Jean Luc and Lovie's Puppies

Puppy Breed: Unknown

Jean Luc and Lovie's mom says: A squat miniature brown poodle girl and a long-legged but petite red miniature poodle boy (Lovie and Jean Luc) have six puppies. Hideki is the biggest brown puppy in the litter -- at least twice the size of his brother Alucard. He was the first puppy who learned how to growl and bark and now he spends his days perfecting his best bad-dog impression. Chii has intelligent eyes and, when interviewed, refused to comment on whether she was just getting to know you or trying to unravel the secrets of the universe. Alucard is very gentle and small but stays well-dressed thanks to the white goatee and four white paw-pads. He mastered the art of being adorable in just three weeks and is so mild-mannered he can fall asleep upside down in mid-air. Ichigo is the explorer and escape artist of the group; he managed to escape the cage three times before the great Cage Lockdown of the fifth week. He'd be halfway to Somewhere by now if his nosy owners didn't keep intervening. Ishida is the second biggest puppy in the litter; he and his look-alike brother Hideki hone their barking skills on each other. He doesn't quite have Hideki's curly hair but makes up for it in pure doggedness. Sumomo is the prize of the litter. Her mom and dad have had 15 puppies together and never before has a dark red poodle puppy been born. Sumomo is a well-mannered girl in all ways -- unless she's hungry. She was the first puppy to eat solid food (and polished off an entire bowl of it, at that!). If you hold her for too long, she'll speak up and let you know how awfully miserable she is.