Jefferson the Golden Retriever

Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever

Jefferson is a sweet puppy who loves all people and dogs alike. He loves stuffed animals and fetching tennis balls, and one of his new favorite games is "nip the big dog's butt!" He's still learning his basic commands and to potty outside, but he's very food motivated and will learn very quickly!

Comments (39)
sammienmona May 7, 2014
What a cute puppy. I love this photo! Lots of belly rubs out to you...

DaveTheDog May 7, 2014
"Well we're movin on up,/ To the east side/ To a deluxe...

pupfanatic May 7, 2014
" it possible to have a kibble hangover? Take me home,...

pammieann May 7, 2014
You are a beautiful little baby! Bless your heart and I wish you a...

veronica May 7, 2014
wow, so very cute x

daphne's mom May 7, 2014
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

longislander May 7, 2014
So adorable. He has a very regal prance too. Just the cutest.

doglover3702 May 7, 2014
So cute!!!

spunky May 7, 2014
What a beautiful puppy you are, Jefferson! Lots of tummy rubs and...

Puppy Defender May 7, 2014
You say you want that TPS report by Friday????? What do you think I...

goldenlover May 7, 2014
Terrific puppy, story and pics.

Mmmousemaid May 7, 2014
LOL: "nip the big dog's butt" Is this the big dog?...

julie55 May 7, 2014
You are a VERY handsome boy, Jefferson! Much love is wished for you!...

Abiglen May 7, 2014
You are a sweet Golden delight, Jeff :o) "Nipping the big...

Economist May 7, 2014
This is a Hamlet-like pose for Jefferson. "To nip or not to nip,...

poochielover May 7, 2014
Absolutely adorable!

bluegigi May 7, 2014
Ima nip your butt, I promise Ima nip your butt!!

bluegigi May 7, 2014
Couldn't stop at one. I loves hanging out, or just plain hanging!

drakes' granny May 7, 2014
What an adorable little boy Jefferson is and such a sweet face. ...

Frankt May 7, 2014
OH NO!!!! Does that magazine say Poppy or PUPPY recipe??

BeeBeeLily May 7, 2014
Should I do it?????????????

schotime May 7, 2014
Jefferson is so darn cute, i just can't stand it. Your pix r...

chelsearosebud May 7, 2014
Doing precisely what you are called to do: retrieve. Darling...

chelsearosebud May 7, 2014
@ BeeBeeLily: LOL ... !

Rogman May 7, 2014
Jefferson, what a sweet face you have. It reminds me of Eddie, a...

The Raven May 7, 2014
Puppy-in-Training: Today's Golden lesson is Counter Surfing....

lucybee May 7, 2014
You are just pretty perfect,aren't you?

vorner May 7, 2014
Jefferson, you are just adorable! I love your beautiful intelligent...

mkesj May 7, 2014
Jefferson is one confident golden with just the right amount of tail...

gryt May 7, 2014
Who doesn't wanna nip the big dog's butt, Jefferson, amirite? :D

Newfies May 7, 2014
Hi Jefferson. You are so handsome and adorable. I can tell you are...

janet weir May 7, 2014
You are a darling Jefferson!!!

pelligrino May 7, 2014
Jefferson is a very handsome boy!

Cassie! May 7, 2014

amyliz May 7, 2014
Jefferson,you are puppy perfection! Many happy and healthy years to...

mummm May 9, 2014
Jefferson is gorgeous!

piobaire May 9, 2014
Jefferson, you are a cutie pie!

bithday May 10, 2014
Jefferson :nope there ain't no puppy that you can squeeze their...

nancybatt1 May 30, 2014
Aren't you the cutest. Vary sweet puppy. Be very happy little one.