Jasmine, you are an angelic sweetheart.
Jun 12, 2013 buzz1
What a cute ball of fluff!
Jun 12, 2013 waterwriter
All is well and good since you rescued Jasmine. The person who tried to drown her in a bucket of water should be chaged with attempted murder and sentenced to as many years in jail, a guilty conviction brings. Meanwhile, you have Jasmine, an adorable pup who is loving, lovable, fun and playful. You couldn't ask for anything more in a pu, soon to be dog. Kudos to you for rescuing Jasmine! They say rescued dogs know they've been rescued, and I believe that! Enjoy your loving lives together!
Jun 12, 2013 kgpayne13
Oh Jasmine, you beautiful, perfect girl! So glad you found a loving forever home!
Jun 12, 2013 RobinSpringer
That little winsome face is precious!
Jun 12, 2013 monkeynbubba
Jun 12, 2013 westiefan99
Oh my! A laughing malamute! They are such beautiful keen-eyed fluffballs, and this one - as I said, Oh My! What a terrible start to a life, but what a heaven-sent gift for you and her she turned out to be. Happiness galore to you all. Oh, and Jasmine - I love those ears!
Jun 12, 2013 dianel99
What a pretty girl!
Jun 13, 2013 michelepat51
How could anyone even think of hurting a precious little fluffball like this. You go girl! And I love the ears! Bless you for rescuing this precious little girl!
Jun 13, 2013 michelepat51
And Frankt and Pupfanatic - I'm with you! Well said!
Jun 13, 2013 jepa
I see the pure joy and happiness on this dogs face. What an asset to us all. I shudder to think this life was close to being snuffed out by some.....moron.
Jun 13, 2013 pelligrino
jasmine has the look of love and loyalty in her soulful eye, she will thank you everyday. God bless you both.
Jun 14, 2013 doglover3702
Jasmine you are so cute i can't believe anyone would try to drown you!!!
Jun 14, 2013 Yvonne007
She is beautiful. Bless
Jun 15, 2013 drakes' granny
Another great rescue. I'm sure you are both very happy about it. Jasmine is so cute. I'm sure she will give you many days of happiness. Give her some cuddles for me too please. xoxo for Jasmine!
Jun 15, 2013 Critter Crazy
I love this picture of her - so adorable. I'm so glad she was rescued in time. A pox on those who tried to kill her - may they never have the privilege of sharing their life with a dog, ever.
Aug 24, 2013 WATERDOG
Beautiful Girl, Cheers!
Aug 24, 2013 WATERDOG
Beautiful Girl, Cheers!
Oct 25, 2013 Can'tLiveWithoutDogs
Thank You, Great Spirit, for this forever home. I pledge to rescue them for the rest of my life.
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